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Why Your Blog Should Have a Homepage?

This post is a counter-argument to Paul Gannon’s Why Your Blog Shouldn’t Have a Homepage article on BloggingTips. You should read it first before reading my counter-argument. What Paul basically insists is that bloggers shouldn’t use the homepage as a typical blog roll of latest posts but should optimize it to achieve certain purposes such […]

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Some Business Blog Ideas You Can’t Do Without

Staying on course when your business is Internet related is critical and that means making the right marketing decisions too. One bad choice, or what might seem at the time to be a small misstep with design or blogs, can amplify and have far-reaching effects. Stay on the right track with these helpful ideas for […]

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Five good reasons to start a business blog

Ask around and you’ll find that blogging is considered one of the best marketing tools on the Internet today. Blogging for business is powerful. Following are five great reasons why you should consider implementing a business blog. A business blog drives traffic and that means more sales. The whole idea in any business is beating […]

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How to Use Social Media to Create a Successful Blog

Are you searching for effective ways to grow your online audience while increasing your blog traffic? Social media is an efficient tool for promoting your blog and making it popular among your target audience. Businesses have successfully extended their blog’s reach using social media sites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterst, Google+, and of course Facebook […]

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