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Blogging Success: Give Until It Stops Hurting



I filmed a video today in New Zealand.

I dissected the lie: “Give until it hurts.”

This blogging concept changes your course. Forever.

If you struggle or fail this idea turns struggle into ease and failure into success. But you need to buy into the idea of giving freely actually increasing your success versus giving until it hurts.

Watch the video from Opotiki to see me break it down.

If you give and it hurts you are giving conditionally, with an eye on future gain or past lost. During lean days I went mad if after a week of freely giving through my blog and other online channels I spotted only 4 more opt ins, no business and no blogging business collaboration opportunities on the horizon. Giving seemed to hurt me because I gave with heavy expectations. If my getting did not align with my expectations, all hell broke loose in my mind, leading to fits, more struggle and more failure.

One day I chose a different tact; why not give freely and expect nothing? Successful bloggers seemed detached about their success, generously helping people for months even if they did not make a dime through their blogs. This lesson popped up frequently when I watched 4 blogging big dawgs delve into the concept of giving generously to build up your blogging real estate at Affiliate Summit East.

Rather than lament loss, I got busy helping people through:

  • my blog
  • guest posting
  • genuine blog commenting
  • Sound Cloud and iTunes podcasts
  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • products
  • eBooks
  • services

I devoted all my energies – or like 99% – to giving and expected nothing. I rarely checked my email. I have never checked my blog traffic so no issues on this regard. I stopped checking sales for eBooks and audio books. I trusted the process. I believed in me. I trusted in an idea bigger than me.

Within months, I became more detached and saw greater worldly success. But this only goaded me to care less about outcomes aka getting and to focus more on giving. Giving felt more and more fun. I developed my skills through the idea of practice. More folks learned of me, my blog, my brand and my products, eBooks and services.

The giving slowly but surely became the reward, the joy, the fun. All else was a bonus or extra, or cherry on top, or icing on the cake, with traffic and profits feeling like a pure bonus, not any type of driver.

The more you give the more you get; even if the getting takes months or years, the getting always builds over time. First the getting barely occurs. Then the trickles. Then the flood gates open as the dam bursts. All based on your generous giving and devotion to serving folks sans looking for anything in return.

Give Until It Doesn’t Hurt

Give until it doesn’t hurt. Purge conditional fears. Purge attachment to outcomes. Feel and let go fears of loss, failure and criticism, along with the blanket fear of wasting your time. Good things take time. Keep giving freely, develop your skills, establish a viral online presence and the good things you sow now through your generous service gradually grow into brilliant success.

As you keep giving, a few neat things happen:

  • your blogging skills improve, allowing you to shine brightly in your niche
  • you appear to be all over your niche because your prolific nature ensures your content pops up all over the place, through various channels
  • you become a trusted resource in your niche
  • you become pretty detached from outcomes
  • your blog traffic and profits increase over months and years

All because you were generous, gave freely of your knowledge and gave until it felt amazing.

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Ryan Biddulph is the owner of Blogging From Paradise. He's a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. Ryan can help you become a full time blogger with his eBook.

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Why a Comedian Quote Promotes Your Blogging Success



“80 percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen

Before we dive into today’s post, I am settling into a house sit high above NYC today. Me and my wife Kelli care for 2 cats in a huge, luxury apartment on the Upper East Side.

I snapped the featured image for this post from the apartment just as the sun began to set, for your viewing pleasure.

I enjoy listening to successful people from all walks of life share their success tips.

Famed comedian Woody Allen spoke a gem that will accelerate your blogging success.

I never understood the quote deeply until the past 1-2 years. Prior to that period of time I had some blogging success but did not really show up persistently, doing the right things with the right energy for a sustained period of time.

Lesson learned.

I am a different guy these days.

7 days a week, 7 to 10 hours daily – or longer – I show up by:

  • creating helpful content through my blog and through guest posts
  • creating helpful videos through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • creating helpful comments on other blogger’s blogs
  • promoting other bloggers freely through my blog and through social media

I follow these practical, blog-building steps from a calm, patient, generous and pretty detached energy. A success energy, emanating from my success consciousness and permeating through my environment.

