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WordPress 2.8 Features

WordPress 2.8 has now been released and as always, it’s a great improvement on the previous version. I’ve been using it on a couple of sites and so far the biggest improvement has been the theme editor with its colour coding and line numbering. There are a few other good looking features, the widget interface […]

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Create Your Own WordPress Widget

Widgets make your life easier with sorting out your sidebar in WordPress, however sometimes there’s information or perhaps an external source/item that you want to turn into a widget but just don’t know how. To create a very basic widget it’s quite simple. We just need to add a function into our functions.php theme file […]

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WordPress Theme Inheritance

The WordPress template system has a relatively unused gem in the template system, Theme Inheritance. Theme Inheritance allows you to set your theme to inherit files from a parent theme, meaning you could create your theme in the colours you choose, but then you can create a number of new themes with just a stylesheet […]

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