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Conjunction, Junction, What’s Your Function: Part 1

Conjunctions are an important tool in the English language that allows writers to combine clauses. With conjunctions, you are able to form longer sentences that break up the choppy sound of single clauses. For English learners, conjunctions can be tricky because it involves learning what a clause is before using a conjunction. A clause is […]

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The Writer’s Funk

Do you have Writer’s Funk? I’m not talking about writer’s block—if you have that you can read Write About Writer’s Block to Get Over Writer’s Block. What I’m talking about is getting in a funk. You have plenty to say, plenty of idea’s mulling around in your head, plenty of material to work from—you just […]

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Active and Passive

Last week I touched upon showing your readers what you have to say rather than just telling them the information as though they are just spectators. Several people made some interesting comments about this topic. One reader said that it was “much more fun for the other party [readers] to “feel” and “see” what you’re […]

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Show, Don’t Tell

Writers always hear the saying “Show, don’t tell”. Great advice, but most of the time there isn’t sufficient information to back up this advice to make it click. When writing your blog you want to show your readers what’s happening, not just tell them what has happened. Why does this matter? Showing your readers what’s […]

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Why Improving & Increasing Vocabulary is Important

Are you happy with your vocabulary? I mean really happy with it? Or does it leave you feeling like you’re missing something the rest of the word has a grasp on? Are you intimidated when you hear other people use big, fancy words that you aren’t familiar with? Having an extensive, dictionary-like vocabulary isn’t necessary, […]

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Using WordPress as a Creative Writing Inspirational Tool

WordPress is probably the most widely used blogging platform available today. It’s loaded with tons of features, widgets, plugins, and it’s extremely versatile and customizable. Most bloggers will agree that WordPress is simply the best. Today, I want to share with you how you can use WordPress as an inspirational tool for your creative writing. […]

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