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Top Tips to Help You Increase Blog Traffic Overnight



Are you looking to give your blog a boost with some more traffic, and to do it fast? Read on to learn how to increase blog traffic overnight.

Wondering how to get new traffic on your blog without investing months of effort?

Increasing your blog traffic takes a bit of work. However, the right strategies can have such a drastic effect that you’ll see your traffic grow from one day to the next. Tens of millions of people now blog in the U.S. While some of those people simply blog for fun, most of us hope to gain money, or at least recognition, in the process. And the way to get those things is to increase blog traffic.

Wondering how to increase blog traffic fast? We’ve put together a few key tips that will get you the results you want. Keep reading to learn how to get new visitors to your blog overnight!

1. Create Content Strategically

If you’ve been randomly putting content out there with no strategy, you’re not likely to see a lot of traffic. To get people clicking, all it can take is a single, strategic article. Some people see their traffic blow up overnight thanks to just one post.

The key is figuring out what kind of posts will get you those traffic booms. Content is, of course, the most important thing on your blog. It should be what you invest the most time in.

The content that gets the most visitors tends to meet a particular need that those visitors have. Think of it like marketing. Marketers look for “pain points” in their target customers, then create products that will address those pain points. A blog is much the same way. However, instead of a product, you’re creating content to meet a specific need.

Consider your target audience, what they do, and what they’re into. The content you post might be things that they find useful or things that they find entertaining. Of course, the best content usually hits both of those points.

Check online forums to see what people are asking related to your blog’s subject. This can help you generate good post ideas. Check what other bloggers have written about, as well. Can you give a different angle on something, or is there a gap in what’s been discussed so far?

Readers love gorgeous infographics, fascinating statistics, and great storytelling using images or video. If you can hit those marks, you’re likely to see your traffic grow fast. People will want to share and link to the right content.

2. Make it Evergreen

Another part of your content strategy is to create evergreen content.

If you only post timely subjects, you have a short window of time for your posts to gain popularity. However, evergreen content is poised to blow up at any time. And if some news breaks that’s relevant to one of your evergreen posts, you have a chance to push it out to readers all over again.

Many posts that go viral aren’t new posts — they’re just evergreen. Give your posts more chances to catch people’s eyes by not giving them expiration dates.

3. Create Stellar Headlines

You can’t draw attention to your content overnight if your headlines don’t shine. Many people decide to click on a post based on the way the headline is phrased even though they may not realize it.

In fact, some people believe that the headline is more important than the post itself. If the content is great, but the headline is lackluster, it doesn’t matter, because no one will read it. However, even poor content with an excellent headline will get some visitors (although good content is always better, of course).

Sharing your post is like giving it an interview with potential readers, and the headline is the interview clothes you choose. Without the right clothes, readers won’t give your post a chance, no matter how great it is.

Experiment with different headline styles, especially in the early stages of your blog, to figure out what works best for generating traffic. For example, you might share the same post different times with different headlines, and see which ones get the most traffic.

4. Use Email Wisely

People can’t boost your visitor count by sharing your posts if they don’t know what to share. Promotion is one of the most important parts of your blog strategy, and email newsletters are a great way to promote.

When people visit your blog, collect their emails for the newsletter. After you have that information, send out regular (but not too regular) emails featuring new content, and relevant or timely old content. This helps people who already like your content stay connected to it, making them more likely to share it.

5. Check Your Keywords

To make content that gets noticed, you need the right keywords. Check your keyword rankings to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords for your niche.

SEO might sound scary, but having a post that’s highly ranked by Google can really change your traffic numbers overnight. Today’s keyword strategies involve using keywords naturally, not stuffing them into posts. You can optimize for Google without making your content clumsy and hard to read.

You can also use long-tail keywords. Google loves longer keywords, and there’s less competition for them, so they’re easier to rank for. Figure out what your target audience is searching for, and use that knowledge to find the right keywords to rank for.

6. Optimize for Mobile

Your audience probably isn’t looking at your site from their desktop or even laptop computers. Does your blog read well on mobile?

Although this may not technically increase your traffic overnight, mobile optimization is key to having your blog posts poised to go viral. You won’t get the numbers you want if your site is hard to access or read using a phone.

Ready to Increase Blog Traffic?

When you increase blog traffic, you can meet your blog goals, no matter what they are. There’s no secret formula for growing traffic to your blog. However, these time-tested tips are sure to get you the numbers you need.

Want to learn more about using social media as part of your strategy? Check out our guide to growing traffic on Instagram.

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Tim Bourquin is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the world of email marketing and lead acquisition. Through his opt-in email advertising service at, Tim and his team are able to deliver thousands of high-quality leads to his clients daily.

