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Ten Ways to Get More Hits with Memorable Content




The content on your website should have as its primary goal making your company and its products and services memorable. In this, web content is no different from other traditional forms of advertising; the goal is to make the product stick in the mind somehow. For instance, there was the catchy jingle or the hilarious punch line that stuck with the viewer long after the commercial had been viewed.  The “memory-tag” attached itself to the viewer’s mind and didn’t let go.

Web content has an advantage over traditional advertising, in that the customer actively seeks it out. By contrast, TV commercials and magazine ads (to name a couple of examples) are usually obtrusive and insert themselves into an activity the consumer is enjoying. In order to make up for this intrusion, commercials have to be funny, intriguing, or at least memorable.  Web content has to do this, too, but it doesn’t start with the handicap of being potentially annoying.

There are thousands of different ways to present content, but all website content can be broadly sorted into two categories: 1) informative and 2) entertaining. Now, it is certainly possible for a given piece of content to be both these things, but it will always be primarily one or the other: information presented in an entertaining way or entertainment that also happens to be informative. With that in mind, here are some compelling and effective content strategies to use:

1. Content That Reveals Secrets or Gives Access to the Previously Unknown

This effect has a dual goal-fulfillment and psychological effect. A viewer may have been seeking out specific information about a product or may just have wanted to know more. If he finds some arcane or obscure fact about the product that he hadn’t known before, that’s like finding a bit of buried treasure. For instance, someone surfing the site of a dealer in Oriental teas might read a history blurb about how tea became popular in some areas of the Middle East when the 14th century conqueror Tamerlane (with a rather prescient knowledge of the principles of sanitation) ordered his soldiers to boil all their drinking water—and they put tea leaves in it because boiled water tastes pretty bad. So the viewer, intrigued by this fact, might remember it (memory-tag) more than the other aspects of the product, and later, might recall, “Where did I read that? Oh yeah, that Oriental teas website…” and then endeavor to return to that site. Creating a content that reveals such secret would have more chance to get it memorable rather than a plain content.

2. Content That Reminds Us That Dreams Can Come True

We all have goals both realistic and unrealistic, but we never like to be told that any of those goals are anything but the former. It’s fun to fantasize, and if the viewer has a particular goal (or fantasy), then anything that helps to feed that fantasy or encourage that goal will be memorable. Want to put on delicious, memorable dinner parties for all your friends? Buy our cookbook. Want to have all the guys panting and drooling over you? Look at these photos and imagine how you would look in a pair of FemBomb high heels. It doesn’t have to be realistic (and probably 9/10 of all advertising is anything but that), but it does have to be memorable.

3. Content Where the Underdog Wins

The story of David and Goliath is memorable because we feel like David a lot more often than we feel like Goliath. A story of how someone won against the odds can be very compelling, and—here is the key for all such strategies–it doesn’t really matter whether it ties in that well with your product(s) or not. The idea is to present the content and let the viewer form his own associations.

4. Content That Reminds Us That We Matter

Let’s face it—life sometimes makes you feel like just another ant in an immense anthill. We have a visceral need to feel important; to feel special. Presenting this idea as part of content has been a tried-and-true method in advertising for a long, long time. Think of all the ads you’ve seen that urge you to “indulge yourself” or say that “you deserve it.” These are often for minor indulgences such as a candy bar or a bottle of perfume. It doesn’t take much to convince someone that they deserve something special!

5. Content That Confirms Our Assumptions

There’s something in human psychological makeup called the “confirmation bias,” which means that we give disproportionate weight to those items of evidence that seem to confirm our preconceived notions and discount those items that seem to contradict them. So content that caters to a preexisting belief set will be both pleasing and memorable. One way this might be used to sell a product would be to confirm that a given food is healthy.

