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40 Explosive Tactics to Increase Website Traffic – Infographic




What is the main barrier to speed in our roads? Traffic, of course. What is the main barrier to traffic to our websites? Lack of knowledge, some would say. What if we show you 40 awesome traffic generation tips for your website from 4 awesome website traffic generators? Sweet…

Here is an Infographic which lists 40 Explosive Tactics to Increase Website Traffic.

40 Explosive Tactics to Increase Website Traffic - Infographic

Rand Fishkin

Rand stands for ‘R’esearch ‘AN’d ‘D’evelopment in SEO at Moz.

  1. Focus on Viewers who may Share your Content

Some people like videos, some like Infographics and some like simple images. Find out what your target market likes and provide them what they after. If what you provide is of good quality then the viewers will share it.

  1. Communicate with your Viewers via Social Media, Forums and Blogs

When you communicate with your viewers, you can help answer their questions and solve their problems. You can also create content around the ideas you get by communicating. Find out where the majority of your viewers hang out and spend time there. If they like to hangout in Facebook for example then that’s where you should be spending time. The viewers may hangout in other blogs or forums and you just need to follow them, read and respond.

  1. Produce SEO Friendly Content

SEO done correctly never gets in the way of quality content. So produce great content but also make sure your content adheres to SEO principles.

  1. Look Closely at your Traffic Sources

Use Google Analytics to find out what your major traffic sources are. Put more effort into your top 3 to 5 sources of traffic. Surprisingly, StumbleUpon   was a major traffic source for me and I now submit all my blog posts to StumbleUpon. I also added a StumbleUpon share button to my blog after this discovery.

  1. Use Custom Images to get links back to you

We are not talking about expensive graphics here but rather look at creating simple custom images that stand out. Infographics are another option to get backlinks to your site.

  1. Use Keyword Research Wisely

Start with keyword research to make sure you are not targeting highly competitive keywords. You can also start with a topic you want to write about then combine it with a targeted keyword.

  1. Use Internal Links to Cross Promote Your Posts

When viewers land on a blog post from the various sources like search engines or social media; they are only aware of that post they landed on. When you internally link relevant posts you are subtly asking them to check out your other posts.

  1. Use Social Sharing Communities like StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Reddit

Most bloggers focus their attention on the big social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They tend to forget the social sharing sites but these can also bring in new traffic and buzz.

  1. Ensure Great Website Design

The first thing people subconsciously look for or connect with is the website design. Something elegant and simple will do. The worst thing to have is a 90’s theme that is so far outdated like Windows 95 and is a massive mood killer.


  1. Get Competitor Links

Check out where your competitors are getting their links from and try to replicate it. The more links, the better rankings and more traffic.

Neil Patel

SEO expert, Infographic genius and traffic magnet.

  1. Content Quantity Does Matter

Neil Patel experimented the correlation between the number of posts per week and traffic at KissMetrics. He initially started with 2 posts a week then slowly increased it to 5 posts a week and saw a spike in traffic. More posts means more marketing, more keywords and more traffic.

  1. Traffic Generation with Infographics

At KissMetrics, “within 2 years, we were able to generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domains from 47 infographics” – Neil Patel. Do I need to say any more about the power of Infographics.


  1. Write Headlines for People and Search Engines

You don’t get any traffic if people do not click on the headline. Similarly, you won’t rank well if there are no keywords in your headline. So incorporate the two to make both humans and search engines happy. This is not always practical so you may need to make trade-offs.

  1. Focus on Trending Topics

Trends like new Google Updates always brings attention and traffic. Make sure to target trends in your niche otherwise you will lose the new traffic as soon as the trend has moved on.

  1. Use Conversational Tone

Be casual and connect with the audience. If your viewers have to search an online dictionary or similar to understand what you are talking about then they are not going to come back to your site.

  1. Start Your Mailing Listemail-signup-image

Your mailing list is an independent asset so start it as early as possible. If you are serious about a blogging path don’t cut corners or cost on this one.

  1. Market Your Content Consistently

Traffic = Good content creation + Good content marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers focus on content creation and hardly do anything for content marketing. Your personal friends and family network are not going to be a sufficient traffic source. Come up with a plan to market your content and create a checklist.

