Do You Have the Blogging P Word?

I filmed a super short 1 minute video in Chiang Mai, Thailand today.

The video discusses a key concept upon which you build a successful blog.

This is the P word I speak of.

Do you have it?

Watch as I discuss from the peaceful, beautiful home office in Thailand:

Most bloggers struggle because they have zero posture.

Yep; posture is the blogging P word you need to have to succeed online.

What Is Blogging Posture?

At its core, blogging posture is accepting good, high energy matches and releasing on poor, low energy matches.

Example; if someone submits a low quality guest post, posturing bloggers would immediately see the low quality and politely decline the offer.

Posturing bloggers never approve low quality, spammy comments either.

Nor do posturing bloggers take on pain in the butt clients.

Posturing bloggers charge top dollar for their courses, products, eBooks and services because posturing bloggers have little fear about folks affording their products and services.

Why Posturing Bloggers Become Successful Bloggers

You get what you give, blogging-wise and energy-wise.

Posturing bloggers who only accept high energy, prospering matches, become successful because money, traffic, prospering bloggers and all blogging sweetness flows to bloggers who refuse to accept poor, low quality, non matches.

The moment I raised my blogging course and coaching prices 10 fold – yes, I raised the price of these products and service by 10 times – I began to attract more customers and clients. Turns out I sold more courses and took on more clients at the higher prices because when you get clear on having blogging posture you align with prospering folks, prospering circumstances and money.

Fear repels. Most bloggers have zero posture because they allow themselves to be dominated by fear.

The masses of bloggers struggle because they accept poor quality guest posts, they approve low quality comments and take on difficult clients because they fear losing money.

If fear drives you, your blog is doomed. Fear-based circumstances and fear-driven folks flood your blog, and as you align with fear, dumping on your blog, fear keeps re-appearing in your life.

Your choice, really, because you get what you give, energy-wise.

How to Develop Posture

Feel your fear of loss.

This sucks guys. I know. I had to go through this process to develop blogging posture.

Feel the fear of losing money. Feel the fear of losing opportunities.

Clearing fears helps you trust yourself so you can begin to have blogging posture.

Trust in yourself. Trust your intuition.

If you see low quality comments waiting for approval in your backoffice, trash these comments.

If low quality guest post pitches flow your way, decline these opportunities.

You live in abundance. Develop posture by releasing on poor quality opportunities. Embrace the idea that great matches are on the way.

By routinely releasing on non matches and by establishing posture you will gradually see a steady increase in:

  • authentic, high quality blog comments
  • high quality guest post pitches
  • blogging income
  • the quality and number of your blogging friendships
  • blog traffic

You see what you are being.

Have posture.

Be discerning.

Trust that releasing poor opportunities aligns you with better matches.

Slowly but steadily, you will release the heavy fear drivers that goad you to develop the posture of an earthworm that neglects its pilates.

Eventually you will only accept the highest quality matches for your blog.

You will develop blogging posture.

Remember; you see what you be.

Or, you are seeing what you are being.

Your Turn

Do you have blogging posture?

Or are you having a difficult time developing this blogging quality?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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