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Top 10 Ways to Write an Engaging Blog Post

Top 10 ways to write an engaging blog post Reader engagement is very important. It is a measure of effective writing. You can’t say your blog is successful if readers don’t like it. Posts that have zero comment, like, or share are worthless. People don’t think they’re relevant, useful, or even remotely entertaining. That would […]

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Quick Author Tips for Writing Your First Book

Over a year ago I launched my first book, which was called “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger“. The book was a huge success and I’m actually working on the updated version for 2014. In addition to updating it for 2014, I’m also going to be re-writing most of the book to make […]

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What’s the Secret to Writing Engaging Blog Posts? It’s Not As Complicated As You’d Think

The secret to writing engaging blog posts that readers go crazy for isn’t too much of a secret. Some bloggers may think that viral posts are results of years of writing experience and knowing all the blogging hacks like crafting catchy headlines and SEO. Though these help a lot in producing great posts, they can’t […]

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