6. Content That Challenges Our Assumptions

We do like having our beliefs validated, but that doesn’t mean we’re all sticks in the mud. We are generally willing to modify the way we do things if there’s some tangible benefit to be gained. For instance, someone selling a line of diesel pickup trucks could link to an article about how diesels actually burn cleaner than gasoline engines and are thus environmentally friendly. This might constructively challenge the assumptions of a viewer who would have liked to buy a diesel pickup but refrained from doing so because he thought that diesel engines produced a large amount of pollution.

7. Content That has Unexpected Twists

Surprise is a central element of both humor and memorability—two aspects of marketing content that are useful and valuable. A video that is intriguing and surprising, a story or narrative that has an unexpected ending, or even a series of photos that leads to an interesting, unexpected conclusion—these all create memory tags that the viewer will associate with your product.

8. Content That Tells a Story

Narrative has been around for a long time. The idea is to make that narrative both memorable and associative with your product(s). It doesn’t have to be profound or even serious at all—the story of Cinderella and the Slam-O-Matic Vegetable Chopper will certainly be remembered, one way or another. And herein lies the secret—just as there’s no such thing as bad publicity, a customer remembering your website—for whatever reason—is never a bad thing!

9. Content That Inspires Us to Action

Just as we want to feel important, we want to feel that our actions matter. Content that galvanizes us—whether it’s to lose fifty pounds, or to change the oil in our car, or to contribute to the Green Party—will be memorable and thus create the product associations we want.  If the action you ask for just happens to also inspire and increase conversions, it could be a win-win situation.

10. Content That Makes Us Laugh or Smile

This is pretty much the oldest trick in the book, and probably the most effective. What commercials do you remember? The funny ones. Laughter is never unwelcome (even at funerals; just ask the Irish).

When all else fails, make your web content humorous.

So remember, the best titles and headers in the world will not help unless you have content that connects with the reader and makes him want to take action.  That action may be to recommend your site to friends providing viral marketing, to purchase a product or service from your site, or simply to influence his views and opinions on a matter or brand.  And that is your ultimate objective at the end of the day.

This post was written by Deny Saputra, who is a blogger and social media enthusiast. Loved to write and commenting about social media, SEO, IM, Blogging and many other related topics. Deny also write regularly for

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My name is Foxy, and my job is to sniff out the good guest bloggers from the ones who aren't. This post was written by a contributing author to Blogging Tips. If you would like to learn more about becoming a writer (not one-time guest blogging) for, please contact us.

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4 Effective Tips for Boosting Reader Engagement on Your Blog




If you want your blog to be successful and bring good profits, you need to ensure that your posts not only attract traffic but engage the readers. To do this you’ll need to experiment with content formats, open dialog with the audience, involve influencers, and above all, understand your audience’s exact wishes.

From online videos to content creation and social media, there seems to be an endless supply of new traffic out there and different ways to pull users back to your site. With all of this in focus and on the minds of bloggers everywhere, we wanted to highlight some of the best ways to boost content engagement, using many of the preferred mentions we’ve already highlighted.

4 Ways to Boost Your Blog Content Engagement Rate Fast

Post videos

Even if you don’t run a vlog, you need to post an occasional video because that’s the ‘hottest’ type of content today. Check out an aggregation of video marketing statistics offered by Forbes to see why exactly your blog needs more video content. Note that social videos generate more shares.

Live video streaming is also greatly popular today, so be sure to launch an occasional Facebook Live session to share something interesting with your followers. Then post a recording of the stream on your blog so those who missed the airing will be able to enjoy it anyway.

Research your audience in great detail

To boost reader engagement on your blog you need to understand what motivates your targeted audience to actually get into your content. You’ll need to not only consider the analytics data that will show you which of your posts are most popular. You also need to search for information on your targeted audience, such as what kind of posts are generally more popular with them.

The more precise you are in developing targeted content, the higher the reader engagement rate will be. This means that if you seek to create a diverse readership base, you might need to consider launching several websites. In that case, you’ll need to use specialized software and a hosting service that allows you to run multiple blogs. This will make managing them easier, so you’ll be able to focus on creating several posts. Bear in mind that you might be able to apply the same basic content strategy to all your blogs, even if they differ in subjects.

