SearchAppNetwork Ranks the Top 7 Super Bowl Ads 2018

Every year, millions of people sit down to watch the big game — mainly for two reasons. They either have an interest in football, or they want to see what type of crazy commercials come out each year. However, with the internet now in place, television commercial success can also flow into online viral marketing success as well. With billions of views being served daily through YouTube and Facebook, it’s safe to say many of these commercials are still being view thousands of times daily.

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A 30-second spot during Super Bowl LII in 2018 cost slightly more than $5 million, with the promise of reaching over 100 million people. At this price point, advertisers have to craft compelling ads that grab the attention away from the snacks and back onto the TV.

Shortly after Super Bowl Sunday, SearchAppNetwork gathered their team together to discuss, debate and deconstruct their favorite ads.  So in no particular order, here are seven of the best Super Bowl ads from the 2018 event as voted by the SearchAppNetwork team.

1 – “Alexa Loses Her Voice“, Amazon. What would happen if everyone’s beloved solver-of-all-problems Alexa, voice of the Amazon Echo, loses her voice? In this celebrity-studded ad, Alexa is replaced by Anthony Hopkins, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and others who hilariously attempt to answer the questions its owner asks. Ranked #1 by USA Today’s Ad Meter, this spot kept viewers laughing.

2 – “Touchdown Celebrations to Come“, NFL. This spot almost immediately grabbed the attention of every ‘Dirty Dancing’ aficionado in the room. In it, viewers get a sneak peek into what one can only hope is actually how a Giants practice is run. Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning skillfully pull off a shot-by-shot recreation of the iconic and beloved dance routine in ‘Dirty Dancing.’

3 – “Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn Dew Ice“, Doritos. Featuring Morgan Freeman, lip syncing to Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On”, and Peter Dinklage, lip syncing to Busta Rhymes’ “Look at Me Now”, this ad playfully showcases the heat from Doritos and the coolness from a Mountain Dew with literal fire and ice.

4 – “Stand By You“, Budweiser. For the last few years, Budweiser has been the king of pulling heartstrings. This year’s ad is no exception. It follows a Budweiser executive who receives a middle of the night call alerting him to the hurricane disaster efforts. As he goes into the plant, he halts beer production and orders the crew to instead can water. This real-life example showcases the disaster relief efforts of the beer giant.

5 – “Taps“, Stella Artois and Another beer company showcasing its do-good projects, this spot features Matt Damon discussing the sad fact that water is a luxury in some parts of the world. The ad announced a collaboration between Stella Artois and the non-profit group, urging viewers to purchase a limited edition Stella Artois chalice; according to the ad’s stats, if only 1% of the viewing audience purchased a glass, then one million people could have clean water for five years.

6 – “#LittleOnes“, T-Mobile. Adorable babies are definitely an attention-grabber, which is why so many are used in this spot! With a voiceover by Kerry Washington, of ‘Scandal’ fame, this spot speaks to the need for diversity and inclusion in every aspect of American life.

7 – “#FamilyGreatly“, Kraft. One of the most unique ideas this year was from Kraft. At the start of the Super Bowl, they ran an ad asking families to share real-time selfies via Kraft’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Then, in the third quarter, the ad team pulled together some of the best and showcased them in a 30-second ad.

From politics, to comedy, to good-natured fun, the ads at Super Bowl LII were certainly enjoyable, when they weren’t being overshadowed by one of the most exciting games in recent memory. Now, be sure to take the same concept these advertisers took with their offline content creation and marketing, then implement them into your own online brand or blog. You don’t need to spend millions of dollars on creating content for your audience, you simply need to know what they are looking for.


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