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  1. Liton Biswas

    September 11, 2018 at 3:33 am

    Hey Tim,

    The Content is the main thing to increase blog traffic. We need to create quality content regularly and consistently. There is no doubt about it.

    But only creating quality content won’t take us anywhere. We need to market that content effectively.

    It is said that 20% of your time should be spent on creating content and 80% of your time to market that content.

    Now, the question is, where should you market your content?

    It depends. You need to figure out your marketing channel which works best for you.

  2. Vishwajeet Kumar

    September 11, 2018 at 5:26 am

    Hello Tim,

    Fabulous post. We definitely need to promote our blog or services to get most out of it. Quality of content is very important to attract loyal and convertible visitors. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips to increase traffic of a website.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

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Are You Afraid to Color Outside of the Blogging Lines?



I am coloring with my 2 year old niece now.

Blog post idea; after 2 photo snaps and a quick analogy realization I figured coloring with a 2 year old conveys a blogging success lesson to you.

My niece does not fear coloring outside of the lines. She is smart as a whip but has yet to master the concept of coloring inside of the lines. Few 2 year olds get this idea.

Scribbling like mad, her work consists of zags, hard lines, zigs, and you better believe she colors almost exclusively outside of the lines. She is as happy as a lark to break the rules, to just be coloring. Coloring is fun to her. Who cares if she stays in the lines?

I instantly thought of my blogging career.

I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging by coloring outside of the blogging lines, choosing to do what feels fun to me versus doing what bloggers said I should do.. No email list at Blogging From Paradise. Not much search traffic either because I don’t do the SEO thing. I publish up to 4 blog posts daily. No doubt; I follow certain rules and do color inside of the lines sometimes but largely succeeded because I blog outside of the box, following my fun, pursuing my passion.

You may look at me and wonder how in the heck I do it? You follow all common blogging rules diligently. Yet you may struggle. What gives?

Blogging is an energy game. If you do what feels fun to you, you will succeed wildly. Even if you break rules in the process.

Even though I promote 1 blogging eBook above all else I still wrote 126 eBooks. Big time rule breaker guys. Most bloggers only write 1 eBook and promote the stuffing out of it before moving on to the next eBook. Nothing wrong with that but this is usually a scarcity mindset in action. I preferred to think abundantly and wrote my rear end off. Coloring outside of the lines. Blogging outside of the box.

Follow Some Blogging Rules But Break a Bunch

Nobody becomes wildly successful or lives a dream life through blogging by following all the rules. Rule breakers stand out from the crowd.

Breaking some blogging rules is just like coloring outside of the lines. Some bloggers believe your blog looks a bit sloppy, or disorderly, or that you are doing things wrong, if you color outside of the blogging lines. But these bloggers are usually totally obsessed with doing things perfectly, struggling like heck because nobody is perfect and when you try to be perfect you will fail. Perfection is the fear of failure and the fear of criticism, combined. Don’t let bloggers who color inside of the lines fool you.

How to Succeed by Coloring Outside of the Blogging Lines

Follow your intuition guys.

Listen to the small, still voice.

Trust your gut.

Do what feels most fun to you; not what bloggers say you should do.

I do not build an email list. This is coloring outside of the blogging lines.

Yet I live a life few bloggers live, spending months in Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica among other tropical paradises.

No SEO on Blogging From Paradise because I do not want to depend on search traffic. Yet I have circled the globe for the past 7 years as a full time digital nomad.

Break some rules guys.

Do freeing, fun and highly uncomfortable things. Even if doing so pulls you away from the blogging herd.

Color outside of the blogging lines guys.

Live your wildest dreams.

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How Do I Teach Bloggers if I Am a New Blogger?



I see that question popping around in your head.

The same question danced around in my head 10 years ago. How could I teach people how to blog if I did not know how to blog? Plus I had no connections. No skills either. Big time problem.

Here is how to solve your problem:

  • learn how to blog from top pros
  • write 500 words daily offline
  • publish 1-2 posts weekly, turning around and teaching what you learned
  • continue to learn both about blogging and your blogging niche

Learn then teach.

Or absorb then teach.

Jan Verhoeff published this post yesterday:

5 Ways to Broaden Your Blogging Tips for Expansion and Depth

She led off the post explaining how she watched one of my Facebook Live Broadcasts recently and delved deeper into the topic I discussed, said topic being blogging overlap.

Jan is a seasoned veteran blogger but she and I both use this concept of learning or absorbing then immediately teaching the concept to our readers. Knowledge ain’t getting stale in our brain boxes.

Newbie bloggers; I get it. You may feel intimidated to learn, then to teach. But being a blogging student is hands down your most important role as a new blogger because learning and studying gives you confidence to turn around and teach your new found knowledge quickly.

Check out my guest post on Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging:

8 Ways to Become a Student of Blogging

Janice regularly shares this post and noted it still drives blog traffic.


