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[Infographic Inside] What Is The State of Smartphones At The Moment?

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays and they seem to be glued. Don’t they? What exactly is grabbing their attention? Smartphone users are downloading apps, spending time on social media, and letting everyone know the details of their lives. Vishal, from ViralHeat.com, spent a considerable amount of time and resources to bring you the following infographic. […]

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Social media: The one stop solution of branding

Social media is a very effective way to communicate online. You can distribute your thoughts to many at the click of a button. This is the reason why sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. are now a days very popular among all the age groups. Not only common people, even marketing professionals find them an effective […]

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Several Ways To Pick A Blog Topic

As soon as you start blogging, you’ll soon realize it’s sink or swim. The Internet is insatiable and you need to keep feeding it fresh content or your blog will disappear like a grain of sand buried on a beach. The idea is to set up a few different systems so you can keep writing […]

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