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Does Bloggers Block Exist?

As someone who has been blogging for close to two years now I’m beginning to ask myself if there really is anything called bloggers block. Bloggers block, also known as writers block, is a situation in which a blogger finds it difficult to come up with any content idea, or a situation in which a […]

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5 Great SEO Tips for Bloggers

Last week I wrote a post emphasizing the importance of why bloggers too should be SEOs and the post got quite a few comments from people agreeing with my points. That proves further that since people know the importance of being an SEO as a blogger they are also interested in learning tips that can […]

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How to Really Get Results as a Blogger

Blogging can sometimes be challenging but the fact is that there is no secret to being a successful blogger. I’ve gotten emails from people who have been blogging for years but couldn’t make a cent online. It sounds impossible, but believe me, it happens. A lot of these people ask me what I’m doing to […]

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