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5 Tips to Enhance Your Blogger Blog with Feedburner

Feedburner is probably the most recognized and utilized feed services available to Bloggers. Alongside Blogger and other services, Feedburner is owned by Google making this (and other services) increasingly well-integrated with other services which are useful to bloggers. Despite these close links, well-publicised documentation and ease of use, I am still surprised to see that […]

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Blogger Tip: Create a Dropdown Menu for your Labels

Our sidebars can become cluttered easily with information and widgets, particularly if we have a long list of labels (categories) . Many Blogger users like using drop-down lists for long lists which minimizes clutter and enables information to be displayed in the sidebar neatly. While Blogger offers a dropdown menu option for the Archives widget, […]

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China’s Ban on Blogger Blogs (and Possible Workarounds)

There has been much speculation about China’s recently imposed “blanket ban” of all Blogger powered blogs. Some believe this is intended to quell references to the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident, while others wonder if this is a technical difficulty as hinted on Blogger’s Known Issues page. In either case, this ban affects […]

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Most Requested Features for Blogger

Back in April, the Blogger team created the Product Ideas for Blogger forum where Blogger users could offer their suggestions of the features and gadgets they would like to use. The Product Ideas forum was open for a month and closed for new suggestions on the 14th of May. During the time it was open, […]

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