  1. Create a Social Media Presence

Creating a Social Media Presence takes time but that’s exactly what you have to do to be successful. Learn how to get more followers by helping. Experiment what works when it comes to social media like what times are good to post or what days of the week get the most attention and sharing.

  1. Work Together as a Team

Blogging is a team sport. Work with fellow bloggers in your niche to accomplish something bigger. This could be guest posting or cross promoting each other’s blogs. You could even work together on a project to achieve something large scale to put your name on the radar.

  1. Tell a Story

I love writing intros and use some kind of story to engage and connect. There is plenty of good content online and you could use a story to create visibility and interest in your content.

Corbett Bar

Think Traffic, think Corbett Bar. Corbett’s personal blog tagline summarises generating traffic beautifully “We Make the Rules.”

  1. Be Bold and Create Something Nobody Else is

This could be creating something unique and creative or covering topics that no one else is. Make sure there is enough interest in the uncharted territory as the last thing you want is a topic no one wants (uncharted territory in no man’s land).

  1. Create Content in Various Formats Like Presentation SlidesSlides-image

Each format of content like slides, video and Infographic have their own platforms where you could promote them. For slides you would go to and for videos you would go to YouTube similarly there are plenty of Infographic directories.

  1. Find Someone Exciting to Interview

If you can’t get an interview with an expert then you could find someone exciting and with charisma. Upcoming bloggers love free PR and would love the opportunity. They would most likely link to your content if it is of top notch. They will also help promote your content as it is good for growing their brand. As an added bonus, you may learn something along the process.

  1. Do Guest Blogging

This one is self-explanatory. Guest blogging gives you traffic from a different source, backlinks, relationship and endorsement. Did you know even Zac Johnson guest blogs?

  1. Create Subscriber Only Content

People need an incentive to leave their email address. I didn’t want to be another soul on the internet providing a free eBook so I created subscriber only content. Curiosity is a human nature you can take advantage of.

  1. Provide Social Proofsocial-proof-image

Guest blog and use that as social proof on your site. People don’t want to learn from a newbie no matter how good they are. If you can show some proof, it will go a long way in providing credibility and building trust.

  1. Ensure Your Site Loads up Fast

Site speed is now a Google ranking factor. Gone are the days for reactive site performance tuning, it’s now a proactive measure. Each time your site takes 4 seconds or longer you are losing serious traffic and customers.

  1. Take a Piece of Awesome Content that Works

You don’t always have to create something awesome or unique. In fact, borrowing something that works can give a better bank for buck. Is this an awesome Infographic, then why not use it on your site? If your viewers like it they will thank you not the creator. This is awesome to generating some serious comments and social media buzz.

  1. Release a Product or Service

You don’t have to build traffic to release a product or service. If the product or service is attractive and marketed well, it can bring its own traffic and buzz.

  1. Link to the Best Content Externally

Don’t be afraid to link out to additional in-depth content that compliments your topic. As a rule of thumb I only link to excellent content that is worthy of the readers time.

Ana Hoffman

You probably know which café serves the best latte in town, but do you know which café can get you a latte and some traffic – TrafficGenerationCafe of course. Oh and they do serve skinny.

  1. Write on a Controversial Topic and Close Comments

Controversial topics have a buzz of its own but when you close comments your viewers have to find a way to say something to you. Controversial subjects bring a lot of conversation and viewers may try to reach you via social media and so on. This can create a buzz.

  1. Use References to Sport in Your Blog Postsbaseball-image

People often find it easy to connect with sports, so why not use sport related references in your posts. Just make sure the sport you pick is a popular one and can connect with your audience.

  1. Write Exclusively on One Topic for a Week

This creates curiosity among viewers and also gives you the chance to go in-depth on a topic. The more build up, drama and marketing for the last post the better.

  1. Make a List of 101 People, Blogs, Topics in your Niche

List posts have great potential. The bigger the number the better. A good list will have very good marketability. More people or blogs mean more social sharing and more traffic to your site.