You better believe that since I started showing up daily in this fashion 1-2 years ago I saw increasing success through my blog. My light seemed to shine brightly compared to most bloggers because most bloggers barely show up. Some bloggers half bake their effort, showing up sometimes. Other bloggers show up a decent amount of time but make excuses or simply bail when they don’t seem to see big progress in a short period of time.

80% of success is showing up. Sure you need to learn how to blog. Of course you need to practice your writing. You better believe that creating and connecting daily is necessary to build a rock solid foundation for your blog. But you need not do anything in spectacular, brilliant or genius fashion to become a full time blogger. Show up daily, for hours a day. Follow sound, proven blogging tips. Be humble. Be patient. Be persistent.

Success will find you.

Woody Allen is one of the most iconic writers and directors of all time because he embodied his advice. He showed up regularly.

Ditto for comedic icon Jerry Seinfeld. He never broke his writing chain, practicing his writing for years before he become a world famous and fabulously wealthy comedian. He showed up daily. Naturally, he satiated that 80% element in the success equation.

Why Bloggers Struggle

Bloggers rarely show up every day. Many bloggers are talented. Some bloggers build fairly large friend networks. But many talented or connected bloggers vanish in my wake because I show up for 7-10 hours, 7 days a week, creating helpful content and building meaningful connections. Not many bloggers do this.

You may be talented but you will rarely outwork me as far as creating content.

You may be connected but you will rarely outwork me as far as building meaningful connections.

I do not work hard because I love what I do. I do however show up at a rate rare to most bloggers because when bloggers take off days and weeks I am creating and connecting like clockwork, every day.

You can even be not super talented and outshine virtually every blogger on earth by showing up because people will see your blog, follow your blog and buy your stuff due to you being all over the place in your niche. I vividly recall a leading blogger with a rabidly loyal following who did not write particularly skillfully. When I came across his blog 10 years ago I wondered why he succeeded while other far superior writers struggled like mad. He showed up daily. The other bloggers did not. His writing skills were not great but he helped people and made friends all over the place online.

He succeeded because he showed up.

Keep creating and connecting.

Show up.

See your blogging journey through.

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5 Creative Blog Post Ideas Sure to Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More



Struggling with writer’s block? Have a hard time finding inspiration for your next blog posts? Then it’s time to do something about it!

Writer’s block is as real as it gets. You don’t have to be a novelist or a columnist to experience this issue. Bloggers can run short of ideas or get stuck in a creative rut, too.

Daily stress, heavy workloads, self-criticism, and lack of motivation can all contribute to writer’s block. Maybe you’re being too hard on yourself. Or perhaps the stakes aren’t high enough, so you don’t feel motivated to get things done.

Luckily, there are a couple of strategies you can use to come up with new, exciting blog post ideas that will keep your readers hooked. Let’s get into it!

1. Browse Online Forums for Blog Post Ideas

Forums provide pretty accurate insights into your audience’s needs. Millions of people use Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, and other online platforms to ask questions or receive advice.

Let’s say you run a blog on entrepreneurship and startup life. Head over to Quora and type “startups” in the search bar. You’ll get hundreds of questions and answers related to this topic, such as:

  • Why do so many startups fail?
  • What are the hottest startups in New York?
  • How to get an internship at a startup?
  • How is a startup valued?
  • What are the best ways to promote a startup?

Check out the most popular questions and then try to turn them into blog posts. Later, you can return to Quora and provide a detailed answer along with a link to your post.

2. Interview Industry Experts and Bloggers

Most people love to be the center of attention and see their names online, so why not use this to your own advantage?

If you’re looking for things to write about, reach out to industry experts and bloggers. Provide a brief description of your blog and its target audience. Tell them you’d love to hear their opinion on a particular topic or publish their story.

