Using Keyword Research to Determine Product Offerings

Wouldn’t it be great if you could always know exactly what your target customer was looking for? Think of how successful you could be if only you could read their minds to learn precisely what they wanted. Well, you have that information right now. And, you’ve probably even been using it—but for a different purpose. Using keyword research to determine product offerings, while utterly logical when you think about it, is a pretty new concept for most ecommerce entrepreneurs.

It’s Good for More Than Just SEO

Odds are, you’ve already been employing keyword research to make your site rank more highly on search engine results pages. In fact, you probably made a special effort to research relevant keywords before you even built your site. Any SEO professional worth their per diem will tell you to take this step early on in the development of your site. However, what they may have overlooked is the fact you can use the exact same tool to decide what products your site should carry.

A Window Into Your Customer’s Desires

Every day, your customers log on to search engines to seek more information and sources for every product imaginable. Happily, they will tell anyone who knows how to ask what those customers are searching for. They will even tell you the exact number of times a particular product is searched every month. It’s fast, free and immediately available. OK, you will log some time analyzing the results for relevance. But, when you’re selling beauty products from home, your site will be the boss once you’ve paid the cost.

Keyword Curated Product Offerings

Just as keyword research can help you determine what information should be covered on content pages, it can also help you determine what products to carry. Keyword data can also tell you exactly what products people are searching. Think about it, people type words and phrases into a search engine because they want something. The resulting keywords contain the exact phrases your customers are using, so they detail genuine desires. Additionally, the volume of searches around a particular keyword provides you with an objective data point upon which to base demand estimates. This is absolute gold when it comes to helping you make product-offering decisions for your cosmetics ecommerce site.

Several Hidden Benefits

According to a 2016 study by, 34 percent of all e-commerce traffic comes from search. At the same time, a study by Advanced Web Ranking showed 67.7 percent of all clicks go to the first five ranked search results. Meanwhile, more than 50 percent of all e-commerce traffic goes to product listing pages. Therefore, it follows that if your product listing pages are stocked with keyword curated product offerings, they will rank higher— organically. This will significantly raise your site’s visibility and increase the volume of traffic it sees. Therefore, curating your ecommerce store in this fashion will automatically make it rank more highly in search engine results

Using keyword research to determine product offerings will organically create more traffic for your site. More traffic means more conversion opportunities, just as having exactly what shoppers are looking for also means more conversion opportunities. Increased conversion opportunities will ultimately mean more sales—assuming the rest of your site encourages shoppers to buy. Further, having exactly what shoppers are seeking greatly decreases your bounce rate. Arriving visitors will click through to your underlying product description pages, which in turn tells search engines your site has strong relevance for the traffic they sends your way—so they send even more.

Bottom line, keyword curating your product offerings makes a whole lot of sense.

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