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5 Effective Ways to Increase Email Open Rates



When someone mentions the term “email marketing campaign” many people would often think about having email opt-in forms on their blog or even customized landing pages hoping to increase the amount of subscribers on their list. When people start analyzing a strategy that is NOT producing any results, they often look at the wrong metrics. For example, 9/10 people would often think it’s the landing page, content or actual message which wasn’t clear enough, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Many top players in the industry will tell you that once you have a handful of subscribers and are ready to start an email marketing campaign, the most important thing is having your email messages opened. You’d be surprised how many email marketing campaigns fail as soon as you press the “send” button. Think about it this way…

If your average open rate is 20%, that means 70% of your email subscribers are not viewing your email messages. This also means that you’re losing 70% potential profits you could have been generated through your subscriber. The good news we have enormous resources in the form of data that shed light on the “optimal” email message actually get opened and produce conversions. Let’s look at the “5” most important factors which will increase your open rate.

Optimal Sending Time

If you schedule your email to be sent at the right time, you’ll be surprised how it can dramatically increase your open rates. For example, several email service providers (ESP) have done studies in the past calculating the optimal time to send out emails. It’s been proven that 8PM-12AM is the best time to fire out any campaigns you have planned for your subscribers. If you think about it, this is the time that people have arrived home from work, had dinner, spent time with their family and have some spare time to hop on the computer. 8PM-12AM is when people don’t need to rush through emails and engage with the content within each message. During work hours 8AM-5PM, people are more likely going to open work related emails and skim through the rest opening only the ones which they feel are important enough.


Image by

A few important things to keep in mind before sending your next email campaign: First, obviously implement the time shift discussed above so that your email lands in the inbox between 8PM-12AM. Next, keep the time difference in mind when sending emails to people in located in other countries.

Right Days of the Week

When choosing the right days to send emails there are a few things to consider. First, sending emails is not about what’s convenient for you but when the customer is most likely going to check their inbox. Statistically, it’s been proven that sending on weekdays is the optimal time to reach the recipients with most of it having to do with how accessible email accounts are to people. For example, on weekdays people are at work and/or in work mode so continuously checking their emails. Weekends, on the other hand, people tend to be more recreational enjoying family time, shopping and trying to make the most out of days off.

Let’s get to the statistics…

email open rate - day

Image by GetResponse

The time to send emails is from Monday – Thursday since it’s the beginning of the week. It’s also the days that people are back at work logged into their email accounts skimming through the weeks work. However, for optimal performance, it’s recommended that you send between Tuesday-Thursday for the following two reasons:

First, people are done going through most of their emails and have organized their inbox that typically happens on a Monday as it’s the beginning of the week. Monday people tend to skim through quickly and only read those which standout (work related, personal and other business interests). Tuesday to Thursday people most likely pay more attention to every email that comes through increasing the open percentage of your emails.

Secondly, you fall into the days that have shown the highest CTR. GetResponse analyzed 21 million messages sent, and CTR was the highest from Tuesday to Thursday. Much of the increase in CTR has to do with the recipients having cleared their inbox of junk, spam or anything that looks unresourceful earlier in the week.

Email Regularly

It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and not scare people away. The last thing you want to create is email inconsistently because that will scare people away. For example, once someone opts into your newsletter they expect to get updates and not implementing a regular emailing frequency will make people forget about your newsletter. When someone forgets their on your list, it increases the chance that they’ll mark your email as spam when you send a follow-up. Keep brand awareness and open rate high by sending frequent updates to your list. Make sure to send them high-quality content in each email, so they gain substance out of your newsletter.

Implementing this strategy has never been easier since many email service providers streamline the entire process. You can easily setup an auto-responder sequence that sends periodic emails once or twice a week. Once this sequence has been setup, it’s automated, and you don’t need to worry about it unless you’re adding more emails to the sequence.

Personalize Your Emails

Emails that have been personalized with the first & last name of the recipient in the subject lines have performed 6X better than others. There was an Experian study which analyze the data of 24 billion emails, and the results were amazing:

  1. Even though the most common approach in sending mails is using the first name, mails with the last name had a slightly better open rate.
  2. Mail subject lines with the first and last names had the highest open rates.

How do personalized emails make a difference?

There are many reasons however being able to cater directly to the person helps. Next, there is a psychological aspect which involves “special” or “personalized” treatment that has triumphed the way we interact in society. It’s the same factors which would determine the amount of the tip you’re going to leave for the waiter or waitress at a restaurant.  When emails are personalized, it’s a way of showing respect and builds comfort that translates into an email being opened by the recipient.


Image by CrazyEgg

Personalizing your email messages is very easy since it’s an option provided by ESP’s however make sure you add the right code into the message. Next, you need to ensure you collect the first & last name during opt-in. Without having this information, the “code” will not be able to pull out the right data.

Another good trick is to personalize the sender name changing it from the company name to your personal (sender) name. It’s creating a one-on-one platform for communicating which again builds a level of comfort between you and the recipient.

