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3 Online Form Questions to Ask for Effective Feedback



Reviews and feedback are the two factors of importance concerning the analysis of your website. You might count on statistics that show you where your visitors came from, what they view, and what they buy, but there’s nothing like sincere feedback from a real person – it’s more accurate than anything else.

One of the best ways to gather and collect this kind of feedback is using online forms. Design and placement of these forms might vary and it’s up to you to decide, but the key to quantitative success is asking the right questions.

All kinds of information that comes from a customer or visitor might come in handy for your business and website, but there are 5 questions that will help you get the best benefit out of online forms.

General Opinion About Overall Page Experience

This type of question might seem very simple and generic at first, but it is the first and main one you should consider. It is like the sum up of all website experiences in general: design, user experience, and all other factors depending on your business sphere. There are many ways you could ask this simple question, for example, “How do you like our website?”, “How would you rank your experience on our website?”, “Do you like our new website?”. And there can also be a few ways for your visitor to answer: try to make it as visual and simplified as possible.

Also, always consider the mobile version of your website and use the opportunities of a touch screen, swiping and tapping. Be creative – use smiley faces, thumbs up, stars, a slide bar or even design special icons that represent your brand.

Recommendations For Friend and Business Partners

You probably know how important is your reputation when it comes to the opinion of your customer or a customer-to-be. Marketing and sales strategy takes a big part of a successful business plan, but so does the opinion of your visitor. You’d be surprised what a big part of clients come through recommendations. Therefore a bad anti-recommendation can cost a fortune too. To avoid things like these from happening, the smart thing to do is to learn why a visitor would or wouldn’t recommend you to a “friend”. This is a perfect strategy that can help prevent bad user experience.

The best way to evaluate this rating is by using numbers – you might hear that this rating is also called NPS – Net Promoter Score. Focus on your actual customer rather than random visitors – this way you will be sure that you are receiving an objective feedback. To create online html forms like this one, you can find great free tools.

The Ease and Difficulty Of Reaching the Main Goal

Each visitor that comes to your website has a goal – either it’s just learning about what your company is offering, either it’s the final purchase of a product or service. Therefore it is crucial to measure the user experience for all these factors – did your customer reach the goal and did he encounter any obstacles in the process? This might also concern the part of payment – was it easy and non time-consuming for your customer?

Take note, that this is a very important part for the further development of your website – many elements on your website might seem fine to you, but be completely inconvenient and nonfunctional for your customer. An online form of this type should consist of at least two or three different questions: first, you need to ask if the person managed to reach the goal at all, second – what were the obstacles or elements that prevented your visitor to reach the goal? If you’d like and think it’s useful, you can add some additional questions regarding the reasons for the visit to your website or additional comments.

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The Importance of Backing up Your WordPress Site (Tips for 2018)



As WordPress is known as the most popular and convenient content management system for building online presences ranging from one-page online portfolio to high profile business websites around the globe, the significance of backing up a WordPress website cannot be underestimated due to a lot of logical reasons.

A professional WordPress developer always know how important it is to have a reliable backup of WordPress website but a beginner may come to know after learning the lesson hard way. Hence, if you are smart web developer you will definitely take on the habit of backing up your website from commencement.

Below are the most common reasons why backing up your WordPress site is so important that will entice you to back it up without wasting a single precious moment.

Bad things always take place

Being human, we all make mistakes and it is one of the obvious truths. Same things can also happen to your WordPress website in terms of clicking the wrong button, deleting a vital file from folder, and your site will be out of order.

Majority of people also believe that hosting provider can get the things done right on behalf of the site owner but it is also probable that they won’t have the latest copy of website content or files. That’s why, you should always sign up with a reliable agency for back up like 10web as they are providing steadfast WordPress backup services to thousands of satisfied clients.

Hackers are always ready to hack your sites

They can hack your WordPress website either to steal confidential data like credit card numbers or to ruin your online presence. So you should always be ready to deal with such situation by backing up your WordPress site on a regular basis.

As your website is live, chances are always there that it may become compromised but you will be able to get your all vital data back quickly in form of a most recent backup.

Blunders while updating

Website updating doesn’t always go well as planned and it is one of the reasons to back up your WordPress site often especially before installing updates.

