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How to Monetize Entertainment Blog?

In a previous post, I shared 7 proven ways to generate blogging revenue. All those 7 proven ways will work on every blog type. In this post, I am going to be specific and share how to monetize entertainment blog. What is an Entertainment Blog? What is life without entertainment? An ‘entertainment blog’ is anything […]

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Main Step to Relaunch a Dead Blog

The title is slightly misleading because re-launching a dead blog requires a lot of effort in time and some financial investment. You need a detailed guide to makeover a dead blog and make it relevant. However, THE one step which is crucial to re-launch a dead blog and is the subject of this discussion today […]

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How to Generate Blogging Revenue? 7 Proven & Guaranteed Ways

Let’s understand one thing clearly. A sustained blogging revenue source takes years to build. Blogging can’t give quick revenue unless you’re into event blogging. Over the years, I have seen bloggers who had good potential to become authority figures quit blogging because they couldn’t generate sustained blogging revenue. What if we could eliminate the reason […]

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How to Improve Blog Service Sales?

WordPress blog setups, SEO services and writing services are three common blog service listings. Many blogs these days have a dedicated service page to improve earnings. It helps to get freelance clients using their blog’s popularity. Suppose you have a blog service page, it ranks well in Google search and there is a high CTR […]

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