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Mar 04

Canadian Software Aiding Syrians Activists

By Rob Starr | Blogging News

Published reports in the Toronto Star say that Canadian software is helping Syrian activists get around the web censorship in that beleaguered country. The report states that last year when the rebels found they had their connections blocked and had no real way of getting around the curtain imposed by the regime there, Psiphon Inc […]

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Nov 30

Top 25 Performance Marketing Influencers

By Zac Johnson | Blogging News

The traditional offline world has celebrities,… the online world has influencers, and the people that change the way we do business and use the internet. Impact Radius recently named the Top 25 Performance Marketing Influencers and created a nice looking infographic, which can be seen at the bottom of the blog. So what does it […]

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Sep 04

The Tax Man Cometh

By Rob Starr | Blogging News , Internet News

No one should be surprised by the fact there’s been more legislation introduced to force online merchants to collect sales tax. People in Washington need money so they can waste more time debating the next debt ceiling increase when that comes back around. They need to live comfortably and we all know where the money comes […]

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