1 Warning About Choosing Adsense for Your Blog

Earlier today I filmed a video offering 3 successful blogging tips for bloggers in developing nations.

Spending money on your domain and hosting, following a few top bloggers from your nation and following a few top Western blogging tips bloggers were the 3 steps I advised through the video.

Watch it here:

After recording the video I thought about bloggers picking income streams in developing nations. I regularly see rocking but inexperienced bloggers on Quora and the Warrior Forum asking for tips on how to drive profits through Google Adsense.

Making matters worse; these bloggers often blog on Blogger blogs, making the big time mistake of using a free blogging platform despite wanting to earn income through their blogs.

I sense one rank word when droves of bloggers in these lands pick Adsense and have zero interest in monetizing through other streams: fear.

Hey; I totally feel ya’s. Fear dominates most new blogger’s minds. I am no exception. I also understand you may be limited in terms of how you can receive money in developing countries. Paypal is not available for quick transfers and setting up direct deposits to foreign banks is impossible in many cases.

But if you want to become a successful blogger prospering through multiple income streams you better face, embrace and release these fears because love and fun, not fear and tension, need to call the shots for you to succeed online.

The Chief Fear

I sense many bloggers in developing nations fear interacting with bloggers from Western lands from a products and services perspective; the fear of being ESL, or speaking English as a second language, often comes up when these bloggers discuss difficulties with growing business overseas. Some bloggers figure it’d be easiest, and most comfortable, to avoid interacting with any blogger or client or reader in a professional vein if they plopped Adsense on their blogs, drove a sick amount of traffic and collected checks monthly off of reader ad clicks, not dealing with a soul, avoiding all interaction.

Unfortunately for most bloggers, you need a high volume of targeted traffic to earn substantial income through Google Adsense ads. Even in a developing nation, you will have a tough time making decent money as a newbie or struggling veteran blogger with Adsense as your only income stream because newbie or struggling bloggers drive little traffic and said traffic is often not targeted one iota.

The Solution?

Leave Blogging LaLa Land. Exit blogging fantasy land. Newbie bloggers earn nothing through Adsense. Adsense dough flows in after you’ve created helpful content and after you’ve built meaningful connections over years.

Dive into your fears of setting up income streams that involve interacting with clients and customers. Learn how to set up a consulting, coaching or freelance business. Learn how to write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon. Learn how to prosper through affiliate marketing.

Even though the money is in the free content you publish it behooves you to learn the in’s and out’s of these prospering income streams.

Guys, it won’t be easy or comfortable during your newbie blogger days in lands with developing commerce, infrastructure and stabilizing governments. You may deal with a few more headaches than a Western blogger but eventually, by being a blogging pioneer in your homeland, you will help folks to see blogging in a different, more credible light, accelerating acceptance, boosting the blogger pool in your country and inspiring businesses and governments to set up more efficient forms of accepting payment and selling products or services.

Just don’t try to depend on Adsense because you feel it is the easy, fear-free way to monetize your blog as a newbie or struggling blogger.

It’s not.

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