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Should Bloggers be Writers and Vice-Versa?

When blogging started, it was considered as an informal means of penning down one’s thoughts and experiences, without bothering about the skills and chutzpah that make a writer. Truly, not everyone can become a writer, but with blogging increasingly becoming business-oriented, a means to make money online, I have increasingly begun to believe that it […]

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Whether you are building a blogging-based revenue model or building a blog as an extension of a company website, knowing which blogging platform to use is very important. At present, Blogger (aka BlogSpot) and WordPress are two of the most popular free blogging platform used worldwide. Blogger began in 1999 and in 2003, Google purchased […]

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5 Annoying Habits of a Blogger

Like the two sides of a coin, a blogger too has some annoying habits; a topic which struck me this week and I thought to write about this. In hindsight, these habits may not visible to a reader but I guess many of us are susceptible to them. Annoying Habits of a Blogger: 1) Checking […]

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How To Boost Your Site Traffic Through Social Media

Improving website visitors by means of social networking is getting extremely popular nowadays. It is noticed that a great portion of the website traffic that sites are having are because of individuals visiting the social media websites. Several large companies are going to web 2. 0 marketing not just due to the reputation that social […]

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