Do You Realize That Blogging Is A Skill?

Over the past year of my life I have spent about 3,000 hours blogging.

I worked every day for the past 365 days. On average I work 8 hours a day. Add that up. Give or take a few hours.

3,000 hours.

But I did not mindlessly work 3,000 hours. I created helpful content and built strong bonds from generous, giving, largely detached energies. For 3,000 hours.

Factor in being a blogger for the past 10 years of my life – some stumbles, some wins, until I really found my stride 3 years ago – and you realize: blogging is a skill.

Doctor Or Lawyer

Being a professional blogger is like being a doctor or lawyer in many ways. I may not learn law inside out or learn the medical profession inside out but the skills I have perfected, through giving my life to blogging, for years, are as helpful skills to aspiring professional bloggers who want to live their dreams as are the skills valued by people want legal representation or medical assistance.

Imagine circling the globe for 7 years as a digital nomad, professional blogger?

Some human beings crave that more than they need to sue someone or see the doctor.

I offer a particular skill – that I developed through persistent practice, creating and connecting, over a decade of my life – that many folks really, really, really find super, super, super valuable.

Pro bloggers may not go to law school or med school but the skills we learn, and the amount of time and energy we put into practicing the skills, far exceeds 6 years or even 10 years of schooling.

Lawyers and doctors provide valued service. Serious skills indeed.

Professional bloggers provide valued service. Serious skills indeed.

Being a pro blogger gives you freedom from a job you hate, from a life you despise living and from the bondage of financial problems, if you hate your job, life and money problems.


….you need to learn lessons from skilled, pro bloggers…..


… need to put these lessons into practice for years of your life, to develop the skill of being a professional blogger.

Evidence of My Skills

The people I inspired to live their dreams through blogging and me living my dreams through blogging are my PhD.

Pro bloggers do not go to law school or med school. We just follow advice from pros, practice for years and develop pro blogging skills to live our dreams and to inspire people to do the same.

But few bloggers understand this fact: blogging is a skill, like being a lawyer or doctor is a skill, that requires even greater time and energy commitment than being a doctor or lawyer because of the countless moving parts in a cyber setting.

What I do is a simple skill but at times, a highly uncomfortable skill to develop.

But by following my passion and being generous I persistently practiced, helped people, didn’t worry about outcomes and gradually developed the skill of blogging to inspire enough folks so that I was featured on famous websites like Forbes, Virgin, Fox News and Entrepreneur.

When you give years of your life to blogging for the right reasons, with the right, generous energy, doing simple, powerful things, day after day, you develop blogging skills that awe most bloggers, said skills helping you live your dreams and inspiring other bloggers to live their dreams.

You’re signing up for law school guys, but ya just don’t know it yet.

You’re signing up for med school guys, but ya just don’t know it yet.

You can and will succeed.

This journey gets easier and easier as you commit 100%, being all in, to developing the skill of blogging.

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