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Third Person Pronouns

In this final article on pronouns I will be addressing pronouns used for third person. Pronouns take the place of nouns which means that third person pronouns do the same thing. They take the place of people, but these pronouns do not include first person or second person forms. Third person singular pronouns are: he, […]

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Pronouns Are Fun Too

Most of us already know how to use pronouns and don’t have any problems writing other than the occasional spelling mistake or the lack of creative words, but some people have a difficult time. Grammar is not very interesting, yes I understand that, but it is what I was hired to write about so bear […]

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Blogging and Me, or Is It I?

Pronouns take the place of a noun. When we write our blogs we use pronouns all of the time, but do we use them correctly? Example: At seven years old I said, “Me and Mike want ice cream.” And my grandmother said (just like she did every time I made a grammatical error), “Mike and […]

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