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The Wrong Places To Write

Choices. That’s what innovation has given writers. You can find a laptop with enough battery power to enable you to start working remotely one day and continue working until the sun comes up on another, to say nothing of laptops that are so thin, your wallet seems bulky in your back pocket by comparison. When […]

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Why SEO Still Matters For Your Blog

If you start reading some of the articles appearing today about SEO, you’ll think this technique for getting your blog read by as many people as possible is all but dead. Many of those articles were written by people using black hat techniques to try and sell you something like a membership to a thinly […]

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Here’s How To Avoid Weak Links In The Chain

When it comes to links, the right ones are stronger than steel and form a chain around the internet that’s solid. Done the wrong way or with Black Hat lazy techniques, that same chain you’re trying to build breaks away leaving your blog isolated like a ship run aground on a deserted island. Anchor That […]

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Boost those conversions using the 3Cs

Getting people to read your blog is the end goal for some people who write; others want to sell goods or services so they want their words to create an action. For those people who are trying to monetize their blog, some handy tips might be all that’s needed to boost those conversions and turn […]

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Marketing Strategies For Blogging That Work

When you first start out, even the idea of blogging can seem a little daunting. What to write about? Am I good enough? Will anyone really want to read the things I’ve got say? The chances are you’ll work through those fears and get to the point where you’ll want everyone to know that you […]

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