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Sep 25

Should Bloggers be Writers and Vice-Versa?

By Chitraparna Sinha | Blogger

When blogging started, it was considered as an informal means of penning down one’s thoughts and experiences, without bothering about the skills and chutzpah that make a writer. Truly, not everyone can become a writer, but with blogging increasingly becoming business-oriented, a means to make money online, I have increasingly begun to believe that it […]

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Apr 09

How To Boost Your Site Traffic Through Social Media

By John Rampton | Around The Blogosphere , Blogger , Blogging , Internet News , Making Money , Personal , Productivity , Promote your blog , Social Media , Social Networking , Video Blogging , WordPress , Writing

Improving website visitors by means of social networking is getting extremely popular nowadays. It is noticed that a great portion of the website traffic that sites are having are because of individuals visiting the social media websites. Several large companies are going to web 2. 0 marketing not just due to the reputation that social […]

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