4 Tips to Change Your Blogging Course Quickly and Easily

Miss me guys?

I am promoting my eBook freely and commenting on blogs genuinely, after soaking up helpful content. Big time course change.

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After going on a guest posting blitz for a year – or 2 – I decided to change blogging course. No more guest posts daily on Blogging Tips. No more Facebook Live videos. Intuitively, I felt nudged to spend 99% of my time creating on other blogger’s owned, self-hosted WordPress blogs through blog commenting and on my blog as well. I don’t own any real estate on Facebook or Google but do own my blog, as do the blog owners on blogs where I read their posts and publish helpful, genuine comments.

If you are having a really tough time changing course, or maybe you are painfully holding on to old, worn out strategies with your blog, I can help you let go and grow with these 4 tips.

Letting go and growing leads to increased blogging success, of course.

1: Feel the Fear Immediately

Feel the fear behind letting go. I initially feared loss when changing course. I feared criticism too. But I felt the fear and did it anyway.

Now I am in more places at once and I love the ride, expanding my presence by trusting my gut.

Feel the fear of changing course. Avoid resisting these energies. Let go the fear, Proceed.

2: Learn to Trust Your Intuition

Toss out practical blogging tips for a moment.

You know when it’s time to change. Years ago I published 1 blog post weekly on my blog. But my gut told me to ramp it up. Even though stats suggest long form content does better in search engines.

Listen to your intuition. Spend more time in silence. Be present.

Honor your small, still voice and let your ego and its fears blabber itself out.

3: Move Toward Increased Exposure

At the end of the day, getting more eyeballs on your site counts most.

Remember this when changing course.

Guest posting on a handful of sites benefits you in many ways but reading posts and publishing genuine comments on even more sites gives you greater exposure and builds more authentic friendships with top bloggers. Mix and match both strategies if you’d like but at the end of the day, let go the less effective strategy to make room for the more effective strategy.

4: How Do Top Bloggers Do It?

Successes leave clues.

Sometimes you deviate from top blogger’s strategies when changing course but if you study these dynamos closely, virtually all make freeing, scary, sometimes nerve-racking decisions regularly, stopping on a dime and changing directions with their blog.

I have few fears of letting go. Been doing it for a decade, on and off. Seeing top bloggers helped me observe this idea of release in person so I changed course incredibly quickly 2 weeks ago.

So, what tips can you add to this list?

How are you letting go and growing?

Or do you find it scary to change course?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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