Nov 11

Keyword Analysis: Focusing on High Value Search Terms

By Timur Khamitov | Making Money , Search Engine Optimisation

High Value Low Volume Keywords

The internet is buzzing with a mantra’s such as ‘passive income‘, ‘affiliate marketing‘ and ‘automation of revenue‘. Frankly speaking, I feel a lot of people are missing the true potential here. Sure, if you have a blog with millions of visitors, thousands of twitter and facebook followers or a million youtube subscribers you will make […]

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Nov 07

Step 4 – Customizing Your WordPress Blog

By Rizvan Ullah | Blogging

Welcome to Part 4 of our series, and if you’ve just joined us then I recommend going back to the previous parts before continuing. I have been following a step-by-step process so encourage all of you to start at the beginning. Today, we`ll be discussing WordPress customization because this is important since it’ll directly influence […]

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