Another strategy is to use first & last name followed by a personal question. Since time, we have been programmed to respond to questions so would automatically want to respond to an email that throws out a question. Make them short and right to the point, for example,*full name*, How are you doing?

  • *full name*, Your ready to get started?
  • *full name*, Want to increase blog traffic?
  • *full name*, Ready to make some money?
  • *full name*, Looking for a new credit card?
  • *full name*, Paying too much for insurance?

Provide ONLY The Best

One of the best ways to increase email open rates is by establishing a reputation of providing “high” quality content. Many times people will open emails and find low-quality content that will deter them from opening emails in the future. It’s not important to send your subscribers a follow-up each time content is published so take your time finding content which is useful and provides substance to your readers. This builds your reputation as someone whose emails are worth reading and can provide problem-solving information.

I’ve been part of several email lists which bombard me with useless information and after 2-3 follow-ups I’ll unsubscribe from the list. I’ve also been on email lists which send 2-3 follow-ups per month, and their content blew me away and I’m still on their list today. It’s important you understand why people joined your newsletter in the first place which is because they read useful information on your blog and are hoping you keep providing top-notch content. It’s important not to disappoint them so provide only the best to your subscribers, so they stay loyal subscribers and returning visitors.

Wrapping Things Up…

Start implementing these strategies right away and analyze how they improve your open rates. Without a strategy to increase your low open rates, your going to lose out on the opportunity to convert your subscribers into loyal readers or sales. Over the next month, start analyzing data until you achieve an optimal open rate. The good news is, once you find something that works you simple need to scale to achieve the highest possible results.

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1 of My Secrets to Being Kinda Prolific



I have written hundreds of guest posts for this blog.

I have written about 1000 on Blogging From Paradise between posts and travel pages.

A few moments ago I checked my DA for a sponsored post opportunity. The business owner wanted to know blog domain authority before deciding to place a sponsored post on the blog.

Blogging From Paradise has a DA of 48 and 22,457 external links in.

Not super shabby.

I am kinda prolific.

If you want to publish helpful content frequently, just run with my most basic of tips.

Do not wait around for folks to read your content, comment on your content and share your content before writing your next blog post or guest post.

Do not wait to create.

Do Not Wait to Create

The old me – and most bloggers – became highly attached to any single piece of content I created because I feared the content would not register enough shares, comments, page views and sales. Fear drove me to share this piece of content in many places to boost my stats. All well and good but because fear drove me, I resisted my prolific nature, allowing worry and lack to goad me to do stuff that led to me being the farthest thing from prolific.

Eventually, I observed how bloggers who seemed to be in 10,000,000 places at once simply prolifically created a high volume of helpful blog posts, guest posts and videos. Success found these folks because they did not wait around for readers to check out their blog posts. Said bloggers moved on to writing and publishing their next blog post.

Acting abundantly – not allowing their fears to eat into their prolific nature – promoted these blogger’s success as they created generously, publishing a high volume of content across multiple platforms.

I finally learned of this secret and used it effectively when I chose NOT to wait to create.

Now I publish 3 posts daily on Blogging From Paradise. I also publish the odd guest post from time to time. My success accelerated and my online presence expanded when I decided not to get attached much at all to any one blog post, because the next blog post called me.

No sense waiting around for folks to read my stuff because they simply will read at their own leisure. My job is to keep creating helpful content to help readers build successful blogs. As I move in this direction, everything keeps expanding for me.

All because I chose not to wait to create.

Being Prolific Impacts Folks

Peep this tweet from my friend Corey Hinde of The Good Oil Marketing:

I am humbled by such kind words from an established, super successful internet marketer. This is pretty much what happens when you are prolific; you impact folks in a positive way, and you also expand your reach and help more folks, all because you refuse to hold back.

Tips to Be Prolific

  • Blog mainly for the fun of blogging
  • Nudge yourself out of your comfort zone daily
  • Surround yourself with prolific bloggers to feast on their creative energy
  • Do not wait to create
  • Beware getting attached to any one piece of content; promote posts freely across a wide range of channels but look toward the next blog post, guest post or video to create, in order to become incredibly prolific.

Guys; this journey gets a little uncomfortable at times but if you love fun and freedom more than you fear doing some uncomfortable things you will become a highly prolific blogger.

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How to Get Your Blogging Mojo Going if You Feel Hopelessly Stuck



I lose blogging momentum sometimes.

You may be in the same boat, being human and all.

But if you regularly find yourself saying “I need to get serious about building my blog” over the course of years it is time to own this fact: you need to get your blogging mojo going before you become permanently stuck in a blogging rut.

I was rut-stuck here and there for many years, on and off. Maybe I didn’t quit blogging totally but I’d start blogging, then stop, and continue this process for weeks on end. Not good.

You can find your blogging mojo and get unstuck by following these blogging tips.

1: Pick a Dream that Makes You Feel Alive

I am led by my dreams, not pushed by problems, because I picked a big old dream a while back. I wanted to circle the globe. Bingo!

Since I wanted to travel the world more than I feared doing uncomfortable, blogging-building things, I built a rocking blog and kept on moving, keeping my blogging mojo going.

