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Hello all. I’m Kristen Nicole. I spend most my time (and I mean most my time) writing for various online publications in the social media space. My latest accomplishment has been co-authoring The Twitter Survival Guide. And please feel free to contact me for a discount code, or if you’re interested in helping us promote the book through our affiliate program!

Jan 25

Work with the TV On

By Kristen Nicole | Blogging

For bloggers and other fields that allow for home office bases, self-discipline is a necessity. There are tons of books and articles that will give you tips and tricks for how to streamline your work day and become more efficient with your time. I’ve read a couple of them, and they can be helpful. But […]

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Jan 20

Negotiating Your Worth as a Blogger

By Kristen Nicole | Blogging

What is your worth as a blogger? It’s a sometimes tricky question to answer, and for the self-introspective necessity of going through this process, it’s a tough call to make when we’re talking about ourselves. Yet bloggers need to have a good sense of what they are worth in order to be successful if they […]

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Jan 06

Using Free Time to Update Twitter and Facebook

By Kristen Nicole | Blogging

Maintaining your social media profiles ensures that the face you put forward is your best, and most up-to-date. When others come across your social media profiles, they will rather promptly determine whether or not you are worth their time. Encourage new readers and audience members by keeping a pristine social media presence. Lately I’ve been […]

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