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How Google Hummingbird Will Affect Guest Blogging




The internet is flooded with articles relating to the Google’s Hummingbird update and this blog would perhaps help you in understanding and hopefully educating you as to how the Hummingbird would be affecting bloggers particularly.

The Google’s Update

The Google’s Hummingbird update was launched on August 30, 2013 and this brand new algorithm from Google aims at making blogging more transparent and perfect. So basically all websites are sorted in a particular order and the company does it through an algorithm, from now on it shall be the Hummingbird algorithm. Google claims that this algorithm would return the best search queries and answers to all the searches. In some ways, you might think of it to be analogous to some spell. It has a combination of various elements which would be needed to be concocted in order to produce the results desired.

Google Hummingbird Update

Again another algorithm!

Many people have been afraid of this and as you might already know, Google designs these new algorithms such as Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda so as to improve the quality that the search results return. Although Penguin and Panda might lead to the numerous changes for various bloggers and website owners, Google claims this Hummingbird to be possibly the best algorithm and their biggest since the early 2000s. One among the best analogies that Hummingbird has to have is to come across the comparison of the engine of a car. While the car engine might work just fine, it did not offer the output and the efficiency that some new engine out-of-the box could provide. If one believes that the old algorithm as the engine which is old being talked about and the new engine is the Hummingbird algorithm, one would get an insight into what this new algorithm is that we are talking about.

As a user, if you wonder what happened with the much talked Panda and Penguin algorithms, then you might be pleased to know that these are being use still as a part of the Hummingbird algorithm. Basically the Hummingbird would be making use of the parts of old algorithms that worked completely fine and replaced certain parts which Google thought as were imperfect and were built atop the earlier versions. So the parts from Panda and Penguin would be used in parts for the Hummingbird algorithm. Google aims that this new one would be capable of serving the ever growing demands of searching and cater to their daily queries. Naturally the number of queries that Google has to handle has grown a lot with time and has probably increased times over, with every passing year as compared to the scenario a decade ago.

Date of Launch

The company pretty well carries out this act of being a little sneaky and appeared to get away with the launch in August with one being wiser that it was until October.

Purpose of the Hummingbird algorithm

Google designed this algorithm for dealing with the various long-tail queries for searches and have become more widely used with time. These have become more and more usable with time and various other developments such as voice-activated technology have been more influential with the need for the search engine to be able to handle the queries that are more conversation-like. Whilst this early stages in handling the long tail search queries and other ones that are a lot more conversational type search queries. The aim that the Hummingbird should be able to do is return the search results of high quality which would have a relevance to the geographical location of the user too.

Benefits of the Hummingbird

The greatest benefit of the Hummingbird algorithm lies on its ability to handle the more conversational oriented queries. The rise in the usage of mobile internet over the last few years has majorly influenced greater number of people to do their searches conversationally instead of typing the phrases in the search box. Hummingbird has been specifically designed so as to focus on the meaning that these spoken words actually mean and matching the various pages to their meanings instead of simply matching these words by themselves. By considering these words in a particular search query instead of the single keywords, they should be able to produce a more accurate as well relevant result to these searches.

Changes with regard to SEO

This new algorithm would usually send content creators and website owners into state of panicking, have not been indulged in any report that would suggest that what is being done, could dramatically changed. Google’s guidelines for the creation of high quality, unique content have since remained similar. The social signals also turn out to be extremely relevant and important actually. So keeping this in mind while creating content for the blogs, would result in producing blogs that are both engaging and interesting as well. Such articles would captivate the attention of the readers and as well influence them in sharing the blogs with their peers through various social media.

SEO Marketing

Things for the bloggers to remember

With respect to the new algorithm as well as the improvements in the conversational search querying, bloggers must be aiming at tailoring the content for meeting the basic intentions and needs of the readers. In order for the writer to produce a unique content which addresses the needs of the users particularly, one needs to have a clear idea regarding the people whom they are targeting with the content and the set of things that they tend to require from the writer or blogger. If the content stands to have better chances of showing up among the search results that one needs to present oneself to showcase as an expert in the field. While the Google signals to have a role to play in this, they only help in creating content with depth on particular subjects that can also influence the authority as being a blogger.

