Apr 19

5 Unexpected Benefits of Joining an Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

By Peter Daisyme | Blogging , Productivity

Entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) programs allow business owners, CEOs, and other leaders to work directly with businesses, investors, and nonprofits to provide expertise and earn money between jobs. Whether they’re paid a salary, given funding for their businesses, or a combination of both, these programs can be a great way for leaders to continue their careers between […]

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Apr 16

Meet Tanvir Zafar from HowPK.com

By Zac Johnson | Blogging

When coming up with an idea or concept for a blog, the most successful ones are usually focused on solving problems or answering questions. With over a billion active sites on the internet today, it’s not enough to simply provide answers. Instead, you need to provide detailed guides, tutorials with visuals and make it easy […]

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