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Is Business Technology Holding Creativity Back?

It’s almost common knowledge that technology increases creativity – almost. Actually, the most recent research shows the opposite. Yes, it’s incredible, but technology apparently doesn’t help creativity at all. On the contrary, it can make it much harder to be creative. Why Is Creativity Declining? For the first time ever, there’s some research that shows […]

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5 Easy Tactics for Successful Online Marketing

Successful online marketing relies heavily on your willingness to commit to consistently producing high quality content and networking via social media in order to make new and valuable connections. This article will provide you with five tips that apply to any online marketer, regardless of your specific industry and goals. 5 Easy Tactics for Successful […]

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It’s Been 3 Years…What I Learned And What Works For Bloggers?

I’d be lying if I said that blogging hasn’t been tough because it’s been a nightmare. I’m the type of guy that wanted quick success and wanted to make an impact right away. I must have tried everything when starting and was disappointed when it didn’t work. However, I’m glad it happened because it’s been […]

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Intellectual Property Rights of Google Drive

In fact, you should know about the intellectual property rights offered by Google before using any of their products. The claims of Google using user data and violating privacy of its members are rife in the online world. Obviously, since Google Drive also deals with user-generated content, know these intellectual property rights and clauses clearly. The inauguration […]

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Avoid these 3 Email Communication Mistakes

With so many businesses online, email communication has become the norm. Actual business letters have become a rare occurrence, because of the ease and swiftness of using email in everyday business manners. Just because email is a quick and easy way to get in touch with clients and other businesses, it doesn’t excuse you from using […]

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