3 Ways to Improve Your Blogging Flexibility

I do yoga daily.

Deep yin.

That’s me up top in Thailand with my yoga partner, Yoda.

He does a mean downward facing dog pose.

For the past 7 months my body underwent a miraculous transformation. Piano like hamstrings turned to Jell-O. Rock hard, sensitive calves are now pillows.

My blogging success accelerated rapidly through this stretching too; being flexible in body leads to a flexible attitude, increasing your blogging success.

Struggling bloggers are rigid bloggers, refusing to bend to trends, fighting change and failing.

Happy, successful bloggers are flexible, fluid, open to change and ride trends.

Follow these 3 tips to improve your blogging flexibility.

1: Work on Your Mindset

As within, so without.

Thinking and feeling from a fun, loving energy moves you away from fear-based, attached, rigid, closed energies.


  • meditating
  • doing yoga
  • praying
  • exercising


Raise your energy. Be open. Be nimble. Do not resist change. Do not panic when things go south, blogging-wise.

Over the last month I deleted 70% of my list, my blog went down for 12 days for many of my readers and I did away with list building too. Being flexible helped me:

  • accelerate my blogging success like never before
  • land on a VPS to make my blog lightning, blazing-ly fast
  • calmly, peacefully and gracefully handle these blogging crises

My 60-90 minutes of energy/mindset work daily forms the foundation of my flexibility.

Work on your mindset. Be flexible when life intervenes.

2: Listen to Your Intuition

I knew to write my blog post on Blogging From Paradise and this guest post before checking email today, and every day.

Writing is fun, and doing fun things expand my success.

My ego-mind tried to goad me to check email today. Likely quite a few waiting in my inbox. But my intuition steadily pulled me away from checking email on waking, the rigid habit many bloggers cling to, delaying or muting their success, when they should probably be writing the next blog post, versus judging their success on emails received.

Trust your gut. Honor nudges. Even if your gut tells you to do something that breaks blogging convention.

Most bloggers live and die by their list. I barely have a list. But I type these words from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are heading to New Zealand in 6 days. Life is good. Success expands. I trusted my intuition, avoided following the rigid meme that “you need to have a big list to succeed” and have blazed my own trail, being flexible and open to different ways of doing things along the way.

Trust your gut.

Be flexible.

Take *your* blogging path to success.

3: Hug Your Fears

Most bloggers blog from a rigid, stubborn, regimented energy believing that:

“If I don’t do these things in this order I will struggle and fail horribly.”

When life and blogging throws a curve ball said regimented, rigid bloggers:

  • panic
  • complain
  • struggle
  • fail
  • get sick
  • stress

because they fear not sticking to their routine means failure.

Not true.

If you hug your attachments to specific schedules, actions and regimented, rigid ways of doing things, the fear-based attachments dissolve, and you become:

  • nimble
  • flexible
  • adaptable
  • more successful
  • more prospering
  • more creative

Blogging mainly from fear makes you rigid.

Blogging mainly from fun and love makes you open, flexible and prospering.

Hug your fears. Feel the fears. Let these fears go.

Instead of panicking when my blog crashed last week for many readers I let go the fear, guest posted on more blogs and promoted my offsite products and services. I blogged peacefully, calmly and from a super chill energy, increasing my success because I am not ridiculously attached to my blog, having dissolved that fear by feeling it.


Being open, flexible and prospering requires in-depth mindset work, and following up with practical tips.

I filmed this video in a multi million dollar pad in NYC while house sitting a few months ago to offer you the 11 fundamentals of successful blogging.

Click the play button.

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