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Here’s a Few Tips to Write Great Blog Posts

It’s not enough to have something to share when you’re writing blog posts, you need to understand the techniques that will attract as many readers as possible to get your point across. Although there are lots of different ideas about how you can drive traffic to your site, there are a few rules that are […]

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How to Write Top Blog Posts

Want to write engaging posts that not only keep your current readers coming back for more but also attract new readers to your blog? Most bloggers start off wanting to fast track their blogging success and be a sensation overnight. Many don’t realize that blogging takes a heap of energy, time and effort not to mention research, writing, networking, […]

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Should Bloggers be Writers and Vice-Versa?

When blogging started, it was considered as an informal means of penning down one’s thoughts and experiences, without bothering about the skills and chutzpah that make a writer. Truly, not everyone can become a writer, but with blogging increasingly becoming business-oriented, a means to make money online, I have increasingly begun to believe that it […]

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This List Goes Up To Eleven: How to Create List Posts That Rock!

You tell me: are list posts cool, or kinda lazy?

List posts are one of those post formats that almost every blogger has written for one reason or another.

Some bloggers draw huge audiences with nothing but lists. Others write painfully dull list posts that lose 99% of their audience beyond the first couple of points.

The question is, what’s the difference between dull lists and list posts that sparkle? And the answer is…


You have to pimp that list like a boss. Here’s how.

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