A Simple Guide to Writing a Successful Blogging eBook

Peep my eBook:

How to Find Your Writing Voice

48 reviews. All 5 star reviews.

This is one of the highest rated eBooks in its category on all of Amazon.

Sure it’s a successful eBook.

I solved a pressing problem through the eBook in simple fashion.

Writers and bloggers struggle to find their writing voice. I solved the problem. Through the eBook.

I included a Blogging From Paradise themed cover image; me in Phuket, Thailand.

After releasing the eBook through my blog I emailed friends asking for a positive review.

Best seller, about top rated, and I rocked it out.

Most bloggers make the eBook self-publishing process complex, believing slick looking covers, inspired forwards, and other details make the eBook. Not true. Solving a problem AND building your readership through guest posting, effective blog commenting and by publishing helpful content through your blog makes for a successful eBook release.

Follow these tips.

1: Solve a Pressing Problem

Bloggers and authors struggle to find their writing voice.

I shared a handful of practical tips to help you find your writing voice in the eBook.

Simple, eh?

Don’t overthink it. Write 6,000 to 10,000 works tackling a pressing, common problem in your blogging niche.

Lay the foundation for a successful launch.

Formatting Details

2: Keep Growing Your Blogging Readership

I do virtually nothing onsite, Amazon-wise.

I do virtually everything through:

  • my blog
  • guest posting
  • authentic blog commenting

Stop trying to hack Amazon with keywords, slick eBook covers, forwards, and all that onsite Amazon stuff.

Build a loyal readership through your blog. Rabid blogging fans instantly buy simple, clean, clear, basic eBooks without an afterthought and promote said eBook to like minded people who buy your the ebook without hesitating who promote the ebook….yeah, you get how that works, and why your sales grow.

Create, connect, create, connect, create, connect. Grow sales. Launch a successful eBook by growing a targeted, loyal, ever-expanding readership through your blog and through guest posting.

Loyal readers gobble up eBooks independent of details like cover images, forwards, formatting, etc. They buy into you and your service; the eBook buy is a simple formality, boosting your sales.

3: 3 Headed Promoting Monster

OK, here ya go:

  1. write the next eBook
  2. give the ebook away for free to boost downloads, reviews and exposure
  3. asks rabid fans aka readers to post glowing reviews

Steps 2 and 3 are not important; remember, do most work offsite aka off Amazon and focus heavily on creating helpful content on your blog and through guest posting and blog commenting

Step 1 is far and away my #1 tip. Write the next eBook to promote your current eBook.

Be abundant. Give readers what they want, again and again.

I wrote 126 bite-sized eBooks and self-published all the eBooks on Amazon. Readers see customers purchasing 1,2 or 5 of my other eBooks via the “readers also purchased” advertisement below some of my eBooks.

The best way to sell 1 eBook on Amazon is to write more related, helpful eBooks that serve pressing needs and act as promotional tools for the 1 eBook you wish to sell. Writing multiple eBooks also detaches you from sales outcomes for any single eBook, freeing you to do the creating and connecting that boosts eBook sales across the board.

It ain’t about hacking 1 eBook to get a best seller for your ego; it’s about generously solving problems by writing eBooks to abundantly serve your readers.

Don’t think: “How can I squeeze a bunch of sales through 1 eBook?”

Think: “How can I best serve my audience by solving multiple problems through multiple eBooks?”

The shift from self-serving, ego-based desire to generous, largely detached service makes you incredibly prolific, helps your readers and hey, it’s quite fun to write, to inspire people and to live your dreams by becoming well known because you helped a bunch of folks through your multiple eBook creations.


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