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Blogging: Simple But Sometimes Scary




Simple but sometimes scary.

Sums it up.

I filmed a video showing how I am spending much of my Sunday:

Pretty simple, right? I sit in front of a computer. I write. I connect with human beings.


But learning how to blog was sometimes pretty scary, over the past decade of my life. Would I be wasting my time? What if the money ran out? Would people laugh at me? Why would anybody read my eBook?

All scary fears popped up on the screen of my mind. Blogging remained simple in those days but felt scary at times, aka, highly uncomfortable in moments.

How did I get through those scary times guys?

I did what rocking bloggers do: I felt the fear, and did it anyway. I listened to my ego whine. I heard my mind screaming in fear. I listened to family and friends who suggested I get a job to backburner blogging. Then, I kept creating helpful content and making blogging buddies.

The Power of Simple Multiplied by Persistence and Generosity

Alonzo Pichardo and I chatted about blogging and network marketing recently.

The Honest Truth about Blogging and Network Marketing

Look at the number of plays guys.

30,333 plays in 6 days.

Does that number seem huge to you? If so, look to our collective simple, generous, persistent approach to blogging to see why the chat registered 30,333 plays in one week.

Alonzo has a huge following over the decade he has worked online because he patiently helped people without getting much attached to outcomes. I built a pretty big following over the decade I spent online; my early years marked with struggle, but I came into my own over the last 2-3 years.

We connected on Facebook. After a few chats, and sharing one another’s content, he asked me if I wanted to chat with him on his YouTube channel about building a successful online business. I gobbled up the opportunity.

Not only did we click and have a freaking blast, our first chat registered over 50,000 views on YouTube. He started a podcast months later, chatting with me, and we have seen anywhere from 10,000 to 58,000 listens for each podcast.


Alonzo had seen massive success due to his commitment to keeping things simple online, for a decade, and when he added me to his chats, our combined simple, persistent, committed energies created an even greater surge of views and plays.

Simple, multiplied by persistence and generosity, leads to staggering blogging growth over the long haul.

Why Most Bloggers Struggle

Most bloggers start with a simple system but get scared, and make things terribly complex. Most bloggers stop doing what works – simple creating and connecting – hours, days, weeks, months or years into their blogging careers, panicking, bailing, and getting shaken out by stats. Of course they fail; they surrendered to their fears and stopped doing what works, or stop working all together.

Meanwhile, guys like Alonzo and I keep doing simple, generous stuff, 6-7 days a week, every week, and shine brighter and brighter. Our persistent generosity in creating content and building connections and our calm, confident nature helps us to avoid the panic that most bloggers surrender to, when said bloggers get scared.

Guys; believe in yourself, and don’t believe too much in numbers on a screen, or on the opinions of other people. Most humans live in a predominant state of fear, bailing on their dreams when they get scared, and they will try to make you bail on your blogging dreams.

Stand your ground. See the journey through. Learn blogging, create helpful content and make connections with top entrepreneurs in your niche.

Simple wins.

Sometimes, blogging gets scary.

Feel the fear.

Return to simple.

See stunning success in your blogging niche over the long haul.

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Ryan Biddulph is the owner of Blogging From Paradise. He's a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. Ryan can help you become a full time blogger with his eBook.

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How to Address Blogging Shame



I mentioned to more than a few folks today how I blog.




No blogging shame here.

I offered for folks to buy my eBook about 10 times. Via a call to action at the end of 3 blog posts and at the end of 7 videos between Instagram and Facebook and YouTube.

I feel clear and confident on my blog. But this was not always the case.

As a new blogger I secretly felt ashamed to tell people I blogged because I did not believe blogging was a real job or real business. I also had no idea what I was doing with my blog. Naturally, shame seeped through my being and I rarely if ever mentioned my blogging exploits, greatly reducing my blog traffic and perpetuating months of struggle.

If you secretly or not so secretly feel ashamed to tell people you blog you will fail for as long as you feel ashamed. Owning, addressing and purging these fear-filled energies helps you feel better, accelerating your blogging success.

Promote Yourself Freely to Unearth and Release Shame

OK guys; check out this image below, along with the featured image for this post.

I snapped both pictures from an apartment high above Manhattan. My wife Kelli and I are house sitting here for 1 week, in a luxury apartment on the Upper East Side.

I love showing off my paperbacks and eBooks. No shame at all in sharing and selling said paperbacks and eBooks.

I guarantee you though: 80% of bloggers would feel a bit ashamed plastering their brand logo on an eBook and paperback cover, and promoting the things in thousands of places online, daily. Most bloggers feel ashamed to promote themselves because most bloggers fear being a shameless self promoter. Most bloggers fear being criticized.

