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Nov 07

Step 4 – Customizing Your WordPress Blog

By Rizvan Ullah | Blogging

Welcome to Part 4 of our series, and if you’ve just joined us then I recommend going back to the previous parts before continuing. I have been following a step-by-step process so encourage all of you to start at the beginning. Today, we`ll be discussing WordPress customization because this is important since it’ll directly influence […]

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Oct 25

Is Blogging Making You Feel Nervous?

By Michael Akinlabi | Blogging

Are you out of blogging ideas?

You may not admit it. But I can sense you feel nervous. You’ve started your blog and written some articles. Nobody is reading those articles. Or, few people read it yesterday. Your blog readership is almost close to zero. You’re starting to question your judgement. You’re thinking maybe you should do something else and quit […]

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