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5 Ways to Make Money with a Coupon Blog



If you’ve ever shopped for anything online, there is a good chance you’ve used a coupon code. Finding coupons online is great because it’s so easy and literally only takes a few seconds of your time to save 20% or even more. What’s even better is that there is a whole world of coupon sites out there to help you find the best ones available.

As long as brands and businesses need new customers, there is going to be a never ending supply of coupon codes. For this reason and many more, coupon blogs have been popping up all over the place. Not only are these sites providing value to their audience, they are also cashing in like crazy in the process.

In this article, we are going to highlight seven ways you can start making money with a coupon site or blog of your own. If you don’t know how to get started with a coupon site, click here to view my startup guide.

How to Make Money with a Coupon Blog of Your Own

Like any type of WordPress driven site, starting a coupon blog is easy — but getting traffic, building your audience and making money with your content isn’t as easy. There are many big players in the coupon space that are spending millions of dollars monthly to rank at the top of the search results and coming out with new promotions daily. The good news is that there is still plenty of room and opportunity for you to compete. One of the best ways to do this is to get your site live, then building out a mailing list and focusing on your social reach.

People absolutely love online coupons, free stuff and sale promotions. Give your audience what they are looking for and you will see a nice amount of shared and viral traffic coming back to your site. Once you are ready to start monetizing your site and content, be sure to try any or all of these methods listed below.

Google Adsense

Simply the easiest way to make money online with a website. Join Google Adsense, copy their ad code, then place it on your site. As a site owner, you will then earn a commission on every click you send to the ads that appear from Google. The reason why Google Adsense is great for coupon sites is because they have thousands of high-quality and relevant coupon ads — this also means you will also likely see a higher click-through rate and earnings as well.


Affiliate Marketing

Many affiliate programs will offer coupon codes and exclusive promotions to their partners. Instead of simply getting paid for someone to click on your ads from Google, you could be earning a percentage of each sale that you send to a business. A good example of this would be if you had a niche specific site and linked up with an advertiser who could provide custom coupon codes. The benefit here is that the advertiser can usually provide you with a unique coupon code, so they can track sales and provide you with a referral fee. This is something we do with A Small Orange, as they are our recommend hosting solution.


Build a Community Around Your Site

This is something the largest and most effective coupon sites on the internet are doing. Whether it’s a social aspect, a forum or a custom built community, having an area of your site where others can engage with each other and post their own coupons is key. Not only is this great for engagement, it also adds to the overall content and value on your site. During Black Friday and year-end holiday shopping, these forum areas blow up with traffic because everyone is discussing the latest deals and coupons.

You can see an example of this in place on sites like Not only are they offering a community experience, they are also offering rewards for those who share content and coupons as well — all while increasing traffic and engagement on the site.


Connect with Coupon Providers

Most coupon sites don’t scour the internet for all of the latest coupons. Instead, they usually partner up with a feed provider or join networks like, which then allows then to display a wide range of coupons to their audience. These sites then earn commissions on clicks, leads and sales depending on the referrals. Join partner programs for the top coupon sites and you’ll greatly expand your reach, while making more money in the process.

Some of the top programs out there for coupons sites are, RedPlum and SmartSource.


Start a Mailing List for Daily Coupons

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but many sites still don’t have this in place. Once someone comes to your site and grabs a coupon, they probably won’t come back. However, new coupon codes are going live on your site daily. By having your audience join your mailing list, you could have daily or weekly mailings sent out with the latest coupon codes being added to your site. This is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and earnings month over month, and can also be done by simply adding a mailing list popup to your site.



The Money is in the Coupons!

No matter what type of coupon website or blog you are going to create, there is plenty of money to be made. Make sure to focus the majority of your efforts on the promotion of your site and content once it goes live. Use social media, hashtags, long tail keywords and viral marketing to get in the face of your audience who is already looking for coupon codes!

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Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at, as well as the founder of You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook

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Are You Afraid to Color Outside of the Blogging Lines?



I am coloring with my 2 year old niece now.

Blog post idea; after 2 photo snaps and a quick analogy realization I figured coloring with a 2 year old conveys a blogging success lesson to you.

My niece does not fear coloring outside of the lines. She is smart as a whip but has yet to master the concept of coloring inside of the lines. Few 2 year olds get this idea.

