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3 Tips for Winning Over Investors

Any great business idea or concept needs funding in order to be made into a reality. Ideas made practical require the best resources, the best technology, and the best mentorship because most startups are a gamble, and most of them fail. However, they fail not because of lack of trying, but because they are flawed […]

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Interview with Internet Marketing Guru Ted Dhanik

Ted Dhanik, a marketing guru, has taken a concept and used it to improve the way companies can interact with their customers! He’s created a company called engage:BDR (Brand + Direct Response). engage:BDR has changed with the times and taken direct response to a whole new level. Advertisers can create real-time scalable campaigns that zig […]

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Successful Marketing is the Centrifuge to Business Success

Successful marketing is the centrifuge to business success. It’s how you maintain relationships with your customers, build your brand and make sales. People like John Rampton, an entrepreneur, marketing guru and startup addict who founded and Murray Newlands, entrepreneur, marketing guru and founder and editor of  are pioneers in the marketing industry, showing […]

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[Infographic Inside] What Is The State of Smartphones At The Moment?

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays and they seem to be glued. Don’t they? What exactly is grabbing their attention? Smartphone users are downloading apps, spending time on social media, and letting everyone know the details of their lives. Vishal, from, spent a considerable amount of time and resources to bring you the following infographic. […]

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5 Tips For Taking Better Notes

Setting aside the time to take online classes is a big commitment, and one that you should make the most of. However, that’s only part of the equation when it comes to being successful in continuing your education. Tests, essays and grades largely depend on a student’s ability to take notes. Those notes can help […]

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Viralheat brings Social Media Management to Mobile

It is estimated that 920 million smartphones will ship globally this year. That number has steadily climbed year over year as our dependency and fondness for mobile devices grows. These small devices now act as our lifeline to news and information across the globe and keep us up-to-date with our friends’ Facebook statuses and tweets. […]

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