Though many bloggers as well as content creators fear these new algorithms, they should equally embrace these newer techniques and methods since they only help in filtering the spam out of these terabytes of data across the entire web and help the users in accessing that is appropriate to the person’s search. So if the writer can actually write the content keeping in mind the right set of audience he wants to target and this content to be found out during their searches, with Hummingbird it shall be possible and will be easier than ever to be found out. Hence this new algorithm only ensures in receiving the quality answers to the various search queries. As bloggers, people should be looking more into adapting with the new technique since it shall aid them in finding out their blogs even when there is a conversational search and people with mobile phones are relying more on the speak button than the search button since typing is cumbersome on phones of any size.

Hence the keyword strategies should be conversational oriented too, focusing on the Hummingbird product more as an authoritative and relevant content shall help in keeping up with the requirements of not just Hummingbird, but the readers as well. Thus, adapting is the best change that can be made.

Lalit Sharma is the founder of an elite organization Ranking By SEO and loves to share his vast knowledge and experience in the field of SEO. You can connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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My name is Foxy, and my job is to sniff out the good guest bloggers from the ones who aren't. This post was written by a contributing author to Blogging Tips. If you would like to learn more about becoming a writer (not one-time guest blogging) for, please contact us.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Hire SEO Consultant for Your Blog



There are countless bloggers wearing multiple caps trying to juggle various things like creating quality content, search engine optimization and social sharing etc. In this situation, they often failed to rank the blog higher in search engines when battling with different things to save money. In results, they lose the content quality and position of the blog in search engines when not hiring an SEO consultant or agency.

As search engine optimization is vital to make a blog rank well in search engines, a blogger should be doing it properly by hiring professionals instead of doing it personally when managing different things as well. There are so many reasons why you should hire SEO consultant for your blog and some of them are given below in this article.

Reasons why you should hire SEO Consultant for your blog

In-depth Knowledge of SEO

An individual who is expert in SEO has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to make use of the right search engine marketing practices to optimize the blog or website in order to make it noticeable in search engines. An SEO Consultant will perform a website analysis before taking any step for blog optimization. He/she will assess the strategies used by your competitors to plan something unique and dynamic as well to beat them in the race of appearing at the top in SERPs. That is the reason, hiring someone expert in the field can do great things for your blog to make it popular in search engines to help you secure a visible place in search engine result pages.

Keeping Up with latest trends

As Google is continuously updating its search algorithm, getting high ranks for a blog is becoming difficult in the age of huge competition. However, an expert can find the creative ways and latest SEO trends to make your blog easily searchable as they always know precisely when new updates are about to happen and what should be done to maintain the current search engine positions.

It can save a lot of time

Search engine optimization is a time-consuming practice that can eat a lot of your time that you might be spending on creating content for the blog. Saving the precious time is one of the top reasons to hire SEO consultant for a blog. By doing so, you can easily free up some time to discover creating the quality and engaging content for your readers.

Cost-effective operations

If you are not expert in the field of SEO, you are most likely to spend money on SEO tools and many other things that you are not aware of how to use wisely. On another hand, search engine optimization is something that needs to be consistent and continues in order to get better outcomes and if you are spending few days on it and then waiting for the results, you are just wasting your money and time nothing else. Hence, paying to a professional SEO consultant can provide you desired outcomes even without wasting a lot of money in terms of buying SEO tools and backlinks etc.

Keep you on the good list

Brands and companies that take shortcuts or use black hat SEO techniques, usually suffer in terms of dropped rankings or penalties. While an expert can provide you quality services to keep you on the good list by employing only favorable and legal things. If the ranking of your consultant business or company is dropped due to bad SEO, you will need to spend more time and money for retrieval of the lost position in search engines.

