What to Do Before Money Flows through Your Blog?




Feeling like a fraud.

All energies flowed through my being many years ago.


I had fears – heavy fears – around money loss, scarcity, running out, not being enough, and all types of crap impressed on me from folks around me, growing up. All of us are in the same boat, pretty much.

So…..what do you do before money flows in through your blog?

How can you make money blogging?

Ample bloggers ask this question because though you feel kinda detached, you live a worldly life. Frustration sets in. Confusion. Anxiety. Anger. I lived it guys. I know. But 1 thing remains: the 1 thing to do, if you’ve yet to make a dime through blogging or have only made 50 or 100 bucks or so.

Feel the Fear of Money Loss

The reason you focus on “no money” is because you view your blog through a fear prism. Namely, the fear of money loss.

Feeling the fear of money loss is the quickest way to:

  • clear the fear
  • make more money through your blog or in life
  • become creative
  • become prolific
  • become detached
  • become helpful
  • become connected
  • become happy, healthy and wealthy

The Downside to Feeling Money Fears

Feeling money fears feels:

  • uncomfortable
  • scary
  • unpleasant
  • scary
  • sometimes, terrifying

Most humans have money problems because they believe in scarcity.

Most bloggers struggle to make money because they fear losing money, or running out of money.

Feeling this fear seems intense. I know; been through these sessions many times, years ago. Otherwise I’d not have written 500 guest posts here, and I’d not have made some coin through Blogging From Paradise.

Ya gotta do it guys; no way around it. Sometimes the feelings seem intense. Other times, no biggie.

The End Result

If you clear the fear of losing money through your blog:

  • profitable ideas knock on the door of your mind
  • prospering, happy people connect with you; or you connect with them
  • prospering circumstances find you; or you find prospering circumstances
  • you move into inspired action
  • you begin to lay the foundation to monetize your blog
  • you make more money, short term and long term

Seriously guys; peep this podcast:

Alonzo Pichardo Podcast

2 podcast episodes between my good friend Alonzo and I have reached almost 100,000 plays.

He regularly refers his followers to my audio books.

I had to clear money fears a while back before getting clear, detached and generous enough to align with such a pro’s pro, so we could co-create something helpful, inspired and fun, that would lead to prospering.

The kicker; when you clear money fears, you detach from money, largely. No worries. No obsession with outcomes. No bottom line.

Practical Tips for Feeling the Fear of Losing Money

  • meditate
  • do yoga
  • spend time in deep thought
  • observe your feelings while spending money

Guys; follow these tips. Expand your awareness. The fear of money loss arises, you feel it, and clear it. No worries.

But doing so requires you to double down on the awareness expanding because as you grow, and proceed, deeply buried fears arise for you to face, embrace and release.

Blogging Tips Mean Nothing

Blogging tips mean nothing unless you operate from a fun, loving energy.

This is why most bloggers never make more than $100 during their entire online career. This crowd follows a few basic tips – create value, build connections, grow your email list – and some even persistently but struggle to make money. You cannot trick your energy. No way to outfox your fears.

Do the energy work first; all becomes easier as you clear fear and act mainly from love and fun, predominantly, for years.


Alonzo and I chat about sticking to the blogging fundamentals via this chat.

When you clear money fears you follow fundamentals persistently, and money flows in over the long haul.

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