Create a Blog – Case Study for Creating a Niche Blog

As an online marketers and blogger, I wanted to build a case study from scratch to building a successful blog that generates money online. Best of all, the whole process would be laid out right in front of you. From the basics of the initial brain storming, all through the creation of the blog, content and link building… to eventually getting ranked in the search results and generating revenue.

There are many courses out there that would charge thousands of dollars for this type of in-depth training and walk through. I threw all of the costs out the window and am providing it to all of the readers for free.

This “Create a Blog” case study is a progress in work and as new updates are made you will see them listed below.

My Blog Case Study

Every case study has to start from some where, and that’s what you will learn about in this section. It’s not just about creating a blog, it’s about knowing what you are getting into. It’s way too easy for you to go register a domain name, setup hosting and install wordpress. That is not a business… a business is a planned and well thought out process before it has even begun. In the “My Blog Case Study” post we will cover everything you need to start thinking about before even thinking about launching your new blog.

Niche & Keyword Research

The concept behind your blog is the most important topic and the actual foundation of your blog. Are you going to choose a niche that you are already familiar with, or going to throw darts at a board and see what happens? Neither of these answers are correct! You must know what you are getting into, the competition and if there is a market out there for your blog to become a business. In the “Niche and Keyword Research” post we are covering exactly that, helping to find a niche and keyword focus for your blog.

Building Your Niche Site

Now that the grunt work of finding a quality niche and keyword are behind you, it’s time to start getting excited and going live with your blog setup. If you already know how to setup a blog, excellent! If not, we cover all of the basics of setting up your site as well as the contention creation process and other improvements that will need to be made to your blog down the road. From your “about page” to social networks and setting up your tracking software, it’s all covered in this update.

Writing Your First Blog Posts

With your blog now live and functional, the next tasks you are going to want to focus on are creating quality posts for your site while also making sure you have all of the important “about” pages on your blog as well. In this part of the series we will also cover the basics of how all of your site content comes together, as well as talk discuss the creation process of a new logo to brand and represent your site.

Must Use WordPress Plugins

One of the major reasons why WordPress is changing the way people make web sites, blogs and do business online is thanks to their amazing collection of plugins. Through the use of these plugins you can do virtually anything with your own blog. In this part of the case study we will highlight some of the must use WordPress plugins you should be using right when you start your blog.

Creating Social Networking Pages

With over a billion people on the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google, it would just be a big mistake if you didn’t take the time to grow out your own social pages for your new blog and brand. It’s way too easy for people to click a “like” button and start receiving your blog updates right to their social account. Follow these steps and get setup right away.

Link Building Strategy

There are plenty of ways to start building links to your sites, but many of them can end up hurting you a lot more than they will ever help you. Some of the acceptable link building practices in the game today are guest blogging, content writing, press releases and viral marketing. In this part of the series we will tell you which of these strategies we will be using to grow out our case study site. The way we structure all future link building around our site will secure a long term traffic generation while also securing credible backlinks and search rankings for years to come.

Social Networking Pages

Create a Blog – Social Networking PagesWith over a billion users on Facebook and another few hundred million on Google+ and Twitter, it would be a big mistake for you to note create your own fan pages and implement social sharing on your blog content pages. In this section we are going to show you how we created our own social pages for our case study site, while also creating brandable social pages and backgrounds in the process. We also cover the use of wordpress plugins to allows for social sharing on all of your content pages..

Search Rankings & Traffic

Create a Blog – Search Rankings & TrafficThis is what we are putting all of the work and effort in for, we want more search rankings and traffic! One of the most exciting times for any new web site or case study is when you finally have the results of your hard work coming in. In this part we will see what keywords the site is ranking for in the search engines and what type of traffic is starting to flow through the web site. This post is just under a month from when the first blog post went live.

1 Month Results

Create a Blog – Search Rankings & TrafficIt’s now been about a month since the case study started and we went live with our first set of content on the blog. All of our social pages are in place and we are listed in the major search engines and receiving traffic to the site. A lot has happened in month 1 and it’s been quite exciting. The focus will now gear towards creating content for the site and continuing to build out more incoming links and viral content..