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Is a Sponsorship Right for Your Blog?

Monetizing a blog gives the blogger additional incentive to keep on writing. In fact, sometimes it is the only incentive that drives the blogger. Most new blogs rely on pay per click advertising as a way to add some monetary reward for all the blogger’s hard work but this method has drawn some criticism. Many […]

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Data Housekeeping Tips for Bloggers

Location and schedule flexibility is one of the greatest advantages to life as a blogger. However, this likely means that you are in charge of your technology and data management. It can be hard to prioritize organization, backup, and security when you have work tasks taking up the majority of your time. The key is […]

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Forget Resumes: Share Your Blog

Nobody likes writing resumes, and even fewer people like reading them. If you’re looking to land a dream job, how are you going to really stand out with a one-page attempt that’s competing with hundreds of others? And if you’re looking to hire somebody, how do you avoid tunnel vision or completely zone out after […]

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