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Patricia Mayo (also known as "Mayo Brains") - in short - is a serial entrepreneur. She wrote and owned the once-famed covering all forms of highly effective communication. Although currently closed, she hopes to re-open in the near future. Current projects include a revised version of her ebook on effectively managing virtual assistants (this time in print! Negotiating with several publishers as you read this), and about 4 other books for small business owners on the back burner. Over her 6-year career as a telecommuting freelancer, she has worked as a copywriter, editor, social media strategist, and viral specialist with companies such as and In short that means she spends her days sitting at home watching funny videos and finding "the next big thing" in new media. About one year ago she accidentally slipped off the Internet radar as she hitchhiked across the USA (quite an adventure - ask me about it sometime). Currently she lives in New Hampshire with her two cats, significant other, and 7 year old daughter.