5 Powerful Blogging Lessons I Learned in New Zealand


Hey guys!

I have been a busy bee for the past 2 months.

That’s me above holding up my paperback aka eBook in Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand.

My wife Kelli and I have enjoyed the stunning beauty of this nation near the end of the earth.

I also learned 5 blogging lessons here to help you build a successful blog.

Let’s dive in.

1: It Takes Work But the View from the Top Is Worth it

I busted my tail to work my way up tracks in Arthur’s Pass. Ditto for hiking up tracks at world famous Mount Cook.

The view from a higher elevation left me gaga. Gorgeous!

The time and energy and sweat was well worth the jaw-dropping view.

Same deal with your blog. All the smart, persistent, generous work you put in now will help you enjoy a successful blogging career. Always worth it.

2: Be Vigilant to Avoid Headaches

The roads in New Zealand are different.

Not only do I drive on the left – as opposed to the right side in New Jersey – but the narrow, winding nature of roads here forces you to be vigilant unless you want to get into an accident.

Zac, me and fellow NJers are also used to driving on the Parkway, Turnpike or any number of big, 2-3 lane, major highways. Here in New Zealand though, especially on the South Island, virtually all highways are narrow, 1 lane country roads. Avoiding accidents or other headaches means you need to be vigilant.

Ditto with your blog. Be on the ball. Spot problems early. 2 months ago my site crashed for a handful of my readers. Turns out my old host had a tough time handling my blog traffic and tech support. I changed hosts and switched to a VPS before things really took a nose dive for weeks. Vigilance prospers.

3: Keeping Things Natural Produces an Eye-Popping Experience

New Zealand is the most beautiful country I have seen in person. Many travel bloggers deem it the prettiest country on earth. I agree!


The government and Kiwis – aka people from New Zealand – fully committed to preserving this country’s stunning natural beauty. From being reminded 10 times at the airport to dump all your food and drink from foreign lands before hitting the customs gate to seeing garbage cans everywhere to the local’s focus on biking and jogging around Kiwi cities versus driving everywhere, New Zealand is drop dead beautiful and virtually polution-free because the locals vowed to keep things natural, largely.

Bloggers heavily focused on creating helpful content and strong bonds in organic, patient fashion become the most successful bloggers on earth. Stop looking for tools and hacks to shortcut your way to success. Good old fashioned generous, hard work creates the most eye-popping experience for you and your readers over the long haul.

4: Expect Unexpected Wins

I feared the culinary side of Kiwi-land may come up short after leaving foodie paradise Thailand 2 months ago.

Was I ever wrong!

New Zealand produce is among the best on earth but more than that, the dairy here IS perhaps the best in the world. Yogurt, ice cream and cheese? Amazing. On dairy overload here, on certain days.

I did not expect the food here to be so good. Pleasantly surprised.

Focus on creating and connecting persistently. You will see unexpected wins in the form of interview requests coming out of left field, prospering partnerships popping up out of the blue and income streams flowing in from unknown directions. Happens to me regularly.

5: You Get What You Pay for

New Zealand is the most expensive nation I have visited but this is the best trip we have ever taken and it’s my favorite trip too!

You get what you pay for blogging-wise, guys. Spend money on premium hosting, a premium theme and drop some dough on a CDN already. Act like a pro blogger. Invest money in your blog. You get what you pay for.

Your Turn

What blogging lessons have you learned today?

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