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WordPress 2.8 Features

WordPress 2.8 has now been released and as always, it’s a great improvement on the previous version. I’ve been using it on a couple of sites and so far the biggest improvement has been the theme editor with its colour coding and line numbering. There are a few other good looking features, the widget interface […]

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Create Your Own WordPress Widget

Widgets make your life easier with sorting out your sidebar in WordPress, however sometimes there’s information or perhaps an external source/item that you want to turn into a widget but just don’t know how. To create a very basic widget it’s quite simple. We just need to add a function into our functions.php theme file […]

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WordPress Theme Inheritance

The WordPress template system has a relatively unused gem in the template system, Theme Inheritance. Theme Inheritance allows you to set your theme to inherit files from a parent theme, meaning you could create your theme in the colours you choose, but then you can create a number of new themes with just a stylesheet […]

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Widgetise Your Theme Part II

Last week I wrote about how to widgetise your theme, and explained how to turn your sidebar into a dynamic sidebar, allowing you to add widgets from within your admin panel, rather than manually coding them into the sidebar. We can now take this one step further and create multiple sidebars/widget ‘blocks’. These don’t have […]

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Widgetise Your Theme

If you want to use widgets in your WordPress theme, or you’re a theme developer and want to make your theme ‘widget ready’, then all it takes is a couple of steps to add the necessary code in and your theme is good to go. The Function First we need to register the sidebar in […]

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Creating Theme Options

If you create WordPress themes then a useful addition to a standard theme is to give the user a simple way to change the logo or header in use, perhaps allow them to change the colour of the background, the width of the site too. These options are designed to save people time but more […]

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