Not only do I carry my paperbacks with me to all corners of the globe, I also wear 2 different Blogging From Paradise T-shirts from time to time, walking through airports and other public places to spread brand awareness and to boost my blog traffic and sales, to help aspiring bloggers to professional bloggers.

Promoting yourself, your blog, your brand and your various products and services freely, every single day, is the quickest way to unearth blogging shame. Few promote themselves freely because most fear promoting themselves, due to that wicked shame most of us have been exposed to as kids.

How would you feel designing a T-shirt with your face, brand logo and domain name on it, and walking around in busy public places, like I do? Be honest. Most bloggers feel uncomfortable doing this because they feel ashamed, embarrassed and unclear on their blog and brand. Not me though. I did enough self-promoting and branding in public to unearth, feel and release shameful, embarrassed energies.

Benefits of Releasing Shame

Shame-free bloggers promote themselves and their blogging products and services as freely as they breathe. These folks never think twice about promoting themselves through their blogs and social media. No embarrassment, no lack of clarity and no fear.

As you may imagine, if you do not feel ashamed to promote yourself freely you will have zero issues steadily boosting your blog traffic and profits because promoting yourself freely clears fears and resistance to money and traffic, allowing each to flow to you freely as you get clearer.

I filmed a 1 minute video for Facebook asking this blogging shame question.

Click the play button to watch it.

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Home Blogging: Give Your Room a Voice with Its Own Airbnb Blog




It all started with an idea to make a quick buck. “I might as well rent that spare bedroom every once in a while” or “I’m out of town this weekend, why not try to make some cash?” Now you’re loving the Airbnb life and the cash it brings in.

Why not capitalize on your adventures even more? It’s well-known that blogs can help businesses grow, but did you know they can be great for your Airbnb too?

If you have the writing bug and you want to build up your rental revenue, here’s how an Airbnb blog can help.

The Benefits of an Airbnb Blog

You’ll see articles all over the internet about how to make money as a blogger, but you can do even more by blogging about your Airbnb experiences. Here are the benefits you could enjoy.

Get More Bookings

Every business is a numbers game at some level or another, and that applies to side hustles too. Part of the battle for more bookings is to drive more traffic to your listing. A blog is a great way to do that.

If your blog is interesting, it will start getting attention. The more people read it, the more often it pops up in Google searches, bringing you even more traffic. And of course, everyone who sees your site will see links to your Airbnb listing too. All of a sudden you have more cash and less stress about paying the bills.

Legitimize Your Listing

You already know how nerve-wracking it can be to bring a stranger into your home. Renters feel the same way, never quite sure who they’re renting from. That’s especially true if they’re renting a room in the house while you’re there.

Your blog is a great way to put renters at ease. They can get a sense of who you are before they arrive, so they feel like they’re taking less of a gamble.

Just as important, your blog will show renters that you are, in fact, a real person. They’ll have no worries that you’re a nameless scammer who could leave them high and dry.

Add a Revenue Source

As much fun as it can be to meet new renters, the money is probably the main reason you use Airbnb. Why not bring in another way to make money?

In addition to bringing you more bookings, your Airbnb can be a revenue source on its own. You can sell ads, try affiliate marketing, and much more. There are plenty of ways to make money with your blog, but remember that the better your posts are, the more likely you are to bring in money.

Ideas for Your Airbnb Blog

Now that you know all the good your blog can do, there’s another big question mark: what do you blog about? Feel free to mix it up, and get started with these topic ideas.

Ask Guests to Contribute

One cool way to make your blog interesting is to tell the stories your renters have experienced during their stays. Of course, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. You don’t want to come off sounding creepy, as if you watched your guests the whole time.

If you spend time with your guests during their stay, you can blog about where you took them or what they enjoyed most. If they’ve had more solo adventures, you can ask them to jot down some of their favorite parts of the trip for your blog. They can even write the entire post if they so choose.

Whether you write the post or the guest does, make sure to respect their privacy. Never post any mention of a guest without their permission. Even if you do have their permission, be sure to change their names and don’t offer any identifying details.

Offer Tips for Fellow Hosts

Don’t assume it’s only future renters who will read your blog. You can build your audience even more by offering some content for other Airbnb hosts too. In fact, one of the biggest blogging mistakes is writing for too narrow of an audience.

Put your expertise to use and offer tips for hosts. Suggest ways to advertise their Airbnb or ways to get more bookings. Talk about the amenities your guests have enjoyed the most. Create an Airbnb checklist for beginners.

Some of these hosts could become guests themselves if they come to your hometown. Even if they don’t the traffic they provide will help your blog grow even more.