Since a well developed and functional websites have a lot of components to perform various tasks, like plugins, themes, and most importantly back-end programming, a single corrupt update to any of these components can take the entire website offline, but having a regular backup can help you get things on right track easily.

Malware and Viruses

You can add hazardous malware and viruses to your WordPress site accidentally by installing nulled WordPress themes or plugins, which can cause an abnormal destruction for your website.
In such situation, having absolute backup files means that you will get things right as soon as possible even without seeking help from an expert developer.

Worriless blogging

It can be one of the major reasons why backing up your WordPress site is vital. By using reliable WordPress backup services; you will be able to perform various blogging tasks without any worry of getting something important deleted and not coming back.

Computers crash all the time

You are not safe if you are keeping backup files on your desktop computer because computers crash all the time and you may get all your backup files lost.

As the hard drives become unreadable, all your efforts of backing up your wordpress site could fade away in moments. Cloud WordPress backup is always recommended by experts in order to prevent troubles in days to come.

Blog content is totally safe

The content of a blog is a precious thing for every blogger even more than money and backing up it on regular basis is the only want to keep it in safe hands.

You will definitely not want to get your quality blog content into trash, or in hands of a hacker. That’s why, WordPress site backup is highly recommended to get all your blog contents back hurriedly right after an unwanted occurrence.

WordPress site backup enables you to take risks

A great thing about having reliable WordPress backup is that it enables you to take risks for your website or blog in a good and safe way. Risks you take with your website or blog (after backing your site up) may bring some amazing transformations to your online presence.

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Top 10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes For Free



Until a few years ago when writing for a magazine you had to think of a number of things like an image to accompany the article, whether the page will be of a single color, two colors or a four colored one or many other design aspects. But with a digital magic wand and the power of blogging, the life of a writer has changed.

Right from an annual report to any fashion magazine, everything can be now published on the web easily. And these things are getting easier day by day. With plenty of features, you can now create your own magazine website and that too for free.

Go through any magazine style themes on WordPress and will give you a headstart with your online magazine.

Free WordPress Magazine Themes for awesome online magazines

iRibbon – Free Vintage Retro WordPress Theme

With this theme, you can have a fully responsive website which can be made available on all the devices. It has a vintage style design which provides a sort of nostalgia with the display of full-width background is a translation ready theme which supports 18 different languages. It is a retro style theme with lots of customization and typography options available to make use of.

Islemag – Modern WordPress Theme For Magazines

This is an excellent theme for an online magazine. You can have ad banners of big and small sizes with which you can monetize your site. This is a responsive theme which suits to all devices including mobile, tablets, Ipads, etc. You can all add a carousel slider; this catchy slider which smoothly runs through your magazine gives a nice overview of your work. It is a colorful and interesting yet easy and free theme to go for.

Hueman – Popular Magazine WordPress Theme

It is a highly engaging theme that works well on mobile screen. With this theme, there are some free add on plugins with which one can customize their site. You can have featured story on the slider and lead the viewer towards popular posts. Header and footer ad options are available which can be used for monetizing the magazine. Besides all these features, this theme also provides two or three column layout options as well. This is a great choice for any innovative and enthusiastic writer, blogger or a publisher.

Blox – Versatile WordPress Theme Suitable For All Websites

This is one the best magazine style to pot for. It is a fully responsive theme so it can be used on all the devices. It has a unique feature of drag and drop, with which you can drag and drop the required elements on the layout. With this feature, one can keep the site customized and creative. The theme is translation ready for multilingual appeal. The theme also provides the customization of header, footer, and menu.

Color Mag – Magazine WordPress Theme

This theme is a perfect option for any newspaper or a magazine. It is a flexible theme in terms of availability of custom settings for background, color, header, and menus. With these customized options, you can display different sections of the magazine and featured images and can be shown with the remarkable or latest articles. Any visitor can enjoy this site, as it showcases variety with simplicity. With ad banners, companies can contact you for advertisements, and you can start earning as quickly as you can.

MH Magazine Lite – Professional WordPress Theme For Magazines

This is an amazing magazine theme as compared to all others. It can be used for both newspaper and magazine. With this responsive theme you can reach your audience in multiples. One can include any number of topics or subtopics and spread the dynamic news about all of them. Other features like availability and ease of customization, changes in column number or being translation ready are all present with this theme. So, it is a must have option for any and everybody in search of online magazine style theme.

