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Hostgator Review – The Best Choice in Web Hosting



If you are looking for a web hosting service that is not only reliable and flexible with its features and packages, but also very popular among other webmasters, then Hostgator is the answer for you. Established in the year 2002, Hostgator quickly developed into one of the most widely used hosting services in the world. Operating from Houston, Texas, with over 750 employees, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA by a number renowned publications including Inc. Magazine. They currently host more than 5 million domains from over 220 countries around the world.

Hosting Plans – Hatching, Baby and Business

Hostgator offers 3 different hosting plans depending upon the size and server needs of its customers. They are, interestingly, named as the Hatching Plan, the Baby Plan and the Business Plan. We will be having a closer look at the Baby plan in this review, since it is the most feasible one for small and medium sized businesses.

Hosting Features – Everything You Need

Your Hostgator account comes with all the standard hosting features and tools. You will have the standard Linux based cpanel to manage your account along with SSH, PHP 5/Perl, Ruby on Rails and other scripting capabilities. You will get unlimited disk space, unlimited domain registrations and unlimited add-on domains as well. Although the disk space is not unlimited in terms of numbers, in reality it is limited to 250,000 file space, but in effect there are not many websites that’ll ever exceed the allotted space limit. The main account interface is also quite user friendly. All the main features of your account, including administrative and management options, are visible on one page from where you can use them at a single click.

The most appealing feature however, is the free domain and file transfer services that you will get in case you are coming from another hosting service. Hostgator will take care of all your domain transfers, files, scripts, databases and email accounts, and will hand you over a “ready to go” to hosting account. This is particularly useful for websites with a large number of files and databases that are looking for a transfer.

HostGator CPanel Options

Software & Scripts – Single Click Installations

Hostgator provides a large number of free scripts and applications that are most likely to fulfill all your website’s software needs. You will have both Fantastico and Quickinstall to install scripts and software at a single click. You will have a variety of applications ranging from WordPress and Joomla to themes and Wiki plugins.

There is also a wide variety of ecommerce features at your disposal to quickly start selling from your website. You can get a dedicated IP for your ecommerce website at just $2/month! Also, you will be able to use the Live Chat feature on your website for free. This will give you a very good sales opportunity and you will be able to establish contact with your visitors as soon as they come on your website.

To establish an ecommerce website, you may also have a look at the Business hosting plan which will give a toll free number for your business. This would obviously do a lot of good to the professional outlook of your business website.

HostGator One Click Install

Email – Stay Connected

Your Hostgator account gives you all the standard email capabilities. You can create unlimited email addresses that come with iPhone/Blackberry and Android/Nokia compatibility. Emails can also be accessed through Webmail. Other standard features such as auto responders, email forwarders and spam protection etc. are also there.

Server Uptime – Services You Can Trust In

Being one of the leading web hosting providers in the world, Hostgator is a reliable choice when it comes to website and server uptime. It guarantees an average monthly uptime of 99.99% which can be verified using third party services such as Pingdom. They also ensure that the downtimes are broken down into smallest possible chunks of time so that their impact can be minimized. Even then, you can always approach the services department of Hostgator, for quick action, in case your website goes down at a critical time of the day.

Customer Support – Always There for You

Hostgator has a vigilant and proactive customer services staff that is a major word mouth generator for the company. According to customer satisfaction surveys conducted by Hostgator in 2008, almost 90% of their customer from over 200 countries showed satisfaction with the standard of their support and services. Hostgator support staff can be approached in a number of ways. Their telephone support is available 24/7 with no off times throughout the year. However, most of the general customer issues and queries are covered in a comprehensive knowledge base that has more than 680 articles. You can also explore the Video library that has 500+ videos explaining different hosting features and resolving customer queries.

Another indicator of Hostgator services is the 45 day money back guarantee they offer to all their customers, no questions asked. You can ask for a refund within 45 days without mentioning any reason for your withdrawal.

HostGator Online Support


The Baby hosting plan, which has been covered in this review, will cost you $6.36/month in a 3 year contract. The rates are adjusted slightly when the contract duration changes. Although this is on the higher side when compared with other services, but the credibility and flexibility of Hostgator services makes it worth it, since the last thing you need as a website owner is uncertainty.

HostGator Pricing Packages

HostGator Review Summary

As you can see, HostGator truly has a lot to offer to their customers. Because of this it’s no wonder that the are one of the largest hosting solution providers in the game today. To go along with low prices, quality hosting and amazing support, that’s why I choose HostGator to host my major web sites and blog.