Suggest Local Activities

As an Airbnb host in your hometown, you make money off tourism to the area. Why not try to promote it on your blog?

Post about some of your guests’ favorite attractions in the area. Offer suggestions for your favorite local restaurants. You can even do this in a hyperlocal way, talking up the restaurants in your specific neighborhood.

You can also do this by writing about upcoming events in your area. Is there a big music festival on the schedule? There’s a blog post. What about a unique museum exhibit or a family festival? Those can make great blog posts too.

Highlight Your Latest Changes

On top of enticing people to visit your city, you can use your blog to encourage them to stay in your Airbnb specifically. Any time to make a cool update to your home or you buy a new nicety for your guests’ rooms, blog about it.

For more tips on how to best highlight the latest changes or features of your home, be sure to check out these interior design blogs. The better the photos and display of content on your blog for your rental property, the more likely you are to find success with an ongoing supply of new renters and AirBNB users.

Sometimes those details make the difference. They also tell renters that you’re attentive and that you truly care about creating a positive experience. Guests love knowing more about what to expect during their stay.

Embrace the Wonderful World of Blogging

We live in an age when people spend hours and hours online every day. Why not capitalize on it by giving them something interesting to ready and making some cash while you’re at it? That’s what your Airbnb blog can offer.

Of course, all these tips will require some writing ability. If you’re new to the blogging scene or if writing isn’t your forte, check out these blogging resources to help you get on track.

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Why a Comedian Quote Promotes Your Blogging Success



“80 percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen

Before we dive into today’s post, I am settling into a house sit high above NYC today. Me and my wife Kelli care for 2 cats in a huge, luxury apartment on the Upper East Side.

I snapped the featured image for this post from the apartment just as the sun began to set, for your viewing pleasure.

I enjoy listening to successful people from all walks of life share their success tips.

Famed comedian Woody Allen spoke a gem that will accelerate your blogging success.

I never understood the quote deeply until the past 1-2 years. Prior to that period of time I had some blogging success but did not really show up persistently, doing the right things with the right energy for a sustained period of time.

Lesson learned.

I am a different guy these days.

7 days a week, 7 to 10 hours daily – or longer – I show up by:

  • creating helpful content through my blog and through guest posts
  • creating helpful videos through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • creating helpful comments on other blogger’s blogs
  • promoting other bloggers freely through my blog and through social media

I follow these practical, blog-building steps from a calm, patient, generous and pretty detached energy. A success energy, emanating from my success consciousness and permeating through my environment.

You better believe that since I started showing up daily in this fashion 1-2 years ago I saw increasing success through my blog. My light seemed to shine brightly compared to most bloggers because most bloggers barely show up. Some bloggers half bake their effort, showing up sometimes. Other bloggers show up a decent amount of time but make excuses or simply bail when they don’t seem to see big progress in a short period of time.

80% of success is showing up. Sure you need to learn how to blog. Of course you need to practice your writing. You better believe that creating and connecting daily is necessary to build a rock solid foundation for your blog. But you need not do anything in spectacular, brilliant or genius fashion to become a full time blogger. Show up daily, for hours a day. Follow sound, proven blogging tips. Be humble. Be patient. Be persistent.

Success will find you.

Woody Allen is one of the most iconic writers and directors of all time because he embodied his advice. He showed up regularly.

Ditto for comedic icon Jerry Seinfeld. He never broke his writing chain, practicing his writing for years before he become a world famous and fabulously wealthy comedian. He showed up daily. Naturally, he satiated that 80% element in the success equation.

Why Bloggers Struggle

Bloggers rarely show up every day. Many bloggers are talented. Some bloggers build fairly large friend networks. But many talented or connected bloggers vanish in my wake because I show up for 7-10 hours, 7 days a week, creating helpful content and building meaningful connections. Not many bloggers do this.

You may be talented but you will rarely outwork me as far as creating content.

You may be connected but you will rarely outwork me as far as building meaningful connections.

I do not work hard because I love what I do. I do however show up at a rate rare to most bloggers because when bloggers take off days and weeks I am creating and connecting like clockwork, every day.

You can even be not super talented and outshine virtually every blogger on earth by showing up because people will see your blog, follow your blog and buy your stuff due to you being all over the place in your niche. I vividly recall a leading blogger with a rabidly loyal following who did not write particularly skillfully. When I came across his blog 10 years ago I wondered why he succeeded while other far superior writers struggled like mad. He showed up daily. The other bloggers did not. His writing skills were not great but he helped people and made friends all over the place online.

He succeeded because he showed up.

Keep creating and connecting.

Show up.

See your blogging journey through.

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