The differences in those strategies and individual posts will be dictated by the data you get from a detailed study of targeted audiences.

Get more influential persons involved

Influencers of any kind can help you boost reader engagement on your blog because if they promote your content, their loyal readers will want to read it themselves. You can also generate more traffic and engagement by mentioning various celebrities and popular bloggers.

A perfect example of this can be seen in one of our expert roundup posts, where 73 different online marketers and bloggers took the time to share their expertise on social media.  The benefit here wasn’t also just for our site. Each of the experts got a lot of exposure out of this, and the audience loved the content as well.

However, you’ll need to be careful if you choose to use mentions. For celebrities, you should research laws and regulations surrounding the issue. You need to be 100% sure that you won’t be sued for mentioning someone’s name or other information in your post. When you mention bloggers, you’ll need to consider those rules too as well as give them a heads up about doing this.

Having various opinion influencers popular with your target audience is a great boost to your blog and personal brand. This will also increase your reach as you’ll get an indirect contact with the influencer’s audience.

However, attracting influencers is a big challenge, especially for a blogger. You can use the tips from Neil Patel, a true marketing guru. Think carefully about how to adapt them to your situation.

Post engaging graphics

Much like with videos, you should post relevant graphics to boost reader engagement because this type of content is popular and shareable. Infographics are particularly effective for this, so be sure to create some. It will be best if your infographics have some original data on relevant topics. But, even simple step-by-step instructions can generate decent shares and likes.

Your every post should contain several images by default as they promote reader engagement and memorization. Be sure to add .GIFs as well, because these graphics are in trend now.

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Best Search Engine Marketing and SEO Practices to Follow in 2018




Marketing often requires four basic factors: first, there should be people with unsatisfied needs; second, these people should have the desire to be satisfied; third, there should be opportunities for communication; and fourth, there should be an exchange of goods or services. A businessman with keen acumen for business opportunities would readily recognize these unsatisfied needs, build opportunities for communication with these people, and relay the service or product that could satisfy their needs. The important thing is that the prospective businessman is able to reach his target audience via good marketing strategies and tactics.

Understanding Search Engine Marketing

Marketing strategies have greatly changed since the introduction of the World Wide Web. As the Internet expands, it also provides good avenues for new marketing strategies and tactics. It also engenders new buying behavior among consumers, as contemporary consumers first search online for a product or service that they need before purchasing it. On the other hand, business owners are now required to create their own websites to be relevant online.

As highlighted in this article, writing for humans is always going to be the example to follow. It also means keeping the following SEO guidelines in mind when creating content:

  • Keep it unique. Avoid duplicating content that’s already out there. Ask yourself: what can I add to this ongoing conversation?
  • Do more research than competitor sites have done.
  • Consider all options: infographics, videos, podcasts, an interview, a step-by-step guide or even a new tool or template. 
  • Remember that longer content gets more links. If your page is supported by high-quality links, it will move up in the ranks. Although Google has stated that even a few sentences can rank, in general, you’re better off creating content that is at least 300 words or more.

One form of effective online marketing is search engine marketing. It involves website promotion aimed at increasing the visibility of your business site online. It is also designed to make your site rank higher on the search engine page results (SERP). However, this marketing form is wrought primarily through paid advertisement.

In 2007, for example, advertisers in the U.S. had spent 24.6 billion dollars on this type of marketing. Google, on the other hand, leads the pack of search engines that profited from search engine marketing. Furthermore, in the second quarter of 2015, Google got a sizeable 73.7% share of profits from search engine marketing as compared to 26.3% of Yahoo/Bing. Based on these data, search engine marketing appears to be a very profitable business that rakes billions of dollars of profit for search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Your online marketing strategies and tactics would never be complete without tapping into social media. Services like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Baidu Tieba, and LinkedIn have also been used for marketing. LinkedIn, for example, as an employment-oriented service can be used to promote your services and get more mileage for your online marketing efforts, but keep in mind that it is primarily used to establish professional networks.

