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What is a WordPress Theme?

Clothes maketh the man. – This paraphrased aphorism was as true in the 16th century as it is today.  But why am I talking about clothes here on bloggingtips? Because the way your clothe your site is important too, and the clothes are called “Themes”. Your WordPress theme is the design of your website or […]

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How To Create a Good Blog Design

There are some really badly designed blogs out there in the blogosphere. Some are just simply awful with text in strange places, weird brightly coloured backgrounds, scrolling glitter text and fonts you cannot read. Learning the basic principles of good design is a must have tool for anyone that already has a blog or is […]

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Beta Testing Made Easy

Getting feedback from potential visitors to your blog or web site can be critical to the successful launch of a new site or even just a new version of an existing site.  While software companies have been organizing beta test programs for years, these have been limited to larger companies with staff to manage a […]

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