Fine – Modern Free WordPress Blog Theme

This theme is useful for the writers, creative artists like bloggers for creating a beautiful online magazine. This theme is created with a strong, responsive model, and it looks good on any device. There are lots of options available for you to make changes like a full-width image, color, header footer controls, layout designs, etc. This theme comes with the feature of drag and drops elements, and slider option as well.

Poseidon – Free Magazine WordPress Theme

It is a clean and a neat theme. In this theme, all sections are arranged in a sophisticated manner. Any viewer can search for the required information or news very easily. Theme displays high-resolution image as a header, and there are few popular or important posts which are worth spending time for. Logo, color, layout, and menu can be customized as per requirement. Thus, it’s a responsive and simple to apply the theme for any online magazine.

SuperMag – The Ultimate Magazine Theme

This is a perfect magazine style which is suitable to display news of various nature. The theme can be customized for a logo, color, background, and menus. There is an option available for featured sections, blogs which attract the viewer attention. This theme has a strong coding support. This super mag is the super choice for a blogger, publisher or a writer to display their work. Also, It is a flexible theme available on all devices.

Rowling – A Magical Magazine Theme For WordPress

It is a simple and clean theme for the online magazine. This theme combines few good fonts for better effect. This is a flexible theme so that it can be made available on all devices. It is an elegant design that has a lot of white space and simple layout. One can customize the header, footer options, customize the logo and menus. This is also a translation ready theme with options of variable column numbers available.

In addition to the themes above, be sure to check out these other WordPress themes that have been featured on Blogging Tips.

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How to Create a Community Website Using UserPro



According to the latest statistics, WordPress powers around 75 million websites. Perhaps this information is even more astounding if we say that WordPress powers around 27% of all websites globally. Needless to say, there are numerous valid reasons for this.

One of the biggest reasons why WordPress is so popular is because of its robust structure and ease-of-use. Thanks to this platform, you no longer need to be a web designer to build beautifully crafted and unique-looking web pages. On top of that, anyone can become a blogger and contribute to the World Wide Web with their knowledge and opinions.

Among numerous different types of websites that WordPress supports are so-called community websites. Even though it might seem complicated to build and maintain private profiles and groups, there is one WordPress community plugin that makes this job easy and straightforward. One of them is a community plugin called UserPro.

What is UserPro?

Simply said, UserPro is a robust tool that allows you to build a website that offers private profiles and interaction between registered users. In other words, it allows you to build a Facebook-like website, but based on your own rules and sense of aesthetics.

There are actually numerous reasons why community-based websites are a great idea. For starters, you can attract like-minded individuals who like certain things and are interested in exchanging ideas. You can also create study groups, forums, or a platform to simplify communication between your employees.
In case you’re a website owner looking to extend your website’s functionality and reach new audiences, here are some of the main benefits of having a community website:

  • Organic SEO: Instead of having to plan and create your own content (that should be informative and unique), you can let your registered users do this job. Google loves forums and discussion communities since they can be places of knowledge and useful information. If you don’t believe us, take a look at Quora.
  • Building personal relationships: Many website owners are aware that having a personal relationship with their following is of vital importance. In many cases, this helps them promote products and services without being pushy. Nonetheless, a community website will more easily spark discussions and inspire relationships than just a comments section on a website.
  • Marketing: We are not talking about the direct marketing of your products or services, but your website’s own marketing. Engaged users who actively participate on your website are more likely to recommend it and promote it to their friends.

Installation and Main Features

Installation of this WordPress community plugin couldn’t be simpler. Since this is a premium priced plugin, you’ll need to find your purchase code in order to access updates and to get support. In case you installed and activated any WordPress plugin before, you won’t any problems installing UserPro.

Once you get to the main configuration screen, you’ll see lots of different options. This might be a bit intimidating for new users, even though this is the case with any other WordPress community plugin. There are twelve different pages of settings that offer everything from custom fields, email notifications, content restriction, up to import/export options.