If you’d like to get setup with an account on HostGator and would like me to install your blog for you and set you up with your own premium wordpress theme, you can do so by clicking here.

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1 Key to Blogging Happiness and Success



In today’s heavily charged political climate you may want to debate, outright fight or criticize people on social media.

Maybe the news seems to magically draw you in to negative, toxic headlines.

I have a little secret that keeps me happy most of the time.

Goodness knows following this secret promoted my blogging success.

The secret: I see fighting as fear so I do not get caught up in kicking a dog when it’s down.

This is code for: I largely do not engage fearful, unhappy folks. If I do engage said folks, rest assured the chats last for a few seconds, if that.

Why Doing this Makes You a Happy and Successful Blogger

Avoiding unhappy people automatically makes you happier because nature abhors a vacuum. Ignore fear. Ignore unhappiness. Loving, happy people move into your life since love is the opposite of fear and happiness is the opposite of unhappiness. Many of these happy, successful people will be clients, customers and rocking bloggers who promote you and endorse you.

Ignoring folks having a moment, or perhaps, having a tough life just allows them to find their balance on their own. You are a leader, not a savior.

If a trusted friend is going through a difficult time you can be a sounding board for a bit. No worries there. But even this sounding board stage has its limits and you eventually need to move on to allow these folks to find clarity and peace on their own. This benefits both parties.

Happiness and Success Is an Energy Thing

Folks wonder why I smile in most of my travel pictures. I smile because I am predominantly happy. I am predominantly happy because I see fighting as fear, and I do not kick a dog when it’s down, meaning I do not engage, chat with or try to convince fear-filled, fighting folks on social media, through my blog and through my email.

I do this because I have compassion for these fear-filled folks. Especially for fear-filled folks who fight about politics, religion or whatever topic these individuals are unclear on.

Typically, most of these fear-filled, unclear folks find other fear-filled, unclear folks to complain to, and they all agree in their fear and lack of clarity, and disguise their fear as passion or a love of their political party, or whatever sounds good, to soothe their bruised egos, and their unclear, fear-filled minds. Either way, the dog is down, and since I was once in the same position is life, I ain’t kicking.

Following this practice has dramatically raised my energy from fear to love. Raising my predominant vibe from fear to love has helped me be in harmony with the world, which made me:

  • generous
  • prolific
  • helpful
  • an energetic networker

Taking on these qualities accelerated my blogging success and grew my happiness, because happy, successful bloggers are generous, prolific, helpful and energetic networkers.

But you need to move up the energetic ladder to embody these traits and that involves leaving those fear-filled, unclear folks near the bottom of the ladder. Even if they appear to be successful, blogging business wise, rest assured that their political or religious fight is fear, manifest.

You can still be connected with them and chat casually here and there about blogging or other topics where they vibe love, not fear, but you will be leaving many of these folks behind until they face, embrace and release their deeper fears, to vibe more from love and clarity, so they can join you on higher rungs of the energetic ladder.

Surround Yourself with Loving, Generous Bloggers

Loving, kind, generous bloggers promote your blogging success by showing you the way.

These folks also lift your spirits, making you a happier blogger.

Seek them out. Promote successful bloggers. Comment on their blogs.

Be happier, healthier and wealthier.


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1 of My Secrets to Being Kinda Prolific



I have written hundreds of guest posts for this blog.

I have written about 1000 on Blogging From Paradise between posts and travel pages.

A few moments ago I checked my DA for a sponsored post opportunity. The business owner wanted to know blog domain authority before deciding to place a sponsored post on the blog.

Blogging From Paradise has a DA of 48 and 22,457 external links in.

Not super shabby.

I am kinda prolific.

If you want to publish helpful content frequently, just run with my most basic of tips.

Do not wait around for folks to read your content, comment on your content and share your content before writing your next blog post or guest post.

Do not wait to create.

Do Not Wait to Create

The old me – and most bloggers – became highly attached to any single piece of content I created because I feared the content would not register enough shares, comments, page views and sales. Fear drove me to share this piece of content in many places to boost my stats. All well and good but because fear drove me, I resisted my prolific nature, allowing worry and lack to goad me to do stuff that led to me being the farthest thing from prolific.

Eventually, I observed how bloggers who seemed to be in 10,000,000 places at once simply prolifically created a high volume of helpful blog posts, guest posts and videos. Success found these folks because they did not wait around for readers to check out their blog posts. Said bloggers moved on to writing and publishing their next blog post.

