1 Eye-Catching Blogging Income Analogy

Imagine if you decided to become a doctor today.

You’d have a long, challenging and rewarding road ahead of you.

Spend years doing your undergrad. Spend years in medical school. Residency.

Opening your practice puts you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole in some cases.

A good 8-10 years down the road you may start making some sweet coin. 8-10 years from today; the day you decided to become a doctor. Of course you’d need to go to school first. Study long hours. Then basically, after giving your life to being a doctor during your undergrad and medical school years, you would give your life to being a doctor to an even greater extent.

Sound intimidating? And exciting?

Guess what?

If you choose today to become a professional, full time income earning blogger, you will dedicate a similar chunk of your life to becoming a professional blogger.

It’s very similar to saying “I’m going to become a doctor” because you will spend the next few years of your life:

  • learning how to become a pro blogger from a generous, fun energy
  • practicing your writing, creating and connecting skills
  • generously helping people through your free content without getting a cent in return (at least for the first number of months)
  • generously building bonds by helping successful bloggers out without looking for anything in return

Even though you may earn some dough 1-2 years into your journey – whereas a doctor earns no money until they begin their practice, many years down the road from the start of their journey – you will not come into bigger money, greater success and great clout until you devote 5-10 years of your life to practicing and developing certain skills.

If you want to start blogging now “just to make some money” it’d be just as delusional as saying “I want to become a doctor now just to make some money.”

Being a doctor requires you to spend years of your life learning, practicing and developing skills before you see a cent from your craft.

Being a professional blogger requires you to spend months to years of your life learning, practicing and developing skills before you see a cent from your craft.

Watch me discuss below. Really; ya gotta click the “play” button to see what I am talking ’bout:

Honestly; if you were to visit Facebook now, click the “Go Live” button and begin speaking to your friends, would you be as natural and relaxed as I am? Probably not. This is no insult; just my confidence and clarity knowing I spent thousands of hours creating 4,000 plus videos during the past decade of my life.

I developed a skill to where I feel doing live videos is as routine to me as brushing my teeth or filling a glass of water and drinking it. Ditto for writing. I have written millions of words during my blogging career. Naturally, I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks in addition to thousands of posts.

Blogging is a skill. Like being a doctor is a skill. Those who give years of their lives to developing the skill of blogging – worrying not of making money through the skill – become highly successful over the long haul.

Blogging is an art. Like painting. Genius artists like Dali gave decades of their lives to becoming the most skilled painters in human history. Top bloggers develop the art form known as “blogging” by giving years of their lives to practicing their art.

I’ll leave you with a Dali story (missing some specifics but you get the picture) if you want to understand what it takes to build a full time income through blogging.

Some guy on the street asked the genius to paint him a picture. Gives him the specs. Dali paints and in 20 minutes he has a masterpiece. The guy asks him the price. Dali says $50,000. Furious, the guy on the street complains he won’t pay $50,000 for 20 minutes of work.

Dali says, “Not 20 minutes; that’s 35 years of work.”

If you want to become a full time pro blogger who charges premium rates you’re gonna do it like Dali. Or a doctor.

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