You’ll spend most of your time in the main Settings panel as well as within the Fields panel. Using these two, you can configure the looks of your website and most of its community-related options. For example, you can choose to activate/disable social features, activate/disable online statuses, and more. More importantly, this is where you can create connections with other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Fields panel allows you to fine-tune your users’ experience when registering and using their accounts. Just like with the rest of this WordPress community plugin, you’ll see a pre-defined set of options. Still, you can fine-tune each one of these options and add custom fields like country, gender, and social media information. In other words, this is where you decide what kind of information you need from your users as well as if you want to display that information to their peers.

Now, you must be wondering how this information can be used. Let’s say that you fine-tune how the registration form will look. All you need is to use the provided code and embed it into any page of your website. This is how you can create customizable and interactive registration forms.

Front-End Design

As you could have seen by now, UserPro comes with hundreds of different options. However, the question is how those options transform into an interactive front-end design. To give you a glimpse of different designs of registration forms, take a look at the photo below. As you can see, you can create very simple or very complex forms that include other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

This also goes for other forms like the Login or Reset Password forms. Even though this WordPress community plugin does a good job of automating everything, you still have a lot of freedom when it comes to forms and their looks.

It is also worth saying a few words about front-end user profiles. Upon registering, users will be able to take a look at other users’ profiles. Below, you can find a screenshot of how a user’s profile looks. As you can see, it offers a lot of information grouped into several categories. Users can set up their profile photos, similar to how Facebook and Twitter work. They can also connect their accounts to different social networks and invite their friends over to your website. This doesn’t only allow more people to see your community-based website, but also to easily make the transition from some other social network.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget about shortcodes that are of high importance when it comes to front-end design. This WordPress community plugin offers plenty of different shortcodes designed to showcase your members and their profiles. You can create different kinds of grids with small or large profile images. Fine-tuning is also available, where you can choose bits of information that will be presented along with their profile images. As you can probably know by now, once you set everything up, you will get a piece of code that needs to be placed onto one of your existing web pages. It’s that easy.

Additional Features

UserPro is definitely one of the most comprehensive WordPress community plugins. This is why we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of its most interesting features. This is a good way for you to learn what kind of things you can expect if you decide to purchase this plugin.

  • Content Restriction: The main reason why many of you create community-based websites is to restrict access to their website’s content. In other words, only registered members are able to fully explore these websites. You can do this easily using UserPro, where you have several options available. You are free to restrict content to registered members, verified accounts, or to specific roles.
  • Content Publishing: If you decide to allow content publishing, you can let your user post different kinds of articles (text) and media. These can be mini-posts, just like on a blog. This is done by the Front-End Publishing Form whose shortcodes can be placed in the content area of any page.

  • Follow/Unfollow: If you’re interested in creating a social network, UserPro can be of great help. With just a few clicks within the Settings panel, you can allow registered users to follow/unfollow each other. In addition, this reroutes their already published content and makes it visible to their following.
  • Social Activity Stream: Once you log-in to your Facebook account, the first thing you see is your stream of activities, statuses, and photos. Something very similar can be done using UserPro. This feature is called Social Activity Stream and allows your members to review each other’s activities.

UserPro’s Add-Ons

This WordPress community plugin comes with everything you need to set up a community-based website. However, there are other interesting features that you can add to your website and expand its functionality. These add-ons are made and supported by the same team behind UserPro, and they are premium priced (this means that you have to pay for them individually; they’re actually very affordable).

  • Messaging: Not all communications should be private, which is why UserPro comes with its own built-in own private messaging system. This system allows your members to chat and interact with each other. Additional features include quick reply, emoticons, and the ability to block/unblock other users from sending private messages. This add-on is priced at $13.
  • Social Wall: We previously told you about the Social Activity Steam that allows your website’s members to review each other’s activities. However, if want your members to share posts and images, you can integrate an add-on called Social Wall. This feature is priced at $11.

  • WooCommerce Integration: We also shouldn’t forget e-commerce websites. UserPro offers a premium priced add-on that connects your registered members to your online store. For example, their login credentials can be exchanged between the two (UserPro and WooCommerce), and user profiles can be used to review purchases and order details. This add-on comes priced at $11


In comparison to similar community-based WordPress plugins, UserPro is one of the most comprehensive. Even though this means that it’s not the most user-friendly since it comes with hundreds of different options, it does come with an unprecedented set of features.

This WordPress community plugin is available on CodeCanyon, where you can find it priced at $30. As we previously mentioned, several add-ons are also available for those who seek to expand their website’s functionality.

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