Proper and regular reporting

Keeping track of SEO efforts for a blog is vital in order to measure the success and return on investment and preparing such reports could be a hard job for a blogger. Hence, an SEO agency or consultant can prepare the proper and regular SEO reports for clients to provide them each and everything in easy to understand approach. A professional SEO expert always understands the importance of the statistics provided in the reports to make sure that everything is on the right track.

Boosted return on investment (ROI)

When an expert is doing proper work for you, success is always sure and you can enjoy the boosted return on investment for your blog by getting services of an SEO consultant.  They always provide you easy to digest SEO reports that clearly show the increased ROI for the money spent in terms of the fee of the expert or professional hired for the blog.

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to skim through some of the benefits and considered factors and reasons behind hiring an SEO consultant or agency for your blog, is it time you expanded your time, effort, and resources into this area as well?

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9 Ways to Optimize Your Business for 2018



It’s 2018. Are you sure you are keeping up with the times?

In a fast-paced world of online business, it’s easy to fall behind, and to not even realize that it happened. Then, the next thing you know, your business is declining and your competition is way ahead of you. You don’t want that, do you?

Don’t worry. All you have to do is to spend a little bit of time every now and then to keep up with the current business trends. Here are 9 ways that will help you catch up with everyone and optimize your business for 2018…

#1 Use new marketing channels.

Everyone is using messaging apps now. So why aren’t you going where your customers are? A simple chatbot that can answer basic questions about your products and services can save you quite a bit of time on customer support. Plus, your customers will appreciate being able to get answers via messaging apps. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know any programming, Botsify can show you how to create a chatbot without any coding.

#2 Make sure your design is up to date

Does your website look like it’s a time-capsule from the late 90s? You have to understand that poor web design is extremely damaging to your business. Think about it. When you visit a website that looks bad, do you stay and look around, or do you leave immediately? Well, guess what, your customers do the same! So make sure your website is up to date and unique (you can easily add custom elements like fonts with design bundles).

#3 Get your invoices in order

Bookkeeping might be boring, and you might hate it, but you still have to do it, otherwise your business will turn into a complete mess! It’s best to use one tool to track time spent on client work and to issue the invoices so that everything would be in one place. I recommend Invoice Ninja, an open source platform that is used by small business owners all over the world.

#4 Qualify leads

You know how sometimes you get messages from people who want to work with you yet have a budget that’s barely enough for a meal at McDonald’s? These emails are a waste of both their time and yours. That can easily be avoided by qualifying leads in advance. Simply add a wordpress form to your website and make your potential customers answer a few questions about their project. That way, you will immediately know the situation once they reach out to you, which will save you a lot of time.

#5 Answer popular pre-sales questions on the homepage

You should also do your best to avoid answering the same questions repeatedly. For example, how many times has someone asked you about your rate, only to lose interest once you answered? Interactions like that should be avoided. You can do that by adding a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to your website with this WordPress FAQ Plugin.

#6 Reduce the amount of steps required to buy from you

Want to make more sales? Then stop putting barriers between the customer and the purchase! Customers shouldn’t need to contact you and negotiate with you to buy your products and services. It makes much more sense to have a Simple Shopping Cart on your website that allows people to buy from you immediately.

#7 Improve your hiring process

Hiring people is one of the toughest things to do when running a business. Are you picky enough? For example, when you look at the resumes, do you pay attention whether your applicants have bothered to use resume templates or not? Little details like that can tell you a lot about a person. So make sure to pay attention not only to how well they look “on paper” but also to various cues that indicate what kind of people they are.

#8 Improve your homepage, blog, landing pages designs

Web design can make or break a business. Take a good look at your website. Do your homepage, blog, and landing pages look good? You can use Elementor WordPress Theme Builder to improve them if you think they need some polishing. Remember, content is king, but no one is going to read your content if your website looks horrible!

