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Why My Comments Don’t Get Approved?

Blog commenting, as I have always maintained, is one of the best methods for getting some traffic to our blog, getting noticed by other bloggers in the community and also getting some link juice. And while getting quality comments from intelligent people can be a matter of great pride for any blogger, some commenters go […]

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Top 50 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs For Commenting

CommentLuv is a fantastic WordPress plugin which is an absolute must-have for all bloggers who want to foster healthy discussions and lively interactions on their blog(s). Developed by Andy Bailey, it is one plugin that can really go a long way in increasing social involvement on a blog and in building relationships with fellow bloggers. I have observed […]

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The 5 Blogging Rules That Are Holding You Back

Now, you probably fall into one of two camps on this issue. Either (A), there are no rules in blogging. It’s about self-expression and people appreciating you for who you are. Or (B), blogging is a process that can be analysed, and following the rules works best.

Neither of those is quite right. (Sorry.) Here’s how it really works…

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5 reasons you must guest post

With the advent of the new year, we are all contemplating how we can improve our blogs. We can pick a new theme, change our blogging platform, increase our posting interval, or increase commenting on other blogs. But I’m here to say that nothing, I repeat, nothing will do more for your blog traffic than […]

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