1 Blogging Mental Block That Eats Into Your Conversions

I came across a concept that changed my blogging career.


The idea: “Hold back and it will be held back from you.”

Most of us hold back. I did. For many years.

I created a few blog posts, checked for sign ups or sales, and if I didn’t see any sign ups or sales, I held back. I stopped creating.

I feared I was wasting my money on:

  • my domain
  • my hosting
  • the thousands of dollars I spent on my blog, when I saw zero return

I panicked. I held back. I stopped creating value.

Naturally, when you pull back on creating value, you see even less value. Meaning fewer sign ups or no sign ups. Sales die too.

I began thinking, “Well, if I am spending money to make money, and if I am spending time creating value to make money, I better stop spending money and creating value, until I make money.”

No! This is the worst thing you can do, because when you hold back, it (sales, sign ups) are held back from you, longer and longer, and longer.

I held back out of fear – fear I was not making money – so naturally, the Universe (through potential customers, clients and team members) held back from me.

No sign ups. No sales. Frustrating.

Good things take time. Good things take money.

Check out this post I wrote on Staff Projects:

6 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Trust Factor

You, literally, gain the trust your readers and customers by not holding back. As you gain trust, sign ups increase.

You lost the trust of potential customers and clients by holding back, by choosing to not be prolific, because you fear seeing no results aka no dough.

The Blogging Mental Block

Seeing zero results after a few weeks, or maybe a month, or maybe 6 months of creating helpful content, paying freelancers to stock your blog with content, investing in ads and paying for your domain and hosting causes most bloggers and business owners to panic.

I know. I was one of them.

But when observing 7 and 8 figure earners during Affiliate Summit East last year, I learned the biggest of big dawgs:

  • spend money freely even when they see no appreciable results because they have faith and flat out know the sign ups, success and big money is on the way
  • do not panic when nothing appears to be happening, but instead, give even more freely of their time, talents and wealth, to lay the foundation for a stunning successful blogging campaign
  • do not, and I repeat, do not hold back; when you hold back, it will be held back from you

What About Spending Money?

I do not advise you spend money like a drunken sailor to boost sign up, sales and conversions.

But; have faith in your vision. Believe in you. Trust your gut. Trust your intuition; it knows the way.

Spend money *now* to lay the content seeds *now* so you appear to be everywhere in your niche 3-6 months down the road. When you appear to be all over, the money, time and energy you feared spending now will pay exponential returns.

I recall being so gung ho about blogging many years ago. I’d intend to publish a post daily or every 2 days. After 2 weeks or a month, when I saw zero profits, I held back.

Of course, the saying always, always, always rings true: hold back, and it will be held back from you.

The more you notice no sales and act from an energy of no sales, guess what happens? You make…no sales!

But the more you hold true to your vision, publish helpful posts daily, lay content seeds all over your niche, and have complete, utter trust in your initial intuitive hunch, the sign ups and sales eventually increase.

I’ll leave you with a quote from A Course in Miracles, my favorite book that has helped me become perhaps the most prolific blogger in my niche in the world, and a guy who lives a neat life, island hopping like most folks change their minds:

“Thoughts increase by being given away. The more who believe in them the stronger they become. Everything is an idea. How, then, can giving and losing be associated?”

Think about the 7 and 8 figure bloggers I saw on stage, giving freely, increasing the value offered, and the people who believed in the thoughts, creating helpful content and spending significant money for 8 months or a year before the flood gates opened.

If you want the flood gates to open, do not set impossibly short outcomes of weeks or a months; good things take time.

Give freely of your time, talents and profits.

Have faith in you. Trust in your gut.

Success is yours; patiently keep giving freely and you will receive just as freely over the long haul.

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