3. Use Writing Prompts for Inspiration

Back in high school, your teachers were probably providing writing prompts to help you and other students warm up your creative muscles. As a blogger, you can use this strategy to find your inspiration and have something to focus on as you write.

Look for writing prompts online and take it from there. Come up with a topic and use prompts to create engaging blog posts and provide more value to your readers.

4. Recycle Older Posts

Another strategy you can use is to check your best performing blog posts and bring them up to date or cover the topic from a new angle.

Search for more recent studies related to that topic, expand a section or two, and try to answer any questions your audience may have.

5. Publish an Extensive List of Resources

There are times when you simply don’t feel creative, and that’s perfectly normal. But, this isn’t an excuse to quit your writing routine.

Choose a topic which is relevant to your readers. Search for other blogs and websites that cover the topic in-depth.

Next, create an extensive list of resources, linking to each blog. Provide a brief description and write a line or two about why you’d recommend that source.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Finding creative blog post ideas doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s enough to look around you. Anything can serve as a source of inspiration.

Check out other sites and blogs in your niche, browse Facebook groups, and research the latest industry trends. Consider doing “Wordless Mondays” or other days when you only post videos, images, or infographics.

For more tips, read our post on how to get endless content ideas for your blog. Check out other blog courses for inspiration!

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1 Foolproof Way to Steadily Increase Your Blog Traffic and Profits Now



If you find your blog traffic to be flagging and your blog profits to be lacking I have a foolproof method for increasing each.

Help people.

Every blogger falls prey to flagging traffic and profits sometimes. We are human. We have mental blocks. We sometimes take our foot off of the blogging pedal when we should press it down. Other times you may let fear get the better of you. Whatever the reason, your stats drop off a bit from time to time.

Helping people is the simplest way to increase the flow of folks to your blog. Helping people is the simplest way to inspire folks to buy your products and to hire you for your services.


Helping people connects you to people. People who feel connected to you visit your blog and some buy your stuff too.

Connection deal.

That’s it.

Generous people prosper.

Facebook Group Help

A few hours ago I visited a few blogs posted to a Facebook Group. After reading a few posts I published personalized comments on each blog. Some bloggers whose blogs I commented on visited my blog. Quick traffic increase. Easy traffic increase too because all I did was read a blog post and publish a comment.

Reading a blog post helps a blogger. You just increased their blog traffic. Publishing a personalized comment helps a blogger. You just added social proof to their post and grew their blogging community.

Help people to get help.

Notice people to get noticed.

Be super generous persistently to see ever increasing blog traffic and profits flow to your blog.

Tap into this fool proof traffic and profits booster.

Why it Works

I filmed a quick Facebook video diving into the idea why being of service helps boost traffic and profits.

You can watch the video here:

At its core, if you give freely you receive easily. If you help people generously, and persistently, more and more folks you help visit your blog and buy your stuff, hire you or click your ads. Connect yourself to human beings by helping human beings. Increase traffic and profits.

Why do few bloggers capitalize on their simple blogging success method? Helping people without asking for anything in return requires both persistent work and a detached sense of generosity that forces you to let go a specific return on investment. Most bloggers blog stingy then wonder why they struggle.

Working persistently and generously forces you to face fears concerning:

  • wasting your time
  • being criticized
  • being ignored

Most bloggers panic if they help people generously for weeks and months and see no money in return. Which is why most bloggers never make much money or gain much traffic.

A select handful of generous, abundant bloggers keep helping people for months or even years before any real dough flows in. This crowd drives a deluge of traffic through their blog and earns massive profits because if you patiently help people without attaching to outcomes you connect with a huge, targeted audience and see staggering profits for all service rendered.

How to Help Bloggers

A few ideas:

  • read blog posts and comment genuinely on blogs
  • answer questions on Facebook Groups related to your niche
  • share blogger’s content on social media
  • mention bloggers on your blog
  • answer questions on niche specific forums

Be of service. You will be served.

Help people generously. Do not hold back. The more persistently you help folks without obsessing over return on investment you will see slow but steadily increasing blog traffic and profits.


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