3 Tips to Turn Blogging Criticism into Money

Blogging criticism.

We all fear it from time to time.

I get critical lobs here and there. No worries though.

I’ve learned how to turn criticism into sweet blogging profits.

Most bloggers spend days fighting critics, worrying when the next wave of critics will flood their blogs, trying to prove themselves right.

This was the old me. I’d burn because I believed the critic told the truth. This is why you fight critics. You lack blogging clarity. Instead of fighting these folks or trying to prove them wrong, send them flowers. Each reveals how little clarity you have in your viewpoint.

The smart bloggers convert the criticism into something helpful and profitable.

Blogging Resource: How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits: 11 Tips

1: Create a Blog Post

A little while back someone criticized my requirements for appearing on Blogging From Paradise.

I require people to build friendships with me over months, or even years, to get the keys to BFP.

A struggling individual suggested I rethink my strategy so I simply wrote a blog post about it. I tacked on a video for good measure.

Guys; turn criticism into something helpful for your readers. Explain how criticism is a projection of the individual. Said projection has nothing to do with you.

Turn the post into a video and podcast to leverage your presence.

Grow your email list. Boost your profits. Content is the fuel that drives your blogging business.

2: Clear Your Fears

Clear fears around criticism.

Do you enjoy the stinging sensation one feels after getting skewered by critics? Nope. But feeling it dissolves it.

By feeling fears associated to criticism you fear critics less and less until a blessed moment; someone criticizes you and you pay it no mind.

If I see a 1 star review of a Blogging From Paradise eBook, nothing is there. I don’t feel anger, shame, embarrassment, or like a fraud. I see a fearful person projecting their fear, pain and suffering onto me but since it has to do with them and not me I am A-OK. Like a still pond; no agitation.

But I had to embrace fears and feelings linked to criticism many times to reach this point of clarity and calm.

Suggested Activity: Meditation

Meditate daily. Expand your awareness. Feel fears fueling your reactive feelings linked to embracing criticism.

As you know by now, largely fearless bloggers, or those who dive into fears habitually, help a whole lotta folks and earn a whole lotta coin online. Doing stuff predominantly from love versus from fear prospers you and your readers tremendously.

3: Help the Critic

In some cases, help critics.

Angry folks buried deep in fear are usually best left alone – let them realize their pain on their own time – but give less critical folks a nudge to help them and profit.

I have helped critics who:

  • bought my eBooks
  • bought my audio books
  • promoted me
  • endorsed me
  • became long term readers

All activities prospered me but also assisted the individual.

You cannot go wrong helping pained people. Critics feel pain. Otherwise they wouldn’t be critical.

Make it about service. Do not manipulate critics. Look for nothing in return.

Serve and cut strings. Feel good and in some cases you will prosper monetarily too.

Your Turn

How do you turn blogging criticism into profits?

Do you fight critics, trying to prove yourself right? This is a waste of energy but needs to be owned to free yourself of criticism’s sometimes iron-like grasp.

How are you gracefully handing blogging critics?

What tips can you add to this list?


I did a 1 minute long YouTube Live Broadcast stressing a benefit of handling blogging criticism deftly.

Make the shift from sting to service.

Watch the video from Thailand.

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