New and seasoned blogging veterans alike know deep down we are all perpetual students. Plus we know that in order to teach we must first learn, being open and willing students.

Newbie bloggers; you better become a voracious reader of blogging tips and tips aligned with your niche. Learn to gain confidence and clarity. Then you better practice writing like crazy. Pen 500 words daily offline to become a confident writer.

Being armed with knowledge and improving writing skills sets the foundation to learn, then to teach.

Iconic Marketer

10 years ago when I was a new blogger I read a post on Ray Higdon Dot Com.

This iconic network marketer introduced me to the simple concept of how you can teach folks how to succeed in your niche, even as a newbie. Learn. Teach.

Allow little time to elapse between learning and teaching. Teaching does not require 10,000 word blog posts or 45 minute long videos or eBooks or courses.

Practical Examples of Teaching

Peep these examples of how you can learn a concept and teach as a new blogger:

  • record and upload a 1 minute long video on YouTube
  • write and publish a 600 word post on your blog
  • record and upload a 5 minute long podcast

The idea is to learn a concept and to be comfortable teaching the concept without being an expert. Fraud energies may arise guys. Fears attempt to shame you into remaining quiet.  Don’t trust these fears. Don’t believe these lies.

If you want to become a blogger you better get comfortable with being a teacher because blogging is teaching. If you want to become a teacher you better be a hungry student, learning the in’s and out’s of blogging and your niche and practicing your writing to more easily convey your blogging message.



Hit the ground running as a new blogger.

Nobody begins blogging as an experienced blogger.

Nobody begins blogging with blogging skills.

We need to learn and practice persistently as a new blogger to become a successful blogger.

Just don’t hesitate to turn around and teach what you have learned immediately, to drive traffic to your blog.

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Do I Look Lucky to You?



Many people believe me to be lucky.

Folks think I am so lucky to travel the world.

Like a magic fairy alighted on my shoulder, tapped me with a magic wand, and sent me to that location in Bali you see in the featured image.

As if I lucked out to circle around the globe for the past 7 years.

Not quite guys.

Luck does not exist.

Smart, generous work helped me retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Peep this link:

583 Ryan Biddulph Blog Posts on Blogging Tips

Does that sound lucky? Was I lucky to write and publish 583 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone? Am I lucky to have written and published thousands of blog posts during the past decade I spent online?

Have I been lucky to work hundreds of thousands of hours during my life, in order to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging?

Did luck make me a full time digital nomad? Have I been lucky to write and self-publish 126 eBooks?

Luck does not exist.

Smart, energized, years of work, this brings blogging success.

Convenience Store Luck

Back in New Jersey for a bit.

After spending a few moments at the local convenience store I saw no less than 5 people buy lottery tickets.

Folks spend money on a wing and a prayer, hoping, praying, begging to make money through a game of chance.

Forget building a sustainable online business. Forget rendering service to become successful with your blog. Don’t even bother investing money in solid vehicles.

Leave your life to chance. See if you get lucky.

Terrible mindset to have guys.

Luck does not exist. No magical fairy blesses some folks and curses other folks. Nobody suffers from bad luck. Chance does not exist.

Smart, intelligent service, persistently applied, exists. Learning and practicing the skill of blogging for 2-4 years of your life exists. Spending 10 years writing and publishing thousands of posts exists. Commenting on 50,000 blogs exists. Being generous exists. Helping folks for months before making a dime exists.

Luck does not exist.

Luck Is a Jailer

If you believe successful bloggers are lucky, that limiting belief jails you. Since you believe you are not lucky you naturally will always struggle and fail. Not a good belief to cling to guys.

Many bloggers think I am:

  • lucky
  • blessed
  • gifted
  • talented
  • a natural

but I am not. I just spent years of my life learning, practicing and mastering the skill of blogging. I wrote almost 600 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone. Does that sound like luck, or chance, or like a blessing? Smart, persistent work guys. I committed fully to blogging so blogging committed fully to me. Simple equation but goodness does this journey feel uncomfortable at times.

Early Friday evening, here I am writing this guest post as my 2 year old niece hangs all over me, bopping me on the head. Hardly a crazy challenge but still a bit of a challenge. Try thinking through a post and writing it while a hyper 2 year old does all in her power to grab your attention.

I am not writing this post because Lady Luck sent me the idea. I am writing this post because I have written 2 million plus words during the past decade of my life, so words flow easily for me.

  • Creating, connecting and polishing my blogging skills by patiently writing and broadcasting live videos daily helped me craft a neat life for me and for my readers.
  • Generously commenting on other blogs and promoting other bloggers helped me become a pro blogger.
  • Persisting through thick and thin created my blogging success.

The next time you explain someone’s success as a simple matter of luck, think again.

Luck does not exist.

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