Blogging Does a Lot More Than Just Make Me Money

I used to write poems, short stories, and random thoughts about people, places, and things. Although these journals were lauded by some friends, it all remained unpublished in the pages of an old spring notebook.

I was also fond of reading novels and magazines — interesting stories about people and events from around the globe — and later on swayed onto online diaries sometime in 2000 where writers, or diarists as they call themselves back then, ran accounts of their personal lives on the web. These personal web journals raised my awareness about blogging and stimulated my interest to participate in forums and exchange views and feedback with other readers by adding comments on discussion threads. And soon, I started to write my own blogs too, which broadened my perspective on life.

Blogging was not simply a habit or a trend I followed, but a course which has taught me a new set of knowledge and skills, which eventually bridged financial gaps in my life. Here’s what I have learned and benefited from it.

Blogging has made me a better writer.

I got into the habit of writing regularly, which made me more circumspect of the general strategies of effective writing by reading some more, and finding the right places to write, choose a writing style, brainstorm and research. It has also trained me to befriend the publish button. The numerous revisions during the early days of my blogging career have at some point made me anxious to submit my articles. However, with consistent blogging, I was able to overcome my fears, and slowly built within me the habit of publishing. In addition, through reading, research, careful thinking and revisions fortified my understanding of the different writing approaches which factored in the improvement of my writing style. In each blog I write, I am able to come up with the best idea, thus perfecting on how my writing should sound and more importantly, how I wouldn’t want it to sound.

I’ve also had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people that would like to get started with a blog of their own, but they are often discouraged because they don’t think they have the necessary writing or grammar skills. The great news is that anyone can get started with a blog and it doesn’t matter how well you write. There are also plenty of writing tools and grammar editors that are accessible for free, which actually update and recommend changes as you write out your own content. After a short period of time, you will discover how much of a better writing blogger will make you.

Blogging has beefed up my finances.

Aside from my day job, which requires most of the time staying in the office and monitoring workflows, I am able to maximize my 8-hour shift by writing blogs at any time of the day. This means that I earn a hefty extra income from blogging on top of my regular monthly salaries. Also, the pay scheme is flexible. I can easily process a payout request anytime I need, which is made even easier by AP Automation.

At the same time, blogging has also helped me discover many different new and exciting ways to make money online — primarily through affiliate marketing. Never did I think I would be able to work alongside some of the most well-known and successful brands in the world, but that’s exactly what affiliate marketing does. Throw blogging into the mix, and you are basically creating an online business and media outlet with your content, and then getting compensated for any leads, sales, or advertising that might be done as a result of your efforts.

Lastly, blogging has taught me to value life experiences — both good and bad.

I don’t simply write because I have a deadline to beat or am running after bills, I write because I am motivated to express my thoughts and share my passion. Blogging is a platform where people can voice their thoughts and feelings. It can also be a tool for people who want to make a difference by building awareness and by sharing their knowledge. This is something many bloggers feel and one of the main reasons why people get started with a blog in the first place. It’s after that passion comes into play and when the content is live on the internet for others to see and enjoy — that’s when you start to see the financial and real benefits that blogging has to offer.

To cap it all, blogging provides me the opportunity to share the lessons I have learned from life experiences, brought me back to my reading habits and allows me to enjoy some nice money-making jobs. But the best part is, it has given me the chance to revise and publish my old writings from that old spring notebook.

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