  1. Write a Chain of Articles

This is similar to writing exclusively on one topic for a week but has no time limit or sequence. You can start by deciding which topic you can go deep on and announce it as a 3 or even 5 series post. Again, build up to the last post and kindle your viewer’s anticipation.

  1. Produce a Widget or Plugin

Creating a useful tool is an amazing way of promoting a site and bringing traffic. Imagine giving away a free widget or plugin that is useful?

  1. Tell a Story Through Images

Use images to tell a story. Eye catching images can be engaging and images also tend to be shared more often than text content in social media. Think about all the re-pins and re-tweets.

  1. Target high Traffic Searches

You want more traffic, right? So why not target high traffic keywords? For this strategy you don’t have to think about the monetary value of the keyword too much.

  1. Ask Readers to Write Something For Your Blog

This is the creative version of guest blogging. This can be a fun and engaging experience to you and your readers. Ask readers who are interested to submit a draft so you can review the quality of the content and if selected their post will be published with credit given to them.

  1. Write Something About a Scam

People love reading about scams. Expose something and contribute to a better society. Add value by analysing all aspects and provide clear warnings. There are plenty of sites specialising on scam alerts that make a living out of this kind of service.

“Punctuality is not just limited to arriving at a place at right time, it is also about taking actions at right time” ― Amit Kalantri.

Go generate traffic pro-actively, don’t wait for it to come to you.

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Cent is a regular contributor to Social Media Today and Business2Community; he loves the laptop lifestyle and escaping the 9 to 5 through his blog SocialMediaMarketo. He has a passion for creating and marketing visually stunning content like infographics.

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How Do I Teach Bloggers if I Am a New Blogger?



I see that question popping around in your head.

The same question danced around in my head 10 years ago. How could I teach people how to blog if I did not know how to blog? Plus I had no connections. No skills either. Big time problem.

Here is how to solve your problem:

  • learn how to blog from top pros
  • write 500 words daily offline
  • publish 1-2 posts weekly, turning around and teaching what you learned
  • continue to learn both about blogging and your blogging niche

Learn then teach.

Or absorb then teach.

Jan Verhoeff published this post yesterday:

5 Ways to Broaden Your Blogging Tips for Expansion and Depth

She led off the post explaining how she watched one of my Facebook Live Broadcasts recently and delved deeper into the topic I discussed, said topic being blogging overlap.

Jan is a seasoned veteran blogger but she and I both use this concept of learning or absorbing then immediately teaching the concept to our readers. Knowledge ain’t getting stale in our brain boxes.

Newbie bloggers; I get it. You may feel intimidated to learn, then to teach. But being a blogging student is hands down your most important role as a new blogger because learning and studying gives you confidence to turn around and teach your new found knowledge quickly.

Check out my guest post on Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging:

8 Ways to Become a Student of Blogging

Janice regularly shares this post and noted it still drives blog traffic.


New and seasoned blogging veterans alike know deep down we are all perpetual students. Plus we know that in order to teach we must first learn, being open and willing students.

Newbie bloggers; you better become a voracious reader of blogging tips and tips aligned with your niche. Learn to gain confidence and clarity. Then you better practice writing like crazy. Pen 500 words daily offline to become a confident writer.

Being armed with knowledge and improving writing skills sets the foundation to learn, then to teach.

Iconic Marketer

10 years ago when I was a new blogger I read a post on Ray Higdon Dot Com.

This iconic network marketer introduced me to the simple concept of how you can teach folks how to succeed in your niche, even as a newbie. Learn. Teach.

Allow little time to elapse between learning and teaching. Teaching does not require 10,000 word blog posts or 45 minute long videos or eBooks or courses.

Practical Examples of Teaching

Peep these examples of how you can learn a concept and teach as a new blogger:

  • record and upload a 1 minute long video on YouTube
  • write and publish a 600 word post on your blog
  • record and upload a 5 minute long podcast

The idea is to learn a concept and to be comfortable teaching the concept without being an expert. Fraud energies may arise guys. Fears attempt to shame you into remaining quiet.  Don’t trust these fears. Don’t believe these lies.