Just take a look at the screenshot below and how LinkedIn can provide such great information for anyone looking for earnings and jobs reports within any specific niche market. Not only will these same results rank and appear within the search results, they are also heavily shared through social media as well.

Search Engine Optimization

Aside from search engine marketing which makes use of paid advertising, you can also make use of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is another way of expanding the online visibility of your site without necessarily paying for online advertisements. Search engines have organic or natural page results, known as SERP, and you can influence these organic results through SEO.

Not many, however, are experts in SEO. Hence, if you are a businessman who doesn’t have the know-how on SEO, you should visit and search for the expert that fits your needs. If you want a reliable and trustworthy SEO specialist, this website can really help you with its list of the top 50 SEO services that you can immediately hire.

Business websites that are ranking high in the SERP usually gets two-pronged benefits. First, if your site ranks high in the SERP, chances are casual searchers will click on your website, and you can turn them immediately into actual clients. Additionally, if you get more clicks and visits from casual searchers, the search engine will further rank your website higher.

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What Is the Chief Benefit of Going the Extra Blogging Mile?



10:15 PM on a Sunday night.

After waking at 7 AM I did an hour of yoga.

I followed up with 4 hours of blogging work.

Toss in another 4 hours of blogging work plus a 1 hour walk and some R and R, and where I am late on a Sunday night. Going the extra blogging mile.

I love blogging. Working late on a Sunday does not feel like going the extra mile because blogging feels fun to me. But putting in a bit more effort when I feel tired helps me to help more people. Going the extra blogging mile also makes me memorable in the eyes of readers.

I know other bloggers who go the extra mile.

My friend Ronald at Web SEO Marketers runs a first rate blog.

Beyond his super content though, he goes the extra blogging mile in the relationship-building department.

A few moments ago I saw this update in my stream when I logged in to Facebook:

Buying the paperback version of my blogging eBook would have been awesome in and of itself. But Ronald snapped a selfie holding the paperback, noted how he just received my book in the email and tagged me to let me know he bought my book and he’d see me in paradise.


He perfectly embodies how you go the extra mile relationship building wise. Compassionate, heart-centered bloggers think of how they can help folks out. Generous folks always stick out in your mind because we resonate with people who are kind, helpful and genuine in all they do.

Being Memorable Helps Expand Your Presence

I noted Ronald’s rocking blog in this post because he is a skilled blogger, because he shouted out buying my book on Facebook and because both factors make him memorable. I could not fall asleep until I wrote this post and shouted him out because it feels fun to spread the love and to help you guys understand the chief benefit of going the extra blogging mile; people will remember you.

If people remember you they will feature you, interview you, invite you to guest post on their blog, or they will hire you or buy your stuff. As your features, interviews and guest posts increase you will appear to be all over the place in your niche, growing your business slowly and steadily until your generosity and willingness to go above and beyond results in exponential growth of your online presence.

Alonzo Pichardo embodies this type of massive growth over the long haul by going the extra mile.

Check out his Instagram account.

His follower growth and overall engagement levels are staggering, with 55,000 followers receiving Alonzo’s update on the platform.

Alonzo continues to get so many followers because he gave so much of his time, skills and expertise over the past decade. He did not attract 55,000 followers after a week of going the extra blogging mile. He generously served folks for a decade and continues to help folks even if doing so takes him late into the night, becoming more memorable to more folks around the world.

Be Patient

Be patient and persistent in creating value and building bonds. Good things take time.

You may not make a penny through your blog for 6 months after doing the right things with the right energy but you will succeed over the long haul. Every kind act is rewarded over time.

Keep helping people. Focus on the process, not on outcomes. Stay up late to write the guest post, linking in to your blogging buddies to increase their exposure. After you purchase a book, take a selfie and tag the author on social media. Think of how you can impact humanity in a generous, significant way, one friendship and one generous act at a time.

Go the extra blogging mile.

Accelerate your blogging success over the long haul.


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