3 Smart Blogger Outreach Tips

I spend time daily pondering new ways to connect with and befriend fellow bloggers.

Seeing the effectiveness of having blogging buddies help me as I help them has been too good to turn down. Going Blogging Lone Wolf was a nightmare. Seriously.

1,000 is better than 1. 1,000 bloggers promoting you beats you promoting yourself. But if you make friends with even 3 bloggers, the 3 begin forming your blogging tribe. With a tribe, all Google updates or list policy changes or anything outside of your blogging friendships has no sway on your blogging success. You are in your blogging buddy’s hearts; they will follow you, find you, promote you and expand your reach no matter what.

This is how I succeeded online despite barely building an email list.

Before you reach out via lame pitch or self serving email, or spam blog comment, consider these 3 smart blogger outreach tips.

1: Facebook Message Help

Message a fellow blogger on Facebook. Ask how you can help your fellow blogger.

This makes folks scratch their heads. You are used to bloggers asking for help via Messenger, lame pitching you for a guest post on your blog or promising dirt cheap, deep discounts of $5 a sponsored post, but promise 100 sponsored posts. You know exactly what I mean.

Turn things around. Message bloggers asking if they could use a retweet or Facebook Share. Ask if they need any help with blogging. This is how to become memorable. Memorable bloggers are outreach dynamos.

2: Email Support

Email fellow bloggers. Support your buddies. Uplift newbie bloggers. Lob genuine love toward successful bloggers.

I email a fair number of bloggers daily with complements. Why not? I appreciate all bloggers, especially persistent bloggers doing right things with the right energy.

Emailing support is the smart way to be a friend, by genuinely spreading love to bloggers who could use positive vibes via inbox.

Most bloggers feel stuck in survival mode. They worry too much about self and their needs to email support to other bloggers. Caring for self. Obsessed over taking care of home base. Greedy, selfish, self-centered bloggers are not memorable. Forgettable, really. Not blogger outreach dynamos.

But take someone who emails support and generously answers questions from folks, whether bloggers or people not in the blogging game. Generosity is the bridge to happiness and connections.

I observed my wife Kelli Cooper at Life Made To Order patiently, genuinely and generously responding to questions via 1 to 1 emails, offering support, encouragement and love. She built a thriving coaching business through generous emails and by sharing helpful free content on her blog.

The neat part of her emailing approach? She does almost zero outreach. Not for her. Yet she is doing energetic outreach by helping human beings, uplifting them, 1 to 1, via email. If you show interest in people and help them persistently you will succeed online.

3: Genuine Blog Commenting

Freddy Cabrera at Internet Marketing Blog 101.

Drewry at Drewry News Network.

Each friend genuinely commented on my blog for months. Each friend is interested in me. Genuinely.

Why did I mention them on Blogging Tips today? I love my friends so I spread love for my buddies, increasing their exposure, improving their visibility and introducing you to bloggers who do outreach effectively, from a heart centered energy.


I break down 13 tips to make your blogger outreach campaign sizzle via YouTube.

Chilling in Thailand now but a few months back I broke down 13 blogger outreach fundamentals for becoming connected, for making buddies and for increasing your blogging success. So few bloggers do this stuff, choosing the suffering low energy fear-based, struggling blogging route.

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