If you want to become a blogger you better get comfortable with being a teacher because blogging is teaching. If you want to become a teacher you better be a hungry student, learning the in’s and out’s of blogging and your niche and practicing your writing to more easily convey your blogging message.



Hit the ground running as a new blogger.

Nobody begins blogging as an experienced blogger.

Nobody begins blogging with blogging skills.

We need to learn and practice persistently as a new blogger to become a successful blogger.

Just don’t hesitate to turn around and teach what you have learned immediately, to drive traffic to your blog.

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Do I Look Lucky to You?



Many people believe me to be lucky.

Folks think I am so lucky to travel the world.

Like a magic fairy alighted on my shoulder, tapped me with a magic wand, and sent me to that location in Bali you see in the featured image.

As if I lucked out to circle around the globe for the past 7 years.

Not quite guys.

Luck does not exist.

Smart, generous work helped me retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Peep this link:

583 Ryan Biddulph Blog Posts on Blogging Tips

Does that sound lucky? Was I lucky to write and publish 583 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone? Am I lucky to have written and published thousands of blog posts during the past decade I spent online?

Have I been lucky to work hundreds of thousands of hours during my life, in order to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging?

Did luck make me a full time digital nomad? Have I been lucky to write and self-publish 126 eBooks?

Luck does not exist.

Smart, energized, years of work, this brings blogging success.

Convenience Store Luck

Back in New Jersey for a bit.

After spending a few moments at the local convenience store I saw no less than 5 people buy lottery tickets.

Folks spend money on a wing and a prayer, hoping, praying, begging to make money through a game of chance.

Forget building a sustainable online business. Forget rendering service to become successful with your blog. Don’t even bother investing money in solid vehicles.

Leave your life to chance. See if you get lucky.

Terrible mindset to have guys.

Luck does not exist. No magical fairy blesses some folks and curses other folks. Nobody suffers from bad luck. Chance does not exist.

Smart, intelligent service, persistently applied, exists. Learning and practicing the skill of blogging for 2-4 years of your life exists. Spending 10 years writing and publishing thousands of posts exists. Commenting on 50,000 blogs exists. Being generous exists. Helping folks for months before making a dime exists.

Luck does not exist.

Luck Is a Jailer

If you believe successful bloggers are lucky, that limiting belief jails you. Since you believe you are not lucky you naturally will always struggle and fail. Not a good belief to cling to guys.

Many bloggers think I am:

  • lucky
  • blessed
  • gifted
  • talented
  • a natural

but I am not. I just spent years of my life learning, practicing and mastering the skill of blogging. I wrote almost 600 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone. Does that sound like luck, or chance, or like a blessing? Smart, persistent work guys. I committed fully to blogging so blogging committed fully to me. Simple equation but goodness does this journey feel uncomfortable at times.

Early Friday evening, here I am writing this guest post as my 2 year old niece hangs all over me, bopping me on the head. Hardly a crazy challenge but still a bit of a challenge. Try thinking through a post and writing it while a hyper 2 year old does all in her power to grab your attention.

I am not writing this post because Lady Luck sent me the idea. I am writing this post because I have written 2 million plus words during the past decade of my life, so words flow easily for me.

  • Creating, connecting and polishing my blogging skills by patiently writing and broadcasting live videos daily helped me craft a neat life for me and for my readers.
  • Generously commenting on other blogs and promoting other bloggers helped me become a pro blogger.
  • Persisting through thick and thin created my blogging success.

The next time you explain someone’s success as a simple matter of luck, think again.

Luck does not exist.

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Why Use a VPN? Here Are 5 Reasons for Bloggers



why use a vpn

As a blogger, the internet is your second home. Your blog is literally the house you built from scratch online. The stellar content you created and promoted enabled you to engage with your audience effectively. As a blogger, you also developed professional relationships with influential bloggers like yourself.

Despite your success, you should never put your guard down when meeting people online or engaging with other websites. I’m sure you have your anti-virus and malware protection software installed in your CPU to shield you from online threats. However, there’s nothing wrong in taking an extra measure to ensure your protection not only as a blogger but also your life outside it.

In this post, you will learn how a virtual private network is and why use a VPN to protect your online activity and engagement with other websites not just as a blogger but an online user.