#9 Optimize length of your texts

Many people don’t pay attention to the length of their texts and end up with weird looking social media updates, Google snippets, and websites. This is bad. Do you think your clients will trust you to take care of their businesses if you can’t even take care of your own online presence? Make sure that your texts on social media and on Google fit the limits. You can use Lorem Ipsum plugin to easily generate lorem ipsum placeholder text to see how the text would look on your website or social media.


You can’t be complacent if you want to get ahead in business. Always make sure that you have your fingers on the pulse of your industry. What’s new? What are the latest trends? What are your competitors doing? Only then you’ll stand a chance of not only surviving, but thriving. Never allow yourself to fall behind!

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Essential Tips For Completing SEO In Record Time



7 Easy On-Page SEO Tactics that Bloggers Need to Do

In your quest to build a successful online business, you’ll often find marketing experts recommend that you improve your website’s search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO. This is the process of improving your website’s visibility on major search engine results pages. Although there are several search engines, the holy grail of SEO is to rank at the top of Google for your chosen keyword because this will result in the greatest influx of traffic to your website.

If you find the task of improving the relevance of your website so that it’s indexed and ranked on the first page of major search engines overwhelming, you’re not alone. This, however, doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give up on the idea of doing well with SEO, just that you’ll have to decide whether to put in the time and effort to learn how to do it on your own or work with an agency like HigherVisibility to get the work done.

Whether you decide to find a way to do it right or hire a digital marketing firm to do it for you, the five critical areas to pay attention to when doing SEO are keywords, domain name, page title, meta tags, and headlines.

Image SEO

Pick the Right Keywords

When you choose a keyword, you need to be specific, using long-tail keywords that describe your page contents. So, for example, if you’re selling protein supplements, don’t pick “protein supplements” but “organic protein supplements to build muscle and burn fat” or “fast absorbing protein supplements for hard-core bodybuilders.”

There are three reasons that you should prefer long-tail keywords over broader, more general keywords:

  1. First, you’ll target web surfers that intend to make a purchase.
  2. Second, the more specific your keyword or keyword phrase, the less competition you’ll face and the higher your chances of ranking well in the search engines.
  3. Third, you will still be able to get traffic from people who are doing a broad search.

Choose a Good Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, pick a name that includes your relevant keyword, that’s related to your business, and that’s easy to spell. It should also be memorable. Finally, if you have a choice, always select dot com, as most people default to using that when entering a domain name in their browser.

Optimize Page Titles

Your page title is part of the HTML of your website page, specifically, the tag.

Some basic rules of thumb to remember when it comes to page titles is to keep them short, accurate, and relevant. They should also be unique to each page of your website. If possible, include a call to action and make the page title as close to your headline as possible. One thing you should avoid doing is keyword stuffing.

Enhance Meta tags

When it comes to your meta tags, avoid repeating any keyword more than three times and use the same keywords in your keyword and description meta tags.

Create Engaging Headlines

The headlines you write should serve two purposes: to entice readers to read your content and to give search engine spiders relevant information on how to index your page.

You serve readers by writing headlines that give a hint about your content. For instance, if you use a headline like, “Can’t Keep Up? 10 Ways to Simplify Your Grocery Shopping” you are attracting the attention of people who are always busy, who hate wasting time buying groceries, and who are looking for a way to simplify and speed up this necessary chore.

This headline will also work for SEO if your long-tail keyword is “simplify your grocery shopping.” In addition, you should use headline tags like H1 to suggest that the keyword phrase is a headline, not a subhead or regular text. Another thing that will help identify your headline as a headline is putting it at the top of your page before any images or any other text.

In closing, it’s important to realize that the rules of SEO change when search engines change their algorithms. While the basic ideas outlined here about long-tail keywords, headlines, and so on are evergreen, the weight of various SEO elements will shift in importance and new factors may come into play that will determine how well your websites rank in the search engines.

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