Acting abundantly – not allowing their fears to eat into their prolific nature – promoted these blogger’s success as they created generously, publishing a high volume of content across multiple platforms.

I finally learned of this secret and used it effectively when I chose NOT to wait to create.

Now I publish 3 posts daily on Blogging From Paradise. I also publish the odd guest post from time to time. My success accelerated and my online presence expanded when I decided not to get attached much at all to any one blog post, because the next blog post called me.

No sense waiting around for folks to read my stuff because they simply will read at their own leisure. My job is to keep creating helpful content to help readers build successful blogs. As I move in this direction, everything keeps expanding for me.

All because I chose not to wait to create.

Being Prolific Impacts Folks

Peep this tweet from my friend Corey Hinde of The Good Oil Marketing:

I am humbled by such kind words from an established, super successful internet marketer. This is pretty much what happens when you are prolific; you impact folks in a positive way, and you also expand your reach and help more folks, all because you refuse to hold back.

Tips to Be Prolific

  • Blog mainly for the fun of blogging
  • Nudge yourself out of your comfort zone daily
  • Surround yourself with prolific bloggers to feast on their creative energy
  • Do not wait to create
  • Beware getting attached to any one piece of content; promote posts freely across a wide range of channels but look toward the next blog post, guest post or video to create, in order to become incredibly prolific.

Guys; this journey gets a little uncomfortable at times but if you love fun and freedom more than you fear doing some uncomfortable things you will become a highly prolific blogger.

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How to Get Your Blogging Mojo Going if You Feel Hopelessly Stuck



I lose blogging momentum sometimes.

You may be in the same boat, being human and all.

But if you regularly find yourself saying “I need to get serious about building my blog” over the course of years it is time to own this fact: you need to get your blogging mojo going before you become permanently stuck in a blogging rut.

I was rut-stuck here and there for many years, on and off. Maybe I didn’t quit blogging totally but I’d start blogging, then stop, and continue this process for weeks on end. Not good.

You can find your blogging mojo and get unstuck by following these blogging tips.

1: Pick a Dream that Makes You Feel Alive

I am led by my dreams, not pushed by problems, because I picked a big old dream a while back. I wanted to circle the globe. Bingo!

Since I wanted to travel the world more than I feared doing uncomfortable, blogging-building things, I built a rocking blog and kept on moving, keeping my blogging mojo going.

What is your dream? Figure it out. Hold it tight.

If you need inspiration watch my video from New Zealand. I filmed this one at Mount Cook a few months ago.

2: Feel Fears Fueling Your Struggles

Some folks believe they lack motivation to blog. Others feel they are lazy. But at the end of the day, if you are not acting, you are afraid of something or someone.

Laziness is fear manifest. So find your fears, by shutting a door and sitting in a quiet room, and if you feel the deep fears you purge the energies and proceed from an inspired, loving, persistent, energized space.

I kept putting off writing an eBook for many years. Turns out I was not lazy; I just feared nobody would buy the eBook because I saw myself as a loser who knew little. I also feared people would criticize me. But I went forward and wrote my first eBook to get out of my fear-rut and to keep on moving.

Some of my eBooks do not sell as much as others and people sometimes post negative reviews of my eBooks but since I do not fear these outcomes, neither have any power over me. I just keep expanding my success, helping folks and befriending blogging pros because I move forward, unburdened by many blogging fears I faced, embraced and released.

3: Study Persistently Energized Bloggers

I am no Tony Robbins but blog persistently from an energized space.

Each day I:

  • do 1 hour of deep yin yoga
  • exercise for 1 hour
  • usually take an icy cold shower
  • focus on having fun with my blog versus attaching to money or traffic outcomes

I have written thousands of guest posts, over 10,000 blog posts (old and new blogs combined) and I have also written over 100 eBooks. Toss in the thousands of videos I created over many YouTube channels (since closed) and you see I am a pretty prolific dude. An energized, prolific dude at that.

You’d be wise to see how I go about my energy ritual daily to take a few pointers. Consider deep yin yoga to open up your body, to open your mind and to form the habit of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Maybe meditating daily opens your awareness. Exercise is definitely a must, every single day.

Circulating your energy freely moves you from being fear-based, lazy and sluggish to being love-based, energized and prolific. I was once pretty dang lazy before I dove deep into energy work.

Wrapping it Up

Keep at it guys. I know this blogging journey feels scary sometimes but if you grab the right blogging resources and follow the above tips you will avoid common blogging ruts that appear to cripple most bloggers.


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