Scribbling like mad, her work consists of zags, hard lines, zigs, and you better believe she colors almost exclusively outside of the lines. She is as happy as a lark to break the rules, to just be coloring. Coloring is fun to her. Who cares if she stays in the lines?

I instantly thought of my blogging career.

I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging by coloring outside of the blogging lines, choosing to do what feels fun to me versus doing what bloggers said I should do.. No email list at Blogging From Paradise. Not much search traffic either because I don’t do the SEO thing. I publish up to 4 blog posts daily. No doubt; I follow certain rules and do color inside of the lines sometimes but largely succeeded because I blog outside of the box, following my fun, pursuing my passion.

You may look at me and wonder how in the heck I do it? You follow all common blogging rules diligently. Yet you may struggle. What gives?

Blogging is an energy game. If you do what feels fun to you, you will succeed wildly. Even if you break rules in the process.

Even though I promote 1 blogging eBook above all else I still wrote 126 eBooks. Big time rule breaker guys. Most bloggers only write 1 eBook and promote the stuffing out of it before moving on to the next eBook. Nothing wrong with that but this is usually a scarcity mindset in action. I preferred to think abundantly and wrote my rear end off. Coloring outside of the lines. Blogging outside of the box.

Follow Some Blogging Rules But Break a Bunch

Nobody becomes wildly successful or lives a dream life through blogging by following all the rules. Rule breakers stand out from the crowd.

Breaking some blogging rules is just like coloring outside of the lines. Some bloggers believe your blog looks a bit sloppy, or disorderly, or that you are doing things wrong, if you color outside of the blogging lines. But these bloggers are usually totally obsessed with doing things perfectly, struggling like heck because nobody is perfect and when you try to be perfect you will fail. Perfection is the fear of failure and the fear of criticism, combined. Don’t let bloggers who color inside of the lines fool you.

How to Succeed by Coloring Outside of the Blogging Lines

Follow your intuition guys.

Listen to the small, still voice.

Trust your gut.

Do what feels most fun to you; not what bloggers say you should do.

I do not build an email list. This is coloring outside of the blogging lines.

Yet I live a life few bloggers live, spending months in Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica among other tropical paradises.

No SEO on Blogging From Paradise because I do not want to depend on search traffic. Yet I have circled the globe for the past 7 years as a full time digital nomad.

Break some rules guys.

Do freeing, fun and highly uncomfortable things. Even if doing so pulls you away from the blogging herd.

Color outside of the blogging lines guys.

Live your wildest dreams.

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How Do I Teach Bloggers if I Am a New Blogger?



I see that question popping around in your head.

The same question danced around in my head 10 years ago. How could I teach people how to blog if I did not know how to blog? Plus I had no connections. No skills either. Big time problem.

Here is how to solve your problem:

  • learn how to blog from top pros
  • write 500 words daily offline
  • publish 1-2 posts weekly, turning around and teaching what you learned
  • continue to learn both about blogging and your blogging niche

Learn then teach.

Or absorb then teach.

Jan Verhoeff published this post yesterday:

5 Ways to Broaden Your Blogging Tips for Expansion and Depth

She led off the post explaining how she watched one of my Facebook Live Broadcasts recently and delved deeper into the topic I discussed, said topic being blogging overlap.

Jan is a seasoned veteran blogger but she and I both use this concept of learning or absorbing then immediately teaching the concept to our readers. Knowledge ain’t getting stale in our brain boxes.

Newbie bloggers; I get it. You may feel intimidated to learn, then to teach. But being a blogging student is hands down your most important role as a new blogger because learning and studying gives you confidence to turn around and teach your new found knowledge quickly.

Check out my guest post on Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging:

8 Ways to Become a Student of Blogging

Janice regularly shares this post and noted it still drives blog traffic.


New and seasoned blogging veterans alike know deep down we are all perpetual students. Plus we know that in order to teach we must first learn, being open and willing students.

Newbie bloggers; you better become a voracious reader of blogging tips and tips aligned with your niche. Learn to gain confidence and clarity. Then you better practice writing like crazy. Pen 500 words daily offline to become a confident writer.

Being armed with knowledge and improving writing skills sets the foundation to learn, then to teach.

Iconic Marketer

10 years ago when I was a new blogger I read a post on Ray Higdon Dot Com.