What is your dream? Figure it out. Hold it tight.

If you need inspiration watch my video from New Zealand. I filmed this one at Mount Cook a few months ago.

2: Feel Fears Fueling Your Struggles

Some folks believe they lack motivation to blog. Others feel they are lazy. But at the end of the day, if you are not acting, you are afraid of something or someone.

Laziness is fear manifest. So find your fears, by shutting a door and sitting in a quiet room, and if you feel the deep fears you purge the energies and proceed from an inspired, loving, persistent, energized space.

I kept putting off writing an eBook for many years. Turns out I was not lazy; I just feared nobody would buy the eBook because I saw myself as a loser who knew little. I also feared people would criticize me. But I went forward and wrote my first eBook to get out of my fear-rut and to keep on moving.

Some of my eBooks do not sell as much as others and people sometimes post negative reviews of my eBooks but since I do not fear these outcomes, neither have any power over me. I just keep expanding my success, helping folks and befriending blogging pros because I move forward, unburdened by many blogging fears I faced, embraced and released.

3: Study Persistently Energized Bloggers

I am no Tony Robbins but blog persistently from an energized space.

Each day I:

  • do 1 hour of deep yin yoga
  • exercise for 1 hour
  • usually take an icy cold shower
  • focus on having fun with my blog versus attaching to money or traffic outcomes

I have written thousands of guest posts, over 10,000 blog posts (old and new blogs combined) and I have also written over 100 eBooks. Toss in the thousands of videos I created over many YouTube channels (since closed) and you see I am a pretty prolific dude. An energized, prolific dude at that.

You’d be wise to see how I go about my energy ritual daily to take a few pointers. Consider deep yin yoga to open up your body, to open your mind and to form the habit of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Maybe meditating daily opens your awareness. Exercise is definitely a must, every single day.

Circulating your energy freely moves you from being fear-based, lazy and sluggish to being love-based, energized and prolific. I was once pretty dang lazy before I dove deep into energy work.

Wrapping it Up

Keep at it guys. I know this blogging journey feels scary sometimes but if you grab the right blogging resources and follow the above tips you will avoid common blogging ruts that appear to cripple most bloggers.


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1 Clever Way to Find Blogs for Reading and Commenting



Have you missed me?

I dove full bore into promoting my eBook through blog commenting a number of months back. Toss in a prolific blogging campaign over at Blogging From Paradise and some serious video creation and you see I am a busy bee.

A few days ago I uncovered an incredibly neat and pretty clever way to drive traffic to your blog through blog commenting, via a neat method of finding new blogs for your collection.

The Problem

Do you feel stagnant, blog-reading-wise?

I did. For a minute.

Turns out I dug deep into my blogging comfort zone for too many years, reading and commenting on the same blogs week after week, month after month.

If you know anything about successful blogging you likely know that all blogging growth occurs well outside of your comfort zone. So I had to venture out of the familiar by finding new blogs in both the blogging and travel blogging niches because my readers gravitate to both.

Enter a cool method for identifying new blogs for reading and commenting.

Google Image Search

The other day a neat little idea knocked on my mind’s door; why not use a Google image search to find blogs in my niches?

5 minutes later I literally had an unlimited number of blogs for enjoying, commenting and for connecting with fellow bloggers.

The method is simple. Google a competitive keyword in your niche. Example; I Googled “blogging” to start my search.

I then clicked on the “image” link by the top of the page. A series of images popped up related to that keyword.

Some images link to business sites but for the “blogging” keyword, most images linked to well-read, reputable blogs. Perfect.

Blog by blog, I slowly worked through each image, clinking on the blog post URL related to each picture. After reading each post I published a personalized comment and retweeted every blog post, adding the #blogging hashtag for increased targeting on Twitter.

Why this Strategy Is So Powerful

I – like you – have run into stagnant blogging circles on social media and through forums. Even if new bloggers join sites like Facebook and G Plus daily you cannot access and unlimited number of new blogs on a daily basis through either channel once you become an established blogger.

This is not the case with a Google Image search because the sheer volume of new blogs – for competitive keywords – yielded through such a search boggles the mind. Even better? Ranking high for an image search usually indicates a high quality blog for reading, for commenting and for building friendships with top shelf bloggers.


Some of these blogs linked to images are low quality offerings. Resist the urge to grab and scarf down rotten blogging low hanging fruit. Stick to quality blogs.

Some images point to business sites. I found this to be especially true when Googling major cities and islands around the world to find new travel bloggers. A high volume of images found during a search linked to tour operator sites. Sifting through tour sites or local chamber of commerce sites to find legit travel blogs requires a significant amount of time and energy.

Spending the time and energy to find new blogs is worth the effort but if you find some keyword image searches seem dominated by business sites – not blogs – feel free to try another keyword that may be linked to predominantly blogs for an image search on Google.

The Verdict

I only dove into this traffic driving strategy a few weeks ago but I noted new bloggers finding me daily through this approach.

If you are stagnating in familiar blogging circles commit 100% to this Google image search method. Reach out to new bloggers, build brand awareness and drive traffic through an easy to follow tactic.

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