Pop Ups: Good Friend or Wicked Foe?

Do pop ups work?

Technically; no.

A pop up is an inanimate object.

Can’t do anything on its own.

But skilled, capable bloggers feeling clear on using pop ups can see success and benefit readers.

The key?

Your intent.

Fear Versus Abundance

Most bloggers use pop ups because:

  • they fear losing readers
  • they fear losing subscribers
  • they fear losing money

The fear-energy charged into pop up use guarantees fearful results.

If you used pop ups for the past year but still have 10 email subscribers, you are likely filled with fear. Or you likely should stop using pop ups because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

A few bloggers use pop ups from abundance. No need to use pop ups or sliders or content lockers, they feel, but using each seems fun and benefits readers. This crowd sees stunning success with pop ups and enjoys the ride too.

How you use tools means little.

Why you use tools and the energy behind your using tools means everything.

My Suggestion

Ask yourself why you are using pop ups.

Do you fear running out?

Stop using pop ups if this is the case because such a strategy will be a foe, not a friend.

Focus on:

  • blogging mainly for fun
  • creating helpful content
  • building meaningful friendships with top bloggers by helping top bloggers without looking for anything in return

Following the prior bullet points promotes your blogging success.

Wait a second; don’t you need a big email list to succeed online? Using pop ups helps you build a big, targeted list, right?

No. And no.

100,000 Plays and Growing

Read this post:

100,000 Plays Here We Come in Only 2 Podcast Episodes

My friend Alonzo Pichardo doesn’t do the list building bit.

I never focused on list building; I only have a few subscribers these days and removed opt in forms from my blog.

Just 2 episodes from our podcast chat have yielded over 100,000 plays.

Yet neither of us do list building.

What gives?

1/10th of a million plays in only a few months over just 2 podcast episodes shows: you don’t need a list or pop up forms to succeed online.

Create helpful content and build meaningful friendships by helping people over many years.

We achieved 100,000 plays because we:

  • learned blogging
  • helped people
  • built bonds with entrepreneurs
  • believed in ourselves
  • persisted in following these fundamentals for years

….not because we put our faith in pop ups, lists or other tools.

If you help people generously you will succeed online. People will:

  • bookmark your blog and read it daily
  • follow you on social media
  • hire you
  • buy your stuff
  • comment on your blog
  • promote your posts
  • endorse you

because these friends love you, believe in you and enjoy your content.

My readers need not see emails to remember me. I am in their heart.

A few weeks ago one of my readers wrote 12 in-depth, genuine comments after reading my blog. He easily spent 3-4 hours on my blog, minimum.

Do you think this dude needs to see emails from me, to remember me? Hell no.

Being genuine, building strong bonds, offering immense value, being generous and serving from a heart felt energy creates connections that supersede list building, pop ups and all that stuff.

Sure you can use pop ups and build an email list.

Just be honest about the energy you inject into your list building efforts and pop up usage.

If you are being honest, most of you use pop ups because you fear losing subscribers, readers and traffic. That’s ok; let go the fear and you will stop using pop ups, accelerating your blogging success.

Or maybe you let go the fear and use pop ups from a detached, abundant energy, multiplying your blogging success.

Stop focusing on tools as end all, be all solutions.

Be honest about the energy with which you use the tool.

See if you have a friend or foe in your blogging campaign.

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