This iconic network marketer introduced me to the simple concept of how you can teach folks how to succeed in your niche, even as a newbie. Learn. Teach.

Allow little time to elapse between learning and teaching. Teaching does not require 10,000 word blog posts or 45 minute long videos or eBooks or courses.

Practical Examples of Teaching

Peep these examples of how you can learn a concept and teach as a new blogger:

  • record and upload a 1 minute long video on YouTube
  • write and publish a 600 word post on your blog
  • record and upload a 5 minute long podcast

The idea is to learn a concept and to be comfortable teaching the concept without being an expert. Fraud energies may arise guys. Fears attempt to shame you into remaining quiet.  Don’t trust these fears. Don’t believe these lies.

If you want to become a blogger you better get comfortable with being a teacher because blogging is teaching. If you want to become a teacher you better be a hungry student, learning the in’s and out’s of blogging and your niche and practicing your writing to more easily convey your blogging message.



Hit the ground running as a new blogger.

Nobody begins blogging as an experienced blogger.

Nobody begins blogging with blogging skills.

We need to learn and practice persistently as a new blogger to become a successful blogger.

Just don’t hesitate to turn around and teach what you have learned immediately, to drive traffic to your blog.

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Do I Look Lucky to You?



Many people believe me to be lucky.

Folks think I am so lucky to travel the world.

Like a magic fairy alighted on my shoulder, tapped me with a magic wand, and sent me to that location in Bali you see in the featured image.

As if I lucked out to circle around the globe for the past 7 years.

Not quite guys.

Luck does not exist.

Smart, generous work helped me retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Peep this link:

583 Ryan Biddulph Blog Posts on Blogging Tips

Does that sound lucky? Was I lucky to write and publish 583 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone? Am I lucky to have written and published thousands of blog posts during the past decade I spent online?

Have I been lucky to work hundreds of thousands of hours during my life, in order to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging?

Did luck make me a full time digital nomad? Have I been lucky to write and self-publish 126 eBooks?

Luck does not exist.

Smart, energized, years of work, this brings blogging success.

Convenience Store Luck

Back in New Jersey for a bit.

After spending a few moments at the local convenience store I saw no less than 5 people buy lottery tickets.

Folks spend money on a wing and a prayer, hoping, praying, begging to make money through a game of chance.

Forget building a sustainable online business. Forget rendering service to become successful with your blog. Don’t even bother investing money in solid vehicles.

Leave your life to chance. See if you get lucky.

Terrible mindset to have guys.

Luck does not exist. No magical fairy blesses some folks and curses other folks. Nobody suffers from bad luck. Chance does not exist.

Smart, intelligent service, persistently applied, exists. Learning and practicing the skill of blogging for 2-4 years of your life exists. Spending 10 years writing and publishing thousands of posts exists. Commenting on 50,000 blogs exists. Being generous exists. Helping folks for months before making a dime exists.

Luck does not exist.

Luck Is a Jailer

If you believe successful bloggers are lucky, that limiting belief jails you. Since you believe you are not lucky you naturally will always struggle and fail. Not a good belief to cling to guys.

Many bloggers think I am:

  • lucky
  • blessed
  • gifted
  • talented
  • a natural

but I am not. I just spent years of my life learning, practicing and mastering the skill of blogging. I wrote almost 600 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone. Does that sound like luck, or chance, or like a blessing? Smart, persistent work guys. I committed fully to blogging so blogging committed fully to me. Simple equation but goodness does this journey feel uncomfortable at times.

Early Friday evening, here I am writing this guest post as my 2 year old niece hangs all over me, bopping me on the head. Hardly a crazy challenge but still a bit of a challenge. Try thinking through a post and writing it while a hyper 2 year old does all in her power to grab your attention.

I am not writing this post because Lady Luck sent me the idea. I am writing this post because I have written 2 million plus words during the past decade of my life, so words flow easily for me.

  • Creating, connecting and polishing my blogging skills by patiently writing and broadcasting live videos daily helped me craft a neat life for me and for my readers.
  • Generously commenting on other blogs and promoting other bloggers helped me become a pro blogger.
  • Persisting through thick and thin created my blogging success.

The next time you explain someone’s success as a simple matter of luck, think again.

Luck does not exist.

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