Why use a VPN? Below are the ways

Before we get into the different reasons bloggers must use a VPN, we need to explain first how it works for you to understand it better.

In a nutshell, a virtual private network (VPN) enables you to encrypt your information behind its servers. Whenever you visit a website, it sees information provided by the server and not the ones found on your local computer. This simple process is very beneficial for bloggers for several reasons:

1. Keeps your website activity anonymous

The most immediate advantage of using a VPN is anonymity. Website won’t be able to trace your actual IP address and location, aside from the other encrypted data about your site.

The main benefit of online anonymity is better protection from online threats. Sometimes, your protection software won’t be enough to keep hackers at bay. They’ll get into your CPU without you knowing it. And God knows what they will do with your information once they gain it. They might sell it to third-party services that will send you spam or launch random attacks to your CPU via your internet connection.

Since a VPN withholds your actual information, hackers and malware can’t successfully penetrate through your online activity and intercept data from your browser. This way, you can perform research online or visit different websites without the looming threat of hackers hanging over your head all the time.

2. Makes your transactions more secure

online security

If you make transactions online, then you need a VPN to beef up your security. Most websites nowadays have an SSL certificate installed to ensure customers it is safe to type sensitive information on the site. However, an as mentioned, additional protection to ensure your online safety is always welcome. This rings true if you enjoy purchasing tools and software to help boost your blogging efforts (hello, Appsumo).

By setting up a VPN, you can guarantee all your transactions are secure.

3. Prevents censorship

If you live in a country that controls the sites you can see and content you can access, then your work as a blogger is already cut out for you. You don’t need this encumbrance as a blogger – information needs to be free for all. It’s up to the person to decide what s/he wants to see online and which sites to visit. For bloggers, knowledge is power, and you cannot wield this responsibility if you don’t have the full information,

If you share these beliefs, then using a VPN will help you gain access to information that wasn’t available before. As a result, you can speak your message considering all the information there is about the subject. Doing so puts you in a position to become a credible and influential voice in your space.

4. Work in confidence

Some bloggers live a nomadic lifestyle. Because of its inherent nature where you don’t have a boss and you can work whenever or how long you want, bloggers can work anywhere. Whether it be coffee shops, co-working spaces, or even from different countries, bloggers will sustain their income as long as they get the job done.

However, they won’t be able to get it done if the WiFi connection doesn’t afford you the security and freedom to need for blogging. For example, WiFi connections in public spaces are open to everybody. As a result, anything can enter it and disrupt your online browsing, online threats included. If you’re not careful, your laptop can get infected and leave you with hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, on top of days not being able to blog due to the incident.

With a VPN, you can access the web securely so you continue with your nomadic lifestyle to full effect! Your information will be safe in public places and you can gain access to websites that might be blocked at the country you’re living in right now.

5. Unblock geo-restricted content

unblock geo restricted content

It’s normal to take time off as a blogger. You need time for yourself to sit back, relax, and live life a little. Part of living your life is watching TV shows and series from your favorite streaming sites. With so many good shows available for binging, you can lose yourself watching these shows for days if not weeks!

But it’s not fun to binge-watch if not all the shows and movies are available for viewing. For example, if you want access to the complete library of movies and shows on Netflix, then you need to be in the US to access the content. If not, there will be content unavailable in your region due to the licensing deals of these shows. If you have a running subscription on these streaming sites and you live outside the US, you don’t get to maximize the site due to incomplete content.

However, you can watch US Netflix with Smart DNS Proxy. Using this VPN services and setting it up on your devices gives you full access to Netflix shows you can take a break from blogging by watching the shows you want. Also, you unblock content from Hulu, HBO, and other streaming sites to make your binge-watching sessions more complete!

Are you convinced why you need a VPN as a blogger?

If you think VPN is just technical mumbo-jumbo, you’re dead wrong! It has practical applications for bloggers who want to continue providing their audience with content they love. Aside from living a more focused blogging lifestyle, a VPN allows people to live a life outside blogging if they’re into TV shows and movies. Keeping these reasons in mind, it’s time you should get